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11-28-20 08:54 PM
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Since: 08-16-04

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Posted on 09-30-05 11:11 PM Link
ooc--I pick the arena you pick the rules. I'm not too picky when it comes to that.

Barren flats. Continuing on for what seemed like the entire world. Horizon to horizon, complete flatness, accented by the gentle curve of the spherical planet. The sun burnt brightly to the west, slowly settling beyond that horizon, and illuminating the scarce clouds with hues of orange and red. Red, the battlefield would be bathed in this color, whether of one's, the other's, or a combination. This barren land will certainly be sanctified. A single black cloud lingered in the sky. Below it, a blood red bandana gently fluttered across the mix of dirt and dead grass. The two intersected paths, and a flash of light struck the sky. Spinning, elegantly, yet with amazing speed, a single dagger fell from the cloud. This dagger had inscribed upon it's age-old metal a yellow eye, piercing, and almost real. It was not, at least, as of yet. The dagger landed almost perfectly on the corner of the bandana, pinning it to the dried earth. At once the bandana seemed to peel outward, and grow. Flowing around the dagger. Soon, objects and designs became visible upon the bandana. Which had grown to the size of a cape. It seemed to flow around the air, forming what appeared to be a human.Fingers clasped upon the edge, and threw the cloak from the front of the man. It's newly formed hood still covering the face.

His body was on the slender side. Though his muscles were defined. His strength was not apparant by his appearance, but his magical prowess seemed to condense the air around him. Making it thicker, and harder to breath. The figure did not seem to notice or care. His visable equipment consisted of a tight-fitting black leather jacket, with a dark red line running down either shoulder. His black leather pants fit tightly, and seemed boot cut. The boots they were cut for were his black biker boots. The buckles were on the sides of them, and held the boots tightly, instead of laces. On his hands, were bandages, those hwo knew this man knew that the bandages covered his entire upper body, and held his power in his body. Normally, demons did this by their flux of souls, as well as the demi-humans. This man was different...His weapon did the dirty work. The cloak fell about his body and settled, covering his every feature in shadow. He faced directly east, and away from the sun. He was waiting, for, the other. The man who could beat him. The man who had beat him. The man who was his bane. And his mentor. The one he looked up to, the one he based actions off of. He was ready. And more aged than before.

That took a while...about 20 minutes, with lots of distractions of course....


Since: 08-16-04
From: New York

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Posted on 10-02-05 12:24 AM Link
Not interested. Thanks. Try again in two months.

(Last edited by Sparda on 10-02-05 03:25 AM)
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Sparda. You owe me. Sorta... | Thread closed

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