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11-25-20 03:23 PM
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Since: 07-20-05
From: The 217th layer of hell. Quite temperate actually.

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Posted on 09-20-05 02:39 AM Link | Quote
Yep. An actual challenge. I'm going to have some free time now that my hours have been reduced (again), so..what the hell.


All board rules apply save for one, but with some slight alterations.

First off..absolutely no time limit. Post when you have the free time. If i see you make 10 posts without replying to this, i'll smack you silly..otherwise, no restrictions.

Second..healing. No instant/major healing..minor regeneration of small wounds through natural ability/technology/equipment will be allowed..but no sealing a massive wound in three posts.

Finally..Kai's new "effect" rule will be in partial play. Massive spells/summons will have a negative drain without charge unles you have one hell of a logical reason otherwise. Of course, massive may vary from character to character..just don't go insanely overboard.

Now..anyone who was itching to fight me in the past (or is presently experiencing said itch) may apply. First taker gets first post/scenery. Oh..talent is a must. A two-sentence poorly worded non-descriptive post will simply be ignored.
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

Since last post: 3391 days
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Posted on 09-20-05 10:44 AM Link | Quote
It is an odd forest. Depending on your village of origin, the tales you know of the forest vary greatly. But, as of yet, there are no good tales. At that is not a good sign.

The forest is eerily silent, at least as far as the average man has entered. THe dark trees block the light and reach out around them, demonstrating their power. Most see the trees as demonic entities, harboring shadows of the earth. But to those brave enough to venture in, it is naught but a forest. And somewhere deep within the forest, light seeps in. There is a 200 ft opening in the middle, where the grass grows and rocks litter the field. And sitting on a rock protruding upwards out of the ground sat Cairoi.
His medium length brown hair was being tossed to the side by the wind, while some loose bangs became entrapped before his strange eyes. His pupils glew a bright, unnatural green, and a black hook scar rested over his left eye. They burned into the souls of those who looked straight into them, as though his experiences allowed him to read the minds of others like open books.
He was of a thin build, lean muscles and no excess fat. Over his trained body rested his clothing: A forest green t-shirt, a black jacket, and black jeans. On his back he wore an odd hilt, glowing of a pale white aura. Also, his hands were shadowed by worn-out black gloves, giving one the impression they were there for more than style. His eyes were closed as the wind blew heavily, giving him fair warning his opponent had arrived. And he was ready.

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Since: 07-20-05
From: The 217th layer of hell. Quite temperate actually.

Since last post: 4082 days
Last activity: 3993 days
Posted on 09-24-05 03:07 AM Link | Quote
Another "Haunted" forest. Supersticion, Auraka..only a mortal mind could manage such absurdity.

To the right of Cairoi. no farther from the man than perhaps three feet, the thinker stood. Cairoi...the Gaia of that pitiful planet had hummed tales of him even before the being had set foot on her. Odd, really...that a world would draw a creature such as he to its champion.

Mortal minds...

He circled slowly to the left, insubstantial feet echoing nothing but silence. Sound was often but a memory in the between..a place where two planes almost met. It was here he could see without being seen..feel without being felt. The cloak of shadows..midnight cloth that covered him from head to toe..was, for once, in motion. It rippled smoothly, pulsed with the energy that held him there.

A demon..a god..born of nothing, bane of all. The being known simply as Night stood. And watched.

His soon to be foe was hardly a normal man..but then, these days who was? Pupils algo with green light..a forest-green shirt..the protruding hilt of a hidden Not a normal man. After all..he was Gaia's champion. A man with the strength of the earth.

But really..what was one planet? Or even the power of one? He had felt creatures exude more power in Uggarv..yet he was a champion.

We both know full well that he's internalized it, Night. That is hardly the power of a world.

You can't let me gloat in peace, can you Auraka. Yes yes, the child is undoubtedly strong. Pleased?

His focus went back to Cairoi. Black eyes..yes, strong. If not for the blade, he may have mistaken him for a Turk. But still...

Enough musing. Shall we, Auraka?'ve finished? Good. Let us.

From the between he stepped, from pale, faded hues to light. He appeared to Cairoi's left..or rather, was. He did not come into being, fade into existance like a phantom with new life. Instead, he simply was.

Addressing Cairoi be the propor thing to do..and in a way, he did. He slowly reached his right hand towards one of the many towering trees and rested a palm clad in goldem metal against it's bark.

"They call your name, you know.

He tilted his enshrouded head as if listening.

"Cairoi.." he whispered.

His grip on the oak tightened, omniously strong fingers digging into ancient wood. From above, a single leaf fell, twirling slowly in a lazy spiral towards the ground. It stood in releaf, as if frozen in time..and then the rest joined it. In a rain of green and hazel the tree gave up it's shaded canopy..and blackened as if aflame.

It spread quickly, from base to the smallest branch as its energy..its "soul"..was drawn free. Or rather, ripped. It took no more than two seconds for the mighty tree to succumb..and the blink of an eye for the breeze to break it apart in a cloud of fine ash.

Night pulled his hand away and extended a "gift" towards the seated Cairoi. Where once is palm had rested on the oak, it now bore a ball of gleaming light in it's palm. The sound it emitted was low, filled with terror and pain.


The sound died away when he closed his fist, the once-soul erupting from between his fingers in beams of bright, somehow twisted light.


He paused for a split second, then continued.

"Fine then."

The darkness beneath his hood gave way to new light: Two points of brilliant electric blue. The glow of against Cairoi's green. And it was only right..after all, he himself was far from normal. And a man.

"Let's begin."

With those words he became nothing but a blur of black, another shadow among the masses. Then he stood behind his foe, a longsword of translucient blue crystal held loosly in his right hand. A sword with an angular, pointing hilt and a diamond-cut pommel. A sword that had been brought to life..and aimed at Cairoi's stomache.

{OOC: The appearance of the sword will be explained shortly.

Yes, i neglected the usual "Hello, how do you do, i am, you are, shall we fight now?". This seemed more interesting.

The only things you need to know about the sword right now is that is is doubled-edged with a single bevel (imagine the edge on a piece of broken glass. Only not brittle and a hell of a lot sharper}, and that it is damned hard to break. Even harder to get it to stay broken.}

(Last edited by Leviathan on 09-24-05 07:31 PM)
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

Since last post: 3391 days
Last activity: 3014 days
Posted on 09-27-05 07:59 PM Link | Quote
OOC: Yeah, I'd like you to clarify on the bevel of your blade, but for everything else I'm good.

The second Night called his name, he had dropped to the ground from utop the rock he was. He watched Night intently, gathering the indication he wasn't here to talk. Good, neither was I, Cairoi thought. This demonic entity has been on Cairoi's wanted list for a while. He drew his blade, instantly debunking the common man's myth that his sheath was the originator of the aura. His sword was almost inivisble, being bathed in the light. The features of the blade were hard to make out, but it was evidently a medium length blade. It was double-edged as well, and had an odd hilt that blocked the light.
It seemed dark, much darker than this forest, but also that maybe it wasn't originally this dark. For those who knew the legends of the blade, the hilt was the typical resting place of Druza, a demonic entity that had formed into a weapon of sorts for Cairoi. Typically, Druza lends his power to Cairoi's blade, but there was select instances when dark energy was needed, Druza would enter Cairoi's body.
Cairoi noticed Levi begin his assault. He brought the blade pointing vertically upwards, with its flat side facing Levi, and pushed it forward, blocking the slash and attempting to push Leviathan off balance.
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