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11-25-20 03:02 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - WMT Round 1: Elara vs. Dark Silhouette | | Thread closed
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Since: 08-16-04
From: New York

Since last post: 3480 days
Last activity: 3392 days
Posted on 11-07-05 06:36 PM Link

Dark Silhouette


Elara has received the Mace (Two Handed) Item.

Dark Silhouette has received the Gauntlets Item


An advance on the club, a mace is a wooden, metal-reinforced, or metal shaft, with a head made of steel. The head is normally about or slightly thicker than the diameter of the shaft, shaped with flanges, knobs or spikes to allow greater penetration of armour. While heavier than a regular long sword, it is extremely effective in close range combat, especially against armored foes. A well aimed blow can shatter the bones of an opponent and even crush bronze and iron. Being a two-handed mace, the pole of the 'club' is somewhat longer than unusual. This modification allows for more powerful strikes and swings but also interferes with the ability of the user to react quickly due to the obvious difference in weight. Proper use of this weapon requires an adequate amount of knowledge concerning weapon physics.
Length of Weapon: 4 feet
Note: Understand that the Mace you are wielding does not possess spikes. It is a common misconception among people. The Mace and the Flail are two different weapons. While the Flail may have spikes on its morning star, the Mace is basically an edged club, reinforced with steel.

Spiked Gauntlets
Historically, gauntlets were an important piece of armour, since the hands and arms were particularly vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat. Made of reinforced iron, these custom gauntlets possess intimidating spikes on the knuckle and finger area (as shown by the picture). Being a form of gloves as well as armor, it becomes necessary for the user to go hand to hand with the opponent in order to deal any reasonable damage whatsoever. However, the gauntlets can be manuevered rather easily and are not too heavy as to interfere with momentum. A well placed blow can leave an opponent severely injured due to the spikes mentioned earlier. While arguably a piece of armor, this set of custom gauntlets act more like weapons than armor since they are made of iron, not steel.

Note on Battle: Some may argue that the Gauntlets are superior in defense and offense since this custom set can be used as both armor and weapon. I took this into consideration and came up with a way to balance it out. The Gauntlets are made of iron, not steel. Therefore, it is possible for the Mace to penetrate the Gauntlets, considering that the Mace is swung accurately and with enough force. Therefore, the Gauntlets do not serve their original intent for defense as much as it does so for its new purpose: offense. However, this does not mean that the Gauntlets are incapable of blocking. It simply implies that they are not effective as they should be in terms of defending like a piece of armor.

3 day post limit rule
Battles will automatically end after 3 weeks
Rule breaking will result in automatic disqualification

Mortal combat
No special powers whatsoever
Each fighter will be given one week to make their first post in the battle
Extensions may be granted, but only a maximum of 2 extensions will be given

Round 1 Default Arena

400ft perimeter square

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
Chaos Imp
Penguins Fan

Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 266 days
Last activity: 266 days
Posted on 11-08-05 05:05 PM Link
*Elara walked into the arena, the mace hanging on a ring on her belt. She turned her pale face to the opposite side of the arena, searching for her opponent, her delicately pointed Elven ears focused on listening for his approach. Taking the mace from her belt and gripping it with both hands she took a few test swings. It wasn't too different from the swords that she was used to, but it didn't hurt to get in a bit of refresher practice*

"Whenever you're ready!"


Since: 08-16-04
From: New York

Since last post: 3480 days
Last activity: 3392 days
Posted on 11-13-05 03:36 PM Link
Victory goes to Elara after Dark Silhouette failed to post within the 7 day limit.
Elara is now qualified for Round 2.

Dark Silhouette is now eligible to participate in the special Wild Card Matches, assuming that he follows the instructions for them which will be posted later on in the WMT Tournament Thread in the Sim-Battle Arena.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - WMT Round 1: Elara vs. Dark Silhouette | Thread closed

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