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11-29-20 11:18 AM
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Posted on 12-13-05 01:42 PM Link | Quote
Im doing a speech about Internet Censorship in different countries. unlike America, I understand countries like North Korea and Russia have more strict ways of accessing the internet as well as what people witness while 'internetting'.

I was wondering one of two things...

1: Your views about the Internet Censorship in THIS country as well as others..

2: A web site peterning to other countries about internet Censorship

ill put my speech about this country's Internet Censorship here below

Dale Hall
4th Block
Mr. Yielding

Internet censorship is a primary situation in today’s internet viewing. Countless websites and material have been blocked to the general public either by the government or the administrators at public schools. Is this breaking the first amendment in terms of the internet? Has the government gone too far in terms of blocking multiple web sites to the mass media? My answer is this: It’s not the government who is at fault; it is we as humans who are at fault in this current situation.

The United States is well known for protecting its citizens from anything that may do damage in their everyday lives including criminals, terrorists, activists, and philanthropists. Today, countless of those people have risen up within the internet; a digital community where users can share and receive information, to protest onto the world on what needs to be done according to ‘their’ standards besides the government. Within these communities there are plans that are not within governmental standards, and those communities are those that are blocked, and those are the sites that are blocked!

At first, the internet was a way to receive any bit of information at no cost to the user. At first it was the military that had complete access to use the internet, until the USAF declared the internet to be open to the public. Now that it is late 2005, it seems that most of the internet is controlled by the government. But what are these certain sites that are blocked by the government?
In 1996, Senator Diane Feinstein declared a bill to remove all bomb-making materials away from the internet due to obvious reasons. The provision however was later removed before passage of the bill and almost all of the bomb-making material was removed from the internet. There are yet still sites that are available with internet coding that may have information on how to make a bomb, but the results are not certain.

Then in 1997, Diane Feinstein declared that all pornographic material be removed from public schools and libraries. Diane stated that there is no reason students need any sort of material from any sort of pornographic website.

There are several ways people can get around the governmental boundaries within the internet. There are several sites that contain explicit and/or disturbing material that are not blocked. Every owner of those sorts of sites always have a warning before entering the site saying: “If you find any of this material disturbing in any manner, this site will not be held responsible in any reason necessary, you clicked here knowing what was in here and it’s your fault!” That warning right there is the primary way the government can not block any site that is open that contains pornographic and/or disturbing images.

When at school, is it fair that certain sites are blocked from the students? Yes, there is a time and place for learning and a time and place to do your own business on the internet. But is it fair that the government blocks certain cites when at the privacy of your own home? For the safety of the American people, the government must have control over certain areas of the internet network.
Your thoughts? This is also a something of a 'Help' thread, but I think this matter should be discussed uhh...kindly please dont move this thread...


Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
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Posted on 12-13-05 03:45 PM Link | Quote
The only problem I see with the paper, is that there's not a lot to the arguement. Most of it, you just provided facts, leaving only the last paragraph to "question" the readers. But, I'm not sure, is that what your teacher wants? It just seemed to me that you spent most of the paper just providing facts, but didn't really pose much of an arguement.

As for the facts and everything though, they were right on the dot. Good, interesting, and true info.

As for my opinion on internet censorship -
I can completely understand school blocking problems, and public things like that, and the ability for parents to create parental controls for their children. However, I firmly believe the internet should have -no- boundries, at all. The US, and no god forsaken country on Earth owns the internet, and they NEVER will. It's a free source, to the world.

Yeah. I'm strongly for 100% access and will to do whatever you want on the internet, if you're of age, and know what you're doing. I just don't seem to have much of an arguement as to why I think that though other than "I believe this because that's what I think is right", so sorry.

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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Posted on 12-13-05 03:53 PM Link | Quote
If there is one beef I have with this, it's something that almost everyone does. I prefer to make all my speeches show both sides of the argument as I begin, poke holes in the opposing sides' arguments then go propaganda on my side.

What you did is all by means fine, but if I were you, I'd work me and Xeo's side of the argument in a little more. You kind of beat it down without setting it up. But that's just me speaking.

Yeah, I agree with Xeo. I believe the Internet should be 100% open, because by blocking the internet you are prohibiting learning and communication, which kind of contridict the the constitution.

Oh, and you can ask a friend how to make a bomb just as easily as getting it off the internet. I mean, acess to the materials would cut down on the bombs a lot more than how to make it.

And another thing...Saftey? I'm sorry, but I didn't see a valid enough argument about how the Internet is dangerous to be worried about my saftey...

-The Cairoi
Slow Ride
Take It Easy

Since: 01-10-05

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Posted on 12-13-05 03:54 PM Link | Quote
You forgot China, though not completely censoring the internet from their citizens they do have time restrictions on online games which is lame as hell.

Your article needs a stronger argument, the facts are there they just need to be put behind a force to show your readers what you mean and persuade them to your thinking.

Internet in my opinion should not be owned by anyone, I can understand schools with pornography because tech support doesn't feel like trying to get rid of tons of viruses and spyware off of their network. Though anyone who knows even a little bit about how filters and parental controls work can easily get around those restrictions.

#1 Enhancement Shaman US Ravenholdt

Since: 09-05-04
From: His Laughin' Place

Since last post: 3103 days
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Posted on 12-14-05 12:05 PM Link | Quote
Well, I usually place my self in say…the President’s shoes when delivering a speech. Im not issuing a debate argument about “What people should do about this argument”. A speech is delivered into one’s outlook on a situation using facts and suggestions from other sources. When the president delivers his speeches (By the way, someone else writes the speeches for him…what does that tell you?) he says what he needs to do in “This-and-this” in his outlook. What I stated in the speech was general facts that were well said in the terms of my speech. I don’t need my own personal opinion in the speech when there are general facts backing up why most sites are blocked as well as those that are not blocked…just thought I’d say that.

And you are right, there really isn’t anything ive mentioned that can start a debate…now that I think about it I should focus on that more when writing a speech rather than just state the facts.

But right now im still stumped on the whole “Internet Censorship in other countries” ordiel…mins if someone can help me out with that?
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