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12-03-22 08:33 PM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

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Posted on 11-16-05 05:04 PM Link | Quote
Cairoi smiled as he entered the looming tower. He was out of the rain, he thought mockingly. He opened the wide doors, seeming to be a ghost. He wore a black cloak over his clothes and the hood was up. As he stood there, gurads began to fill into the room. They eyed Cairoi warily, for they did not know who it was.

"For the Terra Knights!"

The guards jumped as Cairoi yelled this and supposedly vanished, leaving them with knowledge of their foe. He appeared behind the rear soldier and smiled, drawing his blade. The men heard the sound and felt the grand light the blade emitted enfold their backs. In a flash of steel and flesh, Cairoi flew through them like a demon, cutting them down. They had mere seconds to react to the flying form land upon them and cut them, ending their resitance. In naught but a moment, the Front Guard was destroyed. Cairoi called upon his Terramorphus and slid the blood of his cloak, and his sword hissed and steamed as the white aura evaporated the blood. Cairoi looked onto the figure approaching.

"Shuyin...You have relations with this kingdom?"

Baron of Radical

Since: 08-19-04

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Posted on 11-17-05 05:02 PM Link | Quote
*A blazing fire of epic proportions burns within the east hall of the great tower. The flames shine black as night, yet spark bluer than the midday sky. A chorus of anguished screams resonate throughout the entire tower, their origin undoubtedly coming from the burning hall. Several Guards run from the corridor screaming as their bodies begin combusting into flames. The poor unfortunate souls are reduced to nothing but ash immediately, their remains being blown away by an unseen force. The silhouette of a mysterious figure looms out of the burning hall. His appearance can not be seen, save for a purple inverted cross that glows eerily on the figures forehead. A black cape billows behind him, flapping every which way as if he were walking into a gale. Two swords are held in his hands, each spilling a considerable amount of blood from its blade. The blood drips profusely leaving two crimson trails behind him.*

"I'll kill you! You....You MONSTER!"

* A guard bellows from behind him. Before the guard has a chance to advance, the figure's cape leaps from his back and smothers the man. The cape coils around him leaving not an inch of him to be seen. The cape begins to curl tighter, a sick crunching noise can be heard with each twist. Muffled screams of agony can barely be heard. For the cracking of the man's bones drown out his feeble cries. The cape releases its prisoner, leaving a ghastly site that can not even be put into words. The cape slides quickly to the walking figure, attaching itself to him once again. As the dark frame approaches Cairoi, his appearance becomes revealed. Short black hair hangs just above the man's ears. His eyes are a frightening sight to behold. Both are completely black with glowing violet iris's, matching the inverted cross on his forehead. A sinister grin crosses his lips as he looks almost hungrily at Cairoi. This devil couldn't possibly be Shuyin.*

*Without warning, a giant pillar of sparkling black flame erupts around the man. One would have a hard time keeping their eyes open for the flame's sparks are near blinding. The flame dissappears as quickly as it had come, leaving Shuyin in the form that most recognize him by. His Byakugan shines as brilliant as ever as he surveys the man that stands before him. Slowly he sheathes the sword in his left hand and places his hand on his hip. His right hand raises the sword and places the back of the blade on his shoulder, tapping it impatiently.*

"Fancy seeing you again. I swore I had killed you in our last battle." He pauses for a second, as if recalling if he really had killed Cairoi. However he is interrupted by Cairoi's question.

"I have no relation to this kingdom. I am here to take the king's life. He has been expirimenting with the dark arts and I have been sent here to dispose of him and his kingdom. I was told not to leave a single being living within this tower........"

*Shuyin removes the sword from his shoulder and holds it loosely at his side.*

"If you leave here now. I'll pretend I didn't see you. I must have kept you alive for some reason. So take your life and leave."

Byakugan- Allows Shuyin to see through techniques and observe everything in 360. This signature eye trait also allows Shuyin to see inside of a person and how their energy flows.
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

Since last post: 4129 days
Last activity: 3753 days
Posted on 11-17-05 05:14 PM Link | Quote
"You left me alive wounded on the ground. Now, I too am here to cause destruction, but I will not move for any man, beast or demon that comes at me."

Cairoi violently lifts his hand, clenches the brooch, and tears the cloak off. It reveals his clothing, which are instantly odd to the eye. He wears a green t-shirt, a black jacket, black pants, and black boots. The thing that makes them stick out is the fact that no light reflects off these articles of clothing, hinting to their magical nature. Cairoi smiles and his green eyes flash. They become almost completly black, besides one small hole of white in the center. He can now see beyond the normal sight of man, an ability that was granted by genetic luck. Cairoi steps forward once, the sound resonating in the stone hall. He smiles. His brown hair was put into a low ponytail, his bangs still across his face.

"I will not leave empty-handed."

Cairoi sheathed the hissing blade and it grew silent, his smile growing wider. He clenched his fists and got into a standard ready martial arts stance, his gloven fists beginning to emnate a trace of red magical energy. He was ready to rumble.
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