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11-25-20 03:02 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - WMT Round 1: drizzt do'urden vs. Leviathan | | Thread closed
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Since: 08-16-04
From: New York

Since last post: 3480 days
Last activity: 3392 days
Posted on 10-29-05 09:30 PM Link

Drizzt do'urden

Drizzt has received the Double Sai Item

Leviathan has received the Long Spear Item


Double Sai
A unique pair of short daggers. Extraordinarily useful in parrying attacks due to the original designs of the hilt in correspondence to the small blade. Due to the apparent small size and very light weight, the Double Sai allows for very quick and accurate movements. However, what it makes up for in the defense department (if the opponent can use it efficiently), it somewhat lacks in the offense department. The length of the blades of the Double Sais force the user into extremely close melee combat in order to inflict severe damage. While some Sais have been used for throwing, it has been found that this may not be the best technique due to the design of the blade and the possibility that, if off mark, the user will lose one or both of his weapons. It is often very unusual to find a user only using one Sai at a time for the Sai is a weapon that is most often used in pairs.
Length of weapon: 15 inches
Length of blade: 10 inches

Long Spear
A truly superior weapon in long distance melee combat. Due to the extraordinarily long pole with a spearhead attached to its end, it is capable of reaching incredible distances. While sometimes difficult to handle, the spear makes for an excellent offense weapon and even defense weapon from a distance. Contrary to popular belief, the pole of the spear is actually very flexible, allowing for not only thrusting moves with the spear head but also several unpredictable counters and parries with the pole of the blade. It has been found that the true master of the spear relies more on the pole of the spear rather than the sharp edge. However, while the spear is very effective from a distance, when forced into short ranged melee combat, the spear literally becomes completely useless, especially if the spear is one of unusually long length (such as the ones found in long spears). Thus, it is often necessary for the user of a long spear to keep his/her opponent at a distance at all times or risking some severe bodily damage.
Length of weapon: 5' 9"
Length of blade:15 inches

3 day post limit rule
Battles will automatically end after 3 weeks
Rule breaking will result in automatic disqualification

Mortal combat
No special powers whatsoever
Each fighter will be given one week to make their first post in the battle
Extensions may be granted, but only a maximum of 2 extensions will be given

Round 1 Default Arena

400ft perimeter square

(Last edited by Sparda on 10-30-05 12:35 AM)

You put a bullet in my head, Till black turns to red! This could all end in tragedy!

Since: 08-20-04
From: Read \"Real Name\"

Since last post: 3086 days
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Posted on 10-30-05 03:51 PM Link
The sai's spun in Drizzt's hands as he calmly walked out into the arena. His armor and cloak no where to be seen. All that he was wearing was a simple black tunic and Black pants. His boot's were of soft supple leather so as not to make a sound.

Drizzt stopped in the middle of the arena waiting for his first apponent.

"Leviathan!.. I have waited long for this. show yourself so as we can get this tourny up and going!" Drizzt called out, hopeing that Leviathan had heard him


Since: 08-16-04
From: New York

Since last post: 3480 days
Last activity: 3392 days
Posted on 11-07-05 06:37 PM Link
Victory goes to Drizzt after Leviathan failed to post within the 7 day limit.

Drizzt is now qualified for Round 2.

Leviathan is now eligible to participate in the special Wild Card Matches, assuming that he follows the instructions for them which will be posted later on in the WMT Tournament Thread in the Sim-Battle Arena.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - WMT Round 1: drizzt do'urden vs. Leviathan | Thread closed

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