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11-25-20 02:56 PM
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Is back!

Since: 10-01-04
From: Stafford, UK

Since last post: 3186 days
Last activity: 3147 days
Posted on 10-26-05 02:47 PM Link | Quote
Out of the many thoughts that swirl through Teundusia's mind, one overpowers her greatly. The hatrid towards the human race. She travels to an area in the UK, known as Alton, knowing that there was a large gathering spot where humans would stay for hours on end getting amusement from devices known as roller coasters and thrill rides: Alton Towers.

Her entrance was devestating. The entire theme park is surrounded by half a green glowing sphere of non-elemental magical energy, vapourising anyone that tried to escape. From the inside of the sphere, small balls of the energy rain down upon the park, burning through the pavement, cutting through flesh and ripping through the rides. Her idea of amusement was sickening... Hearing the sound of humans screaming in fear and pain was her amusement, and it was even better when she was causing it.

Flying around using her psychic powers to detect if anyone was still alive or not under torture, she senses another soul, much more powerful than anyone else in the park. Probably here to stop her, Teundusia sends a telepathic message to the powerful being, issueing a battle challenge. "Meet me in the gardens, if you dare..." She telepathically says as she makes her own way there.

The bright colours and powerful smells of the newly grown flowers, plants and trees were sickening Teundusia. The smell of the human blood over her hands kept her sane as she destroys and flattens a large area to create an arena of sorts. Creating a chair out of dead branches and logs, she sits and waits...

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Jedi Master Desroth


Since: 08-24-04
From: Macomb

Since last post: 3812 days
Last activity: 3252 days
Posted on 12-05-05 09:34 PM Link | Quote
Amoung the chaos and destruction, a man walked unhindered. He was wrapped in a cloak, which was odd since it wasnt very cold outside. The energy rain cascaded across the park, destroying nearly everything it touched. The man however was unphased. The rain seemed to cascade off of him on some sort of a energy field.

Children screamed in agony as their flesh seemed to melt off their bodies, and men wimpered on the ground from loss of appendages. This would have to end, or this whole area would be destroyed.

The long sleeve drape of the cloak fell down to his side, as a silvery white sword blade appeared. The man looked up, the cloak falling back. His face was revealed, and his long plantinum hair cascaded down to his shoulders.

Then he heard it. Someones mind was trying to push into his own. It was amusing that one would try to do this, but he had to learn who was doing this. He let the other voice in, cutting in on something about meeting in the gardens.

He would have to do that, but first their was the matter of this sphere thing. He looked straight upwards at it, as his cloak began to waft in a breeze. It suddenly flew off, as his wings extended, and shoot him upwards. He flew straight up at the sphere, raising his sword. He drove it into the top of the dome, muttering a few inchorent words in a form of latin that had never been heard of before.

The sphere began to suck into the sword, all of its power being absorbed into the blade. When it was done, the sword was still glowing green. Desroth knew it would take a while for the sword to be able to absorb anything fully again.

Desroth wheeled in the sky, and headed towards the gardens. The sight that greeted him was that of destruction and death. Whoever this person was, she was tormented soul who needed to be put out of her misery before she destroyed life itself.

Desroth was wearing his standard garb. A white X-Law unifrom, modified so it did not have the insignia. On Desroth's right hip was a crystal, deep purple and full of energy. His eyes were silvery, and seemed to float about and see all without seeing all (around him). Desroth stood before the woman, before adressing her

"So, you caused all this death and destruction? Well, your twisted humor ends here once and for all! Prepare yourself, YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO DESTRUCTION! MAKE YOUR TIME! HA HA HA!"

A cricket sounds, and someone in the dieing crowd coughs

"Gee, tough crowd...Well, bring it on!"

Desroth stood, holding the sword at his side. He turned so the side his sword was on faced the woman. He was ready to defend in any direction at a moments notice.

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Is back!

Since: 10-01-04
From: Stafford, UK

Since last post: 3186 days
Last activity: 3147 days
Posted on 12-08-05 05:16 PM Link | Quote
Teundusia stays afloat as her bench crumbles into dust. She holds her right hand out as if she was holding something, and a long metal pole forms in her hand from the air around her. She raises it diagonally across her body. "Let's see if this is more fun than torturing the weak..."

She raises her pole as she releases a small amount of purplish haze around it. She flies towards Desroth at a pretty fast speed, sending two swings towards Desroth's head and a stab at his stomach.
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