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02-29-24 12:17 AM
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Banned by request.

Since: 05-26-05

Since last post: 6427 days
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Posted on 12-05-05 06:42 PM Link | Quote
today 12/5/05 during 2nd block i almost ruined my right hand. i was just sitting there until two girls came up to me and asked if i lost a fight. they asked if i was held in a side chock hold ot whatever they said. i was thinking about deaying it but i didnt lie to them. i got up and said "i supose i lost becasue i didn't do anthing so yea i guess i lost". Now i thought they would have been more mature on what they would say but i was wrong. both started making fun of me. after a while one of them stopped but the otehr didn't. she wanted to make it worse and keep on going. her friend told her to stop but she wouldn't. so she got feed up with me saying "yea", "so", and etc. she got a pair of shoes that were tied together by the shoe laces. so tried to throw it and hit me from far range but she missed. she got closer and hit the crap out of me in the face. at that moment i almost blanked out and was about to go hit her in the face to see how she'd like it. if i did that i would risk the chance of going to altrenative school which i don't to go there. so i got up while she was still laughing at me and i just hit the crap out of a wall. i hit it so hard that my knuckles swelled up the size of small peanuts or whatever you want to call em. i then got so mad that i just left class and never returned.
People today are so inmature and i hate it. people like that i wish they would just take a day and walk in my shoes or someone else'e shoes to see how we the suposely "weak people" are every single day. i dont care if im weak or anything else. im happy being who i am and proud of it. i hate violence and i hate fighting. if you read this and you feel the same way i do then dont let no one get ot you. i hate my slef right now for what i did becasue im better than that. i got suckerd in to stress and depresion today. if you feel the same as i do post here and let people know that your better than them becasue your weak. be proud like i am now. if you are going to call me a some sutpid loser for this then you must rethink what you just said. your the one who should call your self anything if you think picking on people that are weak.
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

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Posted on 12-05-05 07:39 PM Link | Quote
Well, she's a bitch.

I can understand what you mean when you said you're normally above that. I used to fight people all the time, almost daily, until my neighbor moved away. From then on, I have attempted a path of pascifism, but the road is hard. I often mess around with my friends and some of my closer friends are afraid of me when I get angry. Other people who only know me from school think because I don't play a school sport or anything, they think I'm weak. Because I've chosen the path of pacifism, I can't just kick the shit out them and shut them up like I desire.

Dude, I have a minor set of advice for you: Instead of doing what you did, if they asked you lost in the fight, you could have just said " You know, it doesn't matter and it isn't any of your buisness." Then just keep quiet. They would have gotten annoyed quickly with your lack of participation and left. Sure, those ignorant people who are shallow and self-rightous may mock you for a moment, but less damage will come to both parties if inactivity is taken.

Dude, take the high route and fuck the social opinion. As long as you don't personally believe what the public wants you to, it shouldn't affect you.

Banned by request.

Since: 05-26-05

Since last post: 6427 days
Last activity: 6427 days
Posted on 12-05-05 08:26 PM Link | Quote
thanks Cairoi i will keep that in mind next time. your right about being higher than they are. i should have thought about what i was doing. i didn't think thnigs through right and messed up real bad. all i know is that i know soon it will clam down and everyone will just say "ehh whatever".

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Is back. Kind of.

Since: 11-15-04

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Posted on 12-08-05 11:25 PM Link | Quote
May i offer medical advice...

Dislocated fingers are a pain man...Tae Kwon Do i have dislocated many a finger and arm...either do it yourself or go get professionial help...after doing it so many times i can pop my arms and fingers back into place but it hurts....

By the way Cairoi is right...I am labeled a total asshole at my school but i dont give i shit...i say what i feel is not gonna cussion what im going to say so your feelings arent hurt...Suck it up cupcake...not talking to you....

Be Blunt....Say what you Mean....And use better grammer then i do...


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Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 45 days
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Posted on 12-09-05 03:38 AM Link | Quote
Note: I know it was a long post, but grammar and spelling would be nice.

Other than that, I'm glad you didn't hit them... you would have broken her nose or something worse. At least the pain in your hand shall be a reminder next time to not give in to their taunts. Jerks like that are everywhere, and no matter what you do you can't escape them... but Cairoi has the right idea. When the people start bugging you, tell them to buzz off and pester someone who gives a shit about what they think.
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