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02-08-23 03:10 AM
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Posted on 10-29-05 11:51 PM Link | Quote
As long as mankind can remember stories of dragons and those who took up arms to slay them have been passed down throughout history. We keep these stories with us. Be it by mouth or written word. We begin our tale with Cain, first and most legendary Dragoon.

Cain sat atop his black horse looking over the land of Derit. He waited for the foul beast to show itself. The city had been plauged for to long and he was determined to stop. The cold Autumn wind blew against his helmeted face. His hand was curled around his halberd, which rested at his side.

The city had been emptied to the point where it was almost a ghost town. Either by its constant attack or by fear it gave off, the dragon made all the villagers flee. Cain could see the burned buildings and the freshly dug graves. He could see the reckage the beast had picked up and thrown in its angry fits of hunger and sport. He gripped his halberd tighter at the thought of it.

He looked up and scanned the skies for the dragon. He saw a speck of black against the blue sky. Cain grinned at the sight of the dragon. This dragon had killed many innocent people including his family and was determined to slaughter it.

The speck got closer and bigger. The dragon could smell his horses meat, Cain was sure of it. He began riding into the surronding country side. He had scouted the area for any tactical advantages at all and the nearby forest was his best bet.

The dragon was closer now. He could hear its uneartly roars already. He was still to close to the village. He made an oath not to disrupt the village more then he needed to. Cain looked over his shoulder and saw the dragon clearly. It was a huge red dragon. A healthy male by the look of it too. Cain circled around and steadied his horse. The Dragonfear given off by the dragon. The dragon culred its snouted face into a dragon. Cain smiled right on back.

Cain charged at the huge beast. He readied his Halberd for when he passed underneath it. The dragon was so close that Cain could feel it warm breath on his face. He stooped down low in his saddle. The dragon missed the horse and its rider exposing its unprotected belly. Cain slashed upward and cut down the dragon center. He was automatically doused with the dragon's blood. Cain circled back around and spun the halberd in his right hand. The dragon came back around, inraged by the critical, if not fatal, wound it had just recieved. Cain smiled under his helment. He readied the halberd like a hook on a line. He popped his shoulder out of place and undid his footing in the sattle. The dragon flew over head and caught the halberd's hook and dragged Cain out of the saddle. The sudden jerking motion popped Cain's shoulder back in place.

Cain began to climb up the halberd and closer to the dragons face. He pulled out his longsword and plunged it into the dragon snout, right above the nostrils. Cain swung himself up and lossened the sword out of place. The dragon took itself into a dive. Cain almost flew off but grabbed the fresh cut he had just made in the dragons snout to hang. The dragon, having its face slowly peeled off, broke out of the dive. Cain edged himself down the dragon's face, towards the eyes. Once he was directly between the eye sockets he plunged his sword first into the right one then turned himself around and plunged his sword into the dragon left eye.

The dragon, now blinded and literally spillings its gut began to feel cold. He began to slowly decend from the pain. All it wanted now was to crawl up into a hole and let the bleeding kill it. Cain wasn't finished with him yet. After the dragon was on the ground and tried to limp away Cain stood definetly on top of its head. He spat the on the crimson scaled head and drove the sword into were he spat. The dragon saw no more.

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Posted on 11-02-05 01:23 PM Link | Quote
Nice, though you could really flush it out if you gave a bit more detail... like the setting, or a bit of what the dragon had done before that. There was one or two typos, but otherwise your spelling and grammar were very good. More detail on the battle would make it perfect though, it just felt too short.

Good job overall though.
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