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02-08-23 02:02 AM
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Jity Horo


Since: 01-01-05

Since last post: 6024 days
Last activity: 5239 days
Posted on 10-13-05 07:15 PM Link | Quote
Name: Hiduc (Hi-duke)
Age: Ageless
Human: 6'10"
Bahamat Form: 125'11"
Tiamat Form: 110'5"
Human: 120 lbs
Bahamut Form: 1368 Tons
Tiamat Form: 1294 Tons
Bahamut: 205 ft
Tiamat: 178 ft
Wing Span
Human- 10 ft
Bahamut- 250 ft
Tiamt-220 ft
Human- An average looking human, minus the wings. He has black and blue hair pure sea green eyes (Just sea green. No Pupil or anything) and Dark Tanish Skin. He wears no armor in this form and wears Blue shorts (Tidus style) and a skin tight black shirt. He wields two swords (Bahamut Blade and Tiamat Sword) who are sheathed on his back, crossed) He wears Black Boots
Bahumat- A huge ass dragon with blackish-brown scales. He has no horns but claws that can pierce anything due to their ancient quality that helped forge the cosmos and a bladed tail.
Tiamt- A slighty smaller huge ass dragon with blue scales and five heads. Each head has 2 horns and mace for a tail.
Quick Draw (Can only be used with the Bahamut Blade)- Samurai Style Skill Which include the following:
Cherry Blossom
Quadra Slam
Dark Magic/Flail(Can only be used with the Tiamat Sword)- Chaos Style Magics
Which include the following:
Life Render
Heart Render
Sun Flare- Bahamuts signature attack. Fires a a cone of super heated nuclear flares form his mouth.
Super Scales- The enduring heat of his breath and his home in the sun has made his scales super hard. They are immune to physical attacks(hitting him with weapon, techniques which require physical contact, spells blades are a good example) and fire and magma based attacks.
Quick Draw- See above. Uses his tail as the sword.
Moon Flare- Tiamts signature attack. Fires a cone of gravity based ice damage from his mouth.
Magical Scales- Living in a frozen wasteland made of pure magical energy has an affect on one physical makeup. His scales are completly immune to magic based attacks (techniques like spell blades still work though) ane ice damage.
Dark Magic/Flail- See above
Bahamut Blade- A sword made of his very own tooth and scale the sword is impossibly hard and impossible to break. It can cut though just about anything.
Tiamat Sword- The sword is made of Tiamats horns, scales, claws and teeth. The sword is the only reason why Hiduc and transform into Tiamat. The sword can reflect any magical ability and cannot be broken.
Hiduc was born at the start of time. Rather he helped start time. He was born as a fully grown dragon (see his Bahamut form). He used his claws to shape the universe and used his breath to forge it. He then took his place inside the sun of a small planet, Earth. After several eons of watching the planet and its inhabitants he decided to join them. But to join them he had to look and act like him. He created Hiduc, a never aging man. He broke off one of his teeth and chipped off some of his scales to forge his sword. He desended to the planet and found it in chaos. A second dragon, Tiamat, had taken control. After many body numbing encounters with one another, Hiduc/Bahamut slayed Tiamat. In order to control the immortal dragon should she return he created the Tiamat Sword. The sword granted him the powers of a the dragon along with the ability to Transform.

Even though he lived since the dawn of time Bahamut does not know what all of his abilities are. Along with the Tiamat sword strange abilities may be added when speacial circumstances are met. Heres the list:

First Battle reaches 2 pages: Flare ability: Can be used by any weapon.
Fights in 10 Battles: Godsend: Can only be used with Bahamut Blade
Wins 5 battles: Ultima Flare: All Weapons
Loses 5 Battles: Ascension: Can only be used with the Tiamat Sword
Defeats another Dragon: Magi Upgrade: Can only Be used with Tiamat Sword
Defeats a Swordsmen: Bahamut Blade Techniques Upgrade
Defeats a Vampire: Holy Flare: Bahamut Only
Defeats a Demon/Half-Demon: Dark Prayer: Tiamat Sword Ultimate Attack
Defeats an Angel: Halo Slasher: Bahamut Blade Ultimate Attack
Obtains Both regular and Ultima Flare: Final Flare: All Weapons

(Last edited by Jity Horo on 10-21-05 12:51 AM)
Jity Horo


Since: 01-01-05

Since last post: 6024 days
Last activity: 5239 days
Posted on 08-11-06 04:50 PM Link | Quote
Being a champion of Jity Horo he went with him during his several month hiatus. During that time he trained and was able to enhance his fighting abilities. He has enhanced his human form.

Human upgrades:
Natural Abilites(Cannot be supressed by any means)
Scales of the Wyrm-Hiduc has succeeded in using his hide from both his Bahamaut and Tiamat forms into one weaker but more useful package. The ability enhances his magic and physical resistence.

Celestrial Prayers(Spell technique used to enhance)BS:

Armor of Ancients- Creates an impervious barrier 5 feet in diameter. Hiduc can do nothing else but breath, speak, and think for three posts (my time). Can be used once every three pages
Shield of Ages- Can cast an impervious barrier 5 feet in diameter around a friendly target. They can do nothing else but breath, speak, and think for three posts (their time).Can be used once every three pages on one target.
Holy Sphere- Creates a sphere that hurts anyone who attacks Hiduc with massive Holy damage. No negatable last four post or two hits. Can be used once every two pages.

Carvering Sword(Brutal Sword techniques used to demolish enemies)TS:

Butcher Blade- An attack the creates large amounts of diseased animal blood that infect the target with a deadly disease that rots the wound
Meatbone Cleaver- A brutal counterattack
Carving Sword- Signature attack creates a vaccum around the blade that rends whatever it touches.

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