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11-28-20 09:06 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Ancients Tournament Round 2: Beowulf vs Desroth | | Thread closed
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Leon D. Sagara

Zombie Tarma
HELLO!!!!! ^_^

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Posted on 09-07-05 07:05 PM Link
::As the final fights of the prelims end, the entire earth begins to shake and rattle. The arena begins to tremble as if petrified with fear. From high above, it is now seen that the arena is closeing in, it will no longer be an open sky arena, but a dome makeing all matchs several times harder due to the huge decree of motion decrease::

Ayla: GOOOOOOOOOD BATTLES ladies and gents, now it is time for the second round of the Ancients Tournament. In this round, all combatants are only allowed to move within the space of the dome, the walls and ceiling are reinforced with the strongest rocks and metal known to man, they will not shatter for anything makeing this round of the tournament EVEN more challangeing then the last.

:The crowd cheers in all awe as Ayla prances around the stadium introduceing the next two fighters::

LET THE SECOND ROUNDS BEGIN, please give a warm welcome as Beowulf and Desroth both make their ways to the ring

::the crowd screams as Ayla introduces the next two fighters::
Jedi Master Desroth


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Posted on 09-07-05 07:34 PM Link
OOC: I got a earth art way beyond this dome, and I could easily shatter it. But I will not destroy the dome, instead, you gave me a nice large area of rock to use in the fight.


The arena where Desroth had been fighting his previous opponent was suddenly empty. Night had vanished mysteriously into thin air, but there was no time to look for where he had gone. Ayala had moved fourth from the crowd and began to address the on lookers.

"GOOOOOOOOOD BATTLES ladies and gents, now it is time for the second round of the Ancients Tournament. In this round, all combatants are only allowed to move within the space of the dome, the walls and ceiling are reinforced with the strongest rocks and metal known to man, they will not shatter for anything makeing this round of the tournament EVEN more challangeing then the last."

As she said this, the arena had been changing. The green dome flickered out and fell , and was replaced by a new dome made of solid rock and metal. Desroth looked around at the dome. Not at all limiting at all, Desroth's gaia skills were beyond things such as this. It would, shall we say, come in handy for the fight.

"LET THE SECOND ROUNDS BEGIN, please give a warm welcome as Beowulf and Desroth both make their ways to the ring"

It was a simple request for the crowd to begin to cheer again. He watched as she pranced about the field as she said this, not having a care in the world. Desroth, who had been staring at the ground, his eyes shaded over, looked up. Only one of his eyes were revealed. It was still blood red, and he muttered to Ayla

"You might want to move. This will get messy fast, and unless you want to be caught in the middle, I suggest you get to safety. "

Desroth looked around for Beowulf, but he didnt seem to be around yet. As he did, he felt something.

It was a wave of feeling, a refreshing burst of power surging into him. It was a inbetween battle refresher, making sure the opponents were at their full power for the fight.

Both opponent was now at 100% energy, fully healed, and ready to go. Desroth was still in his darker void form from his last fight, and he looked at the Elw Sword of Seals. It glinted, before the poisonous effect of the quicksilver from the last fight retracted back into the sword, waiting to be called forward later. Then, Desroth sealed the sword back into its ring form, and placed it back on his finger

"Where are you Beowulf, this fight will determine once and for all who can win in a straight fight. But dont worry, this will be only 1 fight we will fight to the end, dont think that either of us will be better then the other if one of us wins."

Desroth closed his eyes, and waited for Beowulf to come. Arzul had taken Elw's place, and was resting at Desroth's side.

OOC: The flash of light thing is like if this was starting a fresh fight, you are back to full power and ready to go (fully healed, rested, fed, etc). Your basically restored to 100% as if you had entered this fight normally.

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Posted on 09-08-05 03:39 PM Link
Originally posted by Leon D. Sagara
Please, give a warm welcome as Beowulf and Desroth both make their ways to the ring.

OFF: What? You can't even give us a title? I'm hurt now... And Desroth, I know you want to "help" me but your healing seem to be a "god-mod" (you forced me be to affect by your full healing action when I don't) in a sort of way. Plus, minor healing rules only too... I know this helps us but it doesn't seem "right introduction" for me.

BIC: Beowulf has waited for too long, yet he did not jump the gun yet. He appeared after Desroth made his appearance, but was behind him. His fresh green eyes seem to make his face look more alive, his skin shows the sign of warmth and passion. All of it, as Beowulf was still himself. He was smiling while his eye was closed. No matter, his presence was already scented. He sees his next opponent before him, not by looking at him with his closed eyes but scent his presence as well.

His weapon, as no doubt it would be, was still his father. However, there were two holsters, placed by Beowulf’s hips. One of them holds the sword while another was taken out. Beowulf didn’t want his opponent to expect that he is planning to dual-wield two weapons at the same time. He opened his eyes, releasing a scent of clam nature around him. But his eyes tell a different tales… when he looks at his opponent.

His blonde hair seems to fall back at some point. His hair reach to the top of his shoulder, but some on his back of his head were pulled back to make a ponytail. There was still some that still sticking out of Beowulf’s head, but he look different with a new style of his hair. There was no winds or anything, but both him and his opponent are stuck inside of a dome. There was a nearby crowd cheering both of them on. The mixed cheers rooted for either side, wanting a bloody battle, or what it seems to be in Beowulf’s view.

No hard feeling, he thought.

But he could not say another word if he wants to, yet. He found that Desroth have something to say.

"Where are you Beowulf, this fight will determine once and for all who can win in a straight fight. But don’t worry, this will be only 1 fight we will fight to the end, don’t think that either of us will be better then the other if one of us wins."

So he got manner… Or what Beowulf thought. He never like his opponent if they would speak words louder then they can do in action. Not only that, but Beowulf always gave the feeling of fighting honorable and with courage, but something made Beowulf feel somewhat confused. Was Desroth being somewhat caring about his opponent or does he cared about fighting?

Beowulf knows that it has been a long time he has since his last battle against Cairoi. This time, Beowulf was unsure to fight honorable, or just be himself. Beowulf took a step forward to Desroth. He knows that in this battle, there are more then just pure friendships. Will there be a cold dish to be served or will there be a battle of honor? Beowulf smiled.

“Greeting, Desroth. I would like to say that it is an honor to fight you now… And no, I do not think ill of my opponent. They deserved to be treated equal as I treat myself.”

With Beowulf’s calm words, he bows before him. This way, he knows that he will be fighting with honor and probably traditionally. His hands, having sharp talons instead of fingernails, seem to be shaking at some point when he speaks at his opponent. He already has his Apocalypse out, but something seems too weird for his weapon.

With one of his weapon hiding in Beowulf’s holster and Apocalypse in Beowulf’s hand, Beowulf stood there, waiting for Desroth.

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Posted on 09-08-05 04:16 PM Link
OOC: Erm, okay dude, you dont have to have it since you werent on my battlefield to begin with. If you didnt notice the context of how it is, im still in the same field as me and Night fought. You entered the battle, therefore you dont need the heal... I was tired when I was posting that, so chill if it didnt make any sense. And it isnt my spell dude, so you would have one hell of a argument trying to say I made that healing spell and used it myself. Also, One more time, you would be fully healed if you joined a new fight, right? What happens if the opponent says he is in the same field, and the last fight just ended? How is he suppose to be back to full? No matter, if you want to complain about it, go ahead. Im quite sure a full healing power inbetween fights from the field if the opponent wants it would not be considered a god mod (both opponents are fully healed, why the hell would you complain about that? Its not like it is the middle of the fight and it happens..) Anyway, lets get it on. Last note: You dont have to take the heal thing, I just came up with a clever way of being fully healed while saying I was on the same field instead of totally reintroducing myself. And btw, nice job taking my style of posting


Beowulf had appeared behind Desroth, almost as if he was the wind itself. Desroth didnt care that the opponent had come, not in the slightest. The fool thought that the Desroth HE knew was currently in control. A fools mistake.

Arzul glowed in a angry defiance to Apocalypse, but it fell silent as Desroth shoot his eyes down to it.

“Greeting, Desroth. I would like to say that it is an honor to fight you now… And no, I do not think ill of my opponent. They deserved to be treated equal as I treat myself.”

A smirk had appeared on his face. Beowulf now had 2 swords? Not quite. There was something odd with Apocalypse, it seemed oddly quite for housing the spirit of a great destroyer.

Desroth closed his eyes and let out a low laugh, which rose to fill the stadium.

"heh...heh heh...heh heh heh. You wave that toy at me? Put that match stick away and draw Apocalypse. Unless I am mistaken, you disguised him as your second sword, am I correct? No matter..."

Desroth closed his eyes once more, his black cloth armor glowed purple for a second, revealing it now had the protective qualities of 2 inches of Black Heart Crystal, something not even Apocalypse could penetrate easily.

As Desroth stood there, the crowd suddenly stopped. Their faces covered in fear. Desroth held Arzul out, as it began to glow in its dark purple aura of energy. Around Desroth, a dark wind began to pick up, wiping around at a insane speed. Inside could be seen flashes of souls, people who had died in the last seconds whose souls were being dragged to the sword.

The sword glowed purple for a few more seconds, but it quickly flashed to a grey before finally come to a rest.

"Meet Arzul, Soul Form. Thanks to the power of souls, it has gained many more powers then before."

The sword was strangely whitish grey, the color of a soul when people think of a ghost. Its hilt had a face on it, a manifested human face tortured beyond belief. It screamed in silent horror as if its real body was being ripped to shreds over and over again.

It was 1 ft longer then Arzul, making it now 8ft long instead of 7ft, and now held much more power. Oh, and dont worry, it can still fuze with the Dark Sol Sword and become a brand new sword with even more power.

"You want to go first, take your chance now. I expect you will have payed your respect and allowed me to prepare. Now prepare yourself, before I attack you (unless you want to attack after I am prepared...)"


Since: 08-14-04

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Posted on 09-08-05 08:40 PM Link
OOC: Since I already told you through IM, you know what I mean about the healing part. And by the way, would you prefer to quote then?

BIC: Even Desroth probably already has insulted him or sort of feeling of being insulted, Beowulf didn’t care. He believed that Apocalypse was a duplicate weapon, probably a fake to begin with. Not sure if Desroth believe him or not, Beowulf place Apocalypse back into his empty right holster. He took out the other weapon with his right claw. When he pulls out the hilt from his left holster, there it was…

But it was not as it seem. The hilt was master craft made. Its mystic properties and meteor-like material was designed flawlessly and yet near prefect, that it could be wield by anything. But any higher above the hilt was a gust of wind. Nothing, there was no blade, not even a single inch of sharp edge. Beowulf looked as he was depressed or something but kept a hidden look. He knows that holding a weapon with no blade is useless, so he place it back into his left empty holster.

Whether unsure of Desroth’s expression or opinion, he looked at him, with his eyes that seem confuse with wisdom. Beowulf think that his opponent is madly driven by a evil force, but began to question him.

“Are you excusing me to wield a wrong weapon or is it that you don’t trust your opponent? I thought it would prove more then enough to show what I can do. But… the way I see it, you don’t seem to care effectively about your opponent.”

When Desroth held out his Arzul, Beowulf stood there as if he was not scared. His face seems to be saddened, but still continues to looks at Desroth. He concentrates everything on Desroth and the fierce winds did not stop him. His hair began to move along with the wind’s current, flying upward in the air. He smiled when Desroth have his weapon in the soul form, but his eyes seem to give off a strange vibe. His eyes seem to hold the flame of passion.

He was at ease, yet a little afraid of facing Desroth head on. However, his passion of fighting against his opponent will never fade away. Whether they are evil or not, he always seems to learn a thing or two and develop a calm behavior. He met some worthy opponent, but never seen one that could be fairly strong against him. Whether Beowulf could achieves a better result of this battle or not, he would never forget this.

Beowulf shook his head. The time was now, a battle between the two warriors that could forever change the history. Beowulf was prepared already, yet he waits patiently to determine if his opponent is yet ready. He did not want to engage head-on, he want to see what would Desroth do. He smiled, just as he waited for his opponent to come.

“Desroth… please show what you can do.”

He speaks so politely and still remained in a calm position.

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Posted on 09-08-05 09:17 PM Link
OOC: Erm, the quotes wont be neccesary for this fight, seeing as how you are not Lev who would prefer quotes.


Beowulf seemed unphased by Arzul's new form. Desroth turned to face his opponentm who was awaiting his attack.

At the range they were at, there werent alot of options open to them, but something had to be done. Desroth smirked, his blood red eyes full of a fiery passion to win.

He turned, and strode away from Beowulf. As he did, his hair began to grow longer and begin to turn back to silver. His cloth armor, once jet black and slightly ragged reverted back to white and clean pressed.

He stopped about 20-25ft away, and turned. His eyes were now back to silver, his normal form was back, for now atleast.

"Ah, Beowulf, so good to see you. I hope my other form didnt annoy you in any way. Now then, I believe you were waiting for me to make a move, right? Ill go simple, lets enjoy this while it lasts."

Arzul glinted in the sun light for a split second, before he spun once more, back to the dome. He launched himself at it, running full tilt. He looked like he was going to run straight into it, but instead, he ran straight up it.

He ran all the way up it to the top, and launched off. He floated through the air as he fell back towards the ground. It may have only been a 30 ft drop, but he made the most of it.

He reached back behind his ear and drew out the solid gold toothpick. As he pulled it away from his head, it extended to about Desroth's height. It was a sycthe, more specifically Skars, a shard of the creation of the universe.

If Beowulf had the ultimate piece of destruction, it would only be fitting for the ultimate piece of creation to meet it head on.

As he fell towards Beowulf, he began to spin Skars in such a way, that the forces in motion from the falling and the spinning would not only crush the opponenet into the ground, but also slice him in half and leave his bones only as dust. This attack was aimed at Beowulf, and Desroth hoped it would connect, but fate would decide that.

Hawk Dive Tech: The user must have a weapon of a size the same or taller then their actually height. After this is met, the user must then fall towards the opponent from about a 30 ft height (or more) to get the desired affect. As the user is falling, he/she begins to spin the weapons mentioned above very fast, in a attempt to not only crush everybone in the opponents body into dust, but also to slice him in half. That will only happen if the opponent is hit by the attack. Otherwise, it will create a rather large hole where it hits.

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Posted on 09-08-05 10:00 PM Link
Beowulf took a deep breath. When he saw Desroth running away, he was not sure if he was to ready an attack. But when he saw Desroth turned again, he told Beowulf about his other form. Not sure what he meant, he believed that BOTH of them are annoying enough. But when Desroth began to set his attack, Beowulf was prepared. He looked at Desroth’s movement, observing one after another and identifies his attack. When Desroth began to fall toward to Beowulf, Beowulf has enough time to dive under him and attack from behind.

He leaps forward, and distanced himself to avoid his Hawk Dive radius. Keeping a few feet away from his estimated position, he was safe and the Hawk Dive has missed. Lucky for Beowulf, he was all prepared to launch a counterattack. But he chooses to miss this opportunity and wait for Desroth to prepare himself again. While the crowd was surprised that Desroth’s Hawk Dive technique was dangerously powerful, they were disappointed on how Beowulf did not fight back. Beowulf ignores the crowd’s booing and believed that there are more then just fighting.

He relaxes himself, waiting for a correct time. True enough, Beowulf could have take an upper hand with a counter attack, but then Desroth could counter it and put Beowulf into checkmate. His face seems to be normal, probably that he kept his emotion to himself. He smiled at his opponent, agreeing to himself that he seem good enough for someone to spar with. Taking his moments, he was curious about one thing.

“Desroth, what make you think I was waving a toy at you?”

Unaware of Desroth’s second form, they both seem alike. He did not notice the changes in Desroth, and wasn’t fully aware of the position he was in. True, he was close to the crowd and almost put his life on a line when Desroth used his Hawk Dive, but Beowulf was good enough to give himself in the position where he could take an upper hand. He looks around to see that given that his area has no sign of protection or place to hide, there was innocents’ bystander here. Perhaps…

Taking his moments, Beowulf began to focus on the wind. It was calm and cold; his hair move along with the current, and the robe was surely flapping back and forth. A gentle ease came across his face, as he was relaxed and psyched up. His eyes gave the symbol of passion. He may be a half-demon, but his personality was more then what made him. He may be a god’s son, but that does not make him evil.

Beowulf waits for Desroth, seeing if there was a good opportunity for his “master plan”.

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It was obvious Desroth had had no intention of ending the fight with that blow, nor did he really expect it to win the fight for him. It did however make Beowulf go on edge when he saw the destruction caused by a unpowered blow from a spinning sycthe.

He rose back to his feet from his kneeled position after the sycthe attack, and looked across at Beowulf. His position was strange, but also rewarding. He could kill the crowd as he tried to attack Beowulf.

Desroth spun Arzul and Skars, as he clashed them together. They glowed harmonicaly, as he began to speak.

"Minion of the damned, here my call to you. Strike my opponent with your fist of revenge! Smite him with your rage!"

The ground began to quake, as a 30 ft circle infront of Desroth erupted. From the ground came a fist, a skeletal giant fist. Desroth shrunk Skard back to its toothpick form, and slid it into his sleeve, while he waved Arzul off.

He clenched his fist, making the skeletal fist follow suit. He pulled back with his arm, and prepared to punch at Beowulf. As he did this, hundreds of bone spikes spurted from the skelton fist.


Desroth punched forward, making the fist fly straight towards Beowulf. If it hit, it would not only impale him, but send him flying into the dome. It is pretty much a attack that will kill you if it hits right.

Crushing Fist; Undead Revenge: A spell only capable when Arzul is in its Soul form, and Skars is out. When the user crosses Arzul and Skars, many attack options are opened up. For this one, a giant bone arm and fist rise out of the ground infront of the user. Further inspection would show that the bone has the same DNA makeup as the user, and that it is the users arm and fist in a much larger form (and skeletal). Although if it was broken, no harm would come to the users bone (which is mimiked by the attack). The fist will follow the users movments/punches, but the punch isnt what really hurts. Hundreds of bone spurs ranging from 5 inches to 2 ft in length spurt from the fist and will impale and carve up the opponent if it hits right. It stays on the field as long as the user wishes it to, or for as long as Arzul stays in its Soul Form.

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Posted on 09-10-05 03:07 PM Link
Quickly as Desroth decided to launch a skeletal fist at Beowulf, Beowulf drew out his Apocalypse. He didn’t moves from his position and decided to face it head on. Closer as the skeletal fist came toward to Beowulf, Beowulf struck his Apocalypse into the ground. His eyes seem to change emotion, but not color. The aura or the atmospheres that surrounded Beowulf seem to be changed from a calm nature to a fierce atmosphere. Beowulf looked like he was defenseless while standing without his weapon, a small green orb appears out of nowhere, and was floating in front of him.

The gusty wind began to rise out of nowhere. It was as if Beowulf was conjuring up the winds to help him against Desroth’s attack. A small invisible barrier surrounded Beowulf, but slightly distorted lining could be seen to reveal where the barrier is protecting him. Beowulf took a quick look at Desroth’s skeletal fist as he charged up. Ready to move forward, he quickly grabbed his Apocalypse. When Beowulf met the skeleton barrier, a small tornado rose from his barrier.

As his tornado hit the skeletal fist, a small yellow slash hit the skeletal fist, breaking nearly every bone in one swoop of magic. While Beowulf executes this attack, he used himself to place himself as part of the tornado power. He became one and the head of the tornado, attacking and breaking any bones alone his way and made his way through on the other side. He skidded along the away after performing his move perfectly, but a slight cut appear underneath his eyes. It wasn’t too major or minor, just a simple cut with no loss of blood.

While Beowulf managed to make his way through, the arts he preformed before was intriguing due to that it could be used against anything, provided that he mastered this art. While he is somewhat close to Desroth, there was still enough distance that a spear with two times its reach could still not hit the opponent. Beowulf’s eyes seem to be darker, instead of light green eyes he has before. His hairs seem to be somewhat dirty but it was only because of the ground may have caught into his hairs.

His style seems to be getting rough or slightly unbalance, but he stayed truth to his passion and lifestyle. He stood up perfectly normal, and takes a deep glace at his opponent. If this was his most powerful opponent, he must be pretty good to fight, but lack in certain area of requirement, Beowulf thought. Not does it matter, there is always a secret that none of us revealed about each other.

“Desroth, I have a plan… Just listen to me…”

While the crowd began to cheer on for the fight, they became silent after they want to hear Beowulf’s “master plan”. It was an eerily silent noise, not single words spoken except for Beowulf who told of his master plan…

“After this battle, what do you say we reward ourselves with some females in the audience?”

The crowd was in shock, of course, they never suspected Beowulf to ask a ridiculous question. They want to see some action but there was no time for a humor going on. Beowulf didn’t care, he tends to take life easy and try to rewards himself even if people are opposed to his ideals. Beowulf gave a sigh and continues what he has to say.

“Please give this a thought after we finish our battle… there is a long way to go.”

The audience began to boo at Beowulf, for not doing anything exciting. Beowulf didn’t care what they have to say, he can be the judge of himself. He raised his Apocalypse with both of his hands and points it at Desroth. He was ready, just needs a little time now.

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Desroth remained unphased that his fist had no effect, and was repulsed so easily. It was a low level technique that Desroth used to test the power of Beowulf and his tactics.

He was silently gathering data in his mind, how he thought, moved, techniques, etc. His train of thought was broke with Beowulf's proposition. It was slightly odd, but he wanted to have some "fun" with a few of the women in the crowd. Desroth could only smirk at that suggestion before he spoke

"You read my mind. But dont make plans just yet for that, what happens if I obliterate your physical body? Then how would you enjoy the females?"

Desroth unclenched his fist, as Arzul formed back into his hand. He reached back and took Skars from behind his ear. It extended back to its previous length, as Desroth stood.

He was thinking. What could he do next. So far, Desroth had figured that Beowulf would dodge low level attacks. Desroth would have to step it up to the next level.

Desroth stepped back, and lowered himself. Aura gathered at his feet, as he focused on his target. His eyes looked past him, almost as if into the future, seeing a vague outline of what Beowulf was going to do.

Suddenly, he burst forward, accelerating from 0 to 60 in .5 seconds. His speed was incredible, but not that astonishing. As he launched himself, Arzul glowed once more, as the afterimage of the Dark Sol Sword flashed over Arzul. They became one, creating Arzol.

There could be only one attack for this moment.

"Prepare to meet your fate!! SHADOW OF DARKNESS, FLAMES OF HELL!! ARISE!!!"

All around Desroth, dark flames roamed. He suddenly became totally encased in the flame ball. Inside, he raised his sword up, and swung it forward. The flames drew on the swords power, becoming one with it.

The fire stretched out about 7 ft more then the length of the sword, and followed its path of swings. He slashed rapidly, slashing at Beowulf about 30 times, aiming the path so that it would cover all paths to the side. The only almost safe way woulde be to go backwards.


Shadow Flare Tempest: Usually mistaken as a Fire/Darkness attack, it is actually flames from the plane of hell Satan (aka the Devil) resides in. For all intents and purposes, it is neither fire or darkness, but a whole different element with similiar attributes as fire and darkness. When on uses this technique, they must be totally immune to hell fire, for it will burn straight through your skin ignoring all armor, killing you. The user's weapon is then taken into account, and will power the flame up to the weapons power. It adds 7 ft of flame more onto the length of the sword, making any weapon long distance. Swords and armor can not stop the blade of black "flame", for it is far beyond this plane. It is quite like your claw attack Beowulf, it passes through armor and swords to kill human tissue and burn the whole body from the inside. As for the rest of the ball, it will damage swords that try to puncture it, so take that into account. It is possible to stab through it, but dont forget I also have Skars out, and I can block with it. If you are hit, the slash
(no matter how small) will begin to burn with the black "flame". The bigger the hit, the more it will take to put the "flame" out. Larger slashes usually mean death for the opponent, for unlike normal flame, it will not cautrize the wound, so you will bleed. Please take all that into account, and be thankfull I dont have Elw Sword of Seals out, I would absorb this attack into it and give the sword the ability to burn the victim like this attack, but only if it hit and got into the skin.

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Posted on 09-12-05 04:23 PM Link
OFF: I wonder what would happen if both of our black flame attack met each other attack. Basically, I would say something along the line that if I used the black flame against your black flame, basically nothing would result due to a “certain” event.

BIC: Beowulf scoffed at Desroth. “Is this the best he could do?” he thought. No matter what Beowulf continued to face in the battle, he always must make plan to take his movement one step far. Of course, this was no exception to him. He knew what must be done in order to show his exact worth.

Beowulf looked at Desroth, with a little death feeling in his eyes. He believed that Desroth was going all out on him, while Beowulf was easily holding back his aggressive behavior. But with his compassionate personality and unusual bizarre calm behavior, he believed that this is the best weapons to use against Desroth. Beowulf saw Desroth taking his plan into motion, the black flames that rose up to aid its master, and the series of slashes against Beowulf. Beowulf figures that he might as well as take the whole advantage now, due to the close ranged combat he engaging in.

As Desroth began to slash at a rapid pace, Beowulf leap back avoiding some black flames that his sword conjured out. Almost, he was looking at his thread of life where it could cut in half so easy. Closely, he could felt the burn but it was so easy to endure the heat, thanks to his father’s power. After all, this was part of his technique as well. All he needs to do is avoid those slashes coming at his way. Quickly, Beowulf’s reflexes gave him an accurate precise of where Desroth strike next with his attack. While he timed his dodging and Desroth’s swinging, he found that moment and leaped over the sword, followed by an upward slash as he went into the air.

He was now in mid-air, having to escape the deadly attack that could cut his thread of life. Beowulf turned around to see Desroth. Looking at him, he decided to take a chance. A small gusty wind began to rise around the arena. Soon, there was a look on Beowulf’s face. A look that he was determined to win. He knew that there was someone else in the tournament that he wants to fight, and want him to keep that end of the bargain. Beowulf drives on that determination, hoping to face that certain person in the semi-final. He knew that in order to win, he must fight back.

Beowulf opened his right fist as a small windy orb appears in his hand. You could see the orb contain bright green and energy, spinning as if it was out of control. The small orb began to rise out of his hand, and then soon float over Desroth’s current position. The arena began to calm down, relaxing the wind, as if it was part of the world.

Soon, the wind orb suddenly shattered, releasing the furious wind’s rage everywhere in the room. But a slightly smaller size orb still was in the same position where it was once before. The gusty arena was full of the wind’s rage, but however, Ayla and the crowd are not affected by it, as if it was contained from hurting them. Most of the wind began to reveal a energy-like blade made from the wind, although it was not physically done by the wind’s rage but by the way of Beowulf’s magic.

Soon, the electricity spark began to shoot down on the arena, hitting randomly anywhere on the field that the wind is raging in, and the wind blade began to fly around then after a moment, it would charges at Desroth. The winds continue to rage for a moment, (probably for 1 minute, due to Beowulf’s wisdom in art of magic and his heritage’s power.) Beowulf smiled, as he shouted at Desroth.

“Are you having fun now!?”

He knew that a battle well earned is to simply relax and trust on how you can succeed in a rewarding battle. Not as in who really win or lose, but given the knowledge of everything in the history of the battle.


Wind Blade -

The wind blades that were cast by me are in a way, “impossible” to destroy. Not only that but as in additional to Beowulf’s wind blade, it can strike your armor as well as it can strike through your body. It is not major powerful since the edge of the wind blade could actually cut a light tissue body part and can leave mark on your armor (can leave a small dent on a diamond) . This can make the armor worn out faster and weapon can pierce it with more effective. This is possible while in Beowulf form because the power of his heritage and his energy is much stronger then his father’ control and violent thinking. Because of this, Beowulf was able to study and obtain higher power of his art of magic. This allows Beowulf, in a way, to cast thing easier, as Apocalypse would be more brutal to face against. This helps Beowulf to get an “advantage” in a few ways. Plus, as a bonus reason to cast it, the dragon essence still exists within him as it can be used for many other things.

If you have any questions, let me know.
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Desroth sensed the blade coming through the flames, the blade getting damaged as it passed in. Desroth raised Skars to block the sword upwards, and over his head. He got a small scrape from how fast the sword went by his cheek, but it was more of a paper cut type of thing. One small streak of blood, no bigger then a tear went down his cheek.

Desroth spun, following Beowulf's aura as he moved. As he spun, the flame disappated and spun him out wards. He landed on the ground and skid about 2 feet before coming to a stop. As he looked up, he saw Beowulf beginning his attack.

He saw the orb shatter, as wind began to swirl savagely. Desroth smirked, oh how that aided him so. Either way, he would get through this. Then, on the edge of his vision, he saw it. Blades coming through the air. He could not tell what they were, or what they were made of.

They looked powerful, enough to make even a diamond get damaged. If there was one thing he learned from Night. A normal pistol shot could shatter a diamond, and all this could do from what Desroth sensed was that it would chip a piece of off. His Black Hearts imbued armor would come through without a scratch if that was the case.

He began to run back toward Beowulf, through the fercious wind. Anyone with a good amount of strength could push through the wind. He couldnt dash at the speed he had before, but he could run all out through it. The first blade swooped in, but Desroth swung Skar's down and caught the blade, and drew it downward into the ground.

The second and third blades hit him in the chest. He came to a stop, bracing the strikes. The blade stopped on his chest, and the side edges of the blade continued into the ground behind him. He continued to push forward, the other blades closing in.

Desroth flipped into the air, catching the air currents upwards. The blades carried up, soaring at Desroth. As he flew, he felt the a tingling sensation. His eyes widened as he brought Arzol up.

"Shit! Lightning above me!!"

Desroth brought Arzol up, and swung it upwards. The lightning flashed down straight towards Desroth, but his sword was there to meet it. He caught the lightning, making it swirl over the blade.

"Thunder Blade!"

The lightning seized, and wrapped over the blade. The blades of wind curved towards Desroth, as he swung the sword at the blades. The lightning curved of the blade, sending the first air blade into the ground.

The next flew up towards his leg. He rose his leg up, placing his foot on the blade. Using his aura, he stood on the unsurppotive blade, and launched off of it. He placed Arzol back behind his back, and crossed it with Skars, making a X projecting behind him

He landed right infront of Beowulf, and spun on his right heel. He stepped back with his left foot, and began to move with grace. His body flowed smoothly, like water. He moved with such a finese even in the gale of wind. Lightning striked down near him, but he flowed and moved around it, dodging it. As he moved, he struck out with Arzol and Skars. The strikes didnt hit, but they were setting up for something. He circled Beowulf once, slicing at him in the flowing motion, but not actually hitting him. The blades were slicing the air about 2 inches from Beowulf. After circling him once, he leapt away about 20 ft, the thunder striking the blade as he leapt.

He landed and spun around to face Beowulf.

"So, what now. I got a inside info that that hoster of this tournament has lost. It looks like the tournament will go into chaos now. And from what I can pick up from random scraps of information, you have no reason to win anymore, and one without a reason to win will surely loose."

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Beowulf, having his dragon-like wings erupted out of his back, just before he started to fall down, has quickly regain control as he flaps his wings while in air. Of course, the distance between Beowulf and Desroth was enough and sufficient for Beowulf’s next action. But when he heard the news of the person he was planning to face against has lost, he knew that it was inevitable. He wants to fight him, but in the end, the result was changed. Beowulf shook his head, knowing that he could probably continue to root him on.

Already prepared, Beowulf remembered that he has a reason for fighting in this tournament. He must keep his end of bargain, if the certain person lost, he must take the revenge against that person to beat him. Beowulf remembers the promises he made but he know that it is more then a promises… He wants to have a little payback as well. He knew what must be done.

The burning passion rose up from his eyes. He remembered more then just one reason to fight. He swore that another person want to fight him, for a long time that they never did. And they both are here now… Beowulf knew that there was more then at sake, but he needs to show everyone what he can do…

Already in mid-air and flying, thanks to his dragon-like wings, he knew that there was a little time left in this tournament. He must show everyone what he can really do, and what he is completely made of. He was here in the tournament for a reason, now he must fight it until the end. Even the possibility may out power him, he still stand against the source of all of the possibility.

Beowulf noticed that his father may help him win this battle, but alone, he must accomplish his end of bargain. He whispered so quietly, that it was impossible to hear him from a great distance. He kept his heart of his father’s so close by, he know that it is time for Beowulf to fight for himself. Apocalypse began to glow eerily yellowish color, emitting a strange presence of feeling that touch inside of Beowulf’s heart. As soon as Apocalypse glowed, the physical properties became back into original self. He closed his eyes, and placed his Apocalypse back into the empty holster.

The atmosphere that surrounds Beowulf shifted from his normal calm personality to a pleasant warm-feeling light. His wings began to changes, from his dragon-like wing into the dark flame. Every part on his wing was no longer a dragon-like; it was replaced by the huge black flame. His eyes seem to be shifted, from his depression to being ease. His hair was the same, but the ponytail at his back was cut off by Beowulf’s talon as he did for himself. The hair rolled all the way down to half way to his hips.

A gentle feeling yet a cold environment surrounded Beowulf, was not perfectly normal to him. He may look like a different being but he was still himself. His hair seems to darken at some points, but was still somewhat blonde in a strange way. His talons didn’t grow out like it normal would through Beowulf’s transformation, but his hands seem to be revealing something out. Slowly one after another, the black strange runic appeared on both of his hands as it continues to move upward until it hides under Beowulf’s light robe.

His eyes was still closed, waiting a perfect moments to open it and unleashes everything he has at Desroth. This is one battle he must promised to his opponent, the one he wished that he will never forget.

“Desroth… Let’s give everything our best.”

It was a gentle sound, like a harmony has singed out of his mouth. Next, he know what to do…
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Desroth felt the wind grow calm as Beowulf began to change into this new, darker form. Desroth was slightly scared, but he then saw the perfect oppurtunity to unleash the attack that would seal the fate of Beowulf. But, a new idea came to mind, one that would take them back to when this rivarly first started.

"Heh, so you have rembraced your old self, huh Beowulf? This should be fun."

As he spoke, his hair began to turn black as night, and his eyes became once more shrouded in flames. His power turned from calm to violent, as his whole body was covered in his fiery aura.

He tilted his head upwards, his mouth screaming a silent spell that did not leave his lips. His aura was trapping the words inside, which was a good thing. It was the tounge (aka the language) of the void, and all those who have not been inside of it would be driven to the point of insanity from it (that is sorta how the darker Desroth formed).

His body was racked with energy, as he knelt to the ground. It looked as if there was alot of pressure crusching down on him, but there wasnt. His eyes had become twin roaring black flames in their sockets, but he could still see and was unharmed by that.

In his rage, he raised his arm up, and smashed it straight into the ground, The ground broke away from under him, revealing the void beneath him. Its energy erupted upwards into his raging aura, turning it pure black. It glowed eerily, as it stayed in one spot.

Suddenly, the void was gone. The small area underneath him was solid, it was as if nothing happened, but something did. The black aura began to walk forwards toward Beowulf. The ground began to look dried up, the grass began to die, as a wave of death poured over the landscape. The crowd tried to move out of the way, but some of the unlucky ones were caught. Their skin instantly rotting away, as well as their organs. The announcer screamed as the person in front of her was disentegrated before her, but somehow, the wave of death passed around her and completley missed her.

The black aura stopped, and shrank slightly. As it stood there, there was a unerving silence. The wind was dead, the crowd was at a loss for what was happening. As the aura stood there, the back of it began to warp. Suddenly, a blackend angel wing bursted fourth, wrapping around the front of the aura. On the other side, a Demon wing burst fourth, covering the front as well. They were the same size, but showed the 2 sides of Desroth. The wings covered the aura, as it recceded back into Desroth. The wings shot wide open to the sides, revealing the new Desroth. His whole armor was black, almost as if it was burned to a crisp. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that it was actually Black Hearts crystal infused with hell fire, making it much stronger and much more immune to fire.

Desroths eyes were still shrouded in the black flame, and his hair was still as long, but it to was black. He had become his true form in response to Beowulfs new form. His bruises had stopped hurting, and slightly disappeared. His sword was covered in about 4 inches of the Hell Fire Black Hearts crystal, and Skars had the Hell Fire added into its being.

"Lets do this. Thing. Make your move.."

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Beowulf couldn’t agree more. Indeed this is fun; he has left every burden that he carried on for what it seems for eternity since he last remember. A small purple light began revolves around Beowulf’s body, as he is still in mid-air, but the body did not glow. Soon after it revolves around Beowulf, it glitters so beautifully that it looks like you are holding a small star in your hand and as you hold it; it soon fades away into nothingness without any sound. Beowulf smiled, but still closed his eyes.

Yes, he was facing a worthy adversary, an opponent he long hasn’t faced before. He was ready, to face the adversary who could disintegrating the very life he see before his eye. He knew what must be done in order to reveal his worth, but yet, he hesitated as ever. Probably he always takes his time to see that there is a correct moment where he should begin to fight. Beowulf never like attacking directly first, it tends to give him a feeling where he could be exposed at a great possibility of being struck by an opponent.

He still maintains his current position, yet not to attack. He knew that if he attacks now, he would be exposed to pretty much everything, so he needs to carry out his effort into planning ahead. Little he did know that, he did not care about people that Desroth killed. However, the aura or presence of Beowulf was somewhat felt immortal, as in eternity sinned for something.

His cursed of his father was something that Beowulf was burden for, his heritage of that ancient god that longed for his return. Beowulf managed to hold him back; even that slight burn could stop many things to Apocalypse. Beowulf took his moments and want Desroth to attack instead. After all, he felt pretty generous of his opponent now, even through his aura speak of something else.

“Come, Desroth… I rather see how you can fight an ancient power that exists in this one’s body.”
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It was slightly funny Beowulf did not attack. Another attack wasted and down the tube, giving Desroth a better standing to win the battle. It was strange, Beowulf's aura had changed slightly, but it did not matter. He pulled the ring from his finger, and tossed it infront of himself.

"Break free from your ethreal chains. You are to be bound no more, return to this world and bring balance and harmony once more."

The ring grew, turning into a sword about 7-8 ft in length. It had 6 prongs on the sides, adding extra damage if it hit right. It was a pale shade of silver, from tip to hilt, the material it was made from was a strange unknown substance that has no documented way of breaking.

It was almost breath taking, but as Desroth held it, its shine began to dim. Hell fire crept up up the blade, scorching it black. It was still the same Elw Sword of Seals, but now it had added powers from the hell flame.

Desroth's wings stretched out, working for the first time in milliniea. They flapped once or twice, getting back into the habit of sustaining flight.

He walked forward, towards Beowulf, with the Elw sword of Seals in his hand. He didnt want to expose himself anymore to a counter attack then Beowulf did, but he would have to do it.

Desroth had a idea, since he had the Elw Sword of Seals, he could seal attacks inside for use later, and boy did he have one.

"A sword of immense power... Would it not be true that the sword would have more power if it gained a new effect? I think this one will do just fine..."

He held his right hand over the sword, and said one word


All around the sword, it began to glow oddly purple. It lasted only a few seconds, before the time continuim around the sword warped. The attack took effect, as Desroth said one more word


The attack froze, and its power was drawn into the sword. On the hilt appeared a clock, a grandfather clock face in miniature. The Distortion magic it recieved gave the sword the ability to deal sword damage, as well as added damage from small time distortions that would be caused on contact with enemy shields, skins, weapons, armor, anything the enemy was or was using. For example, if I slashed you, the slash would age a few years to a alot of years (as well as a small area around the slash). If it contacts a sword, that area of sword could age enough to rust to nothingness, same with armor and skin contact.

Desroth stood there. He decided to reserve his power for the moment, and he drew on some fire and void energy created from the sword. His energy recovered slightly, but he decided to still give Beowulf a chance to fight back, it wouldnt be fair to keep attacking now would it?

OOC:Im assuming you know what both of those things do? I dont know..

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“Now… is the time of rebirth and death…
A tales between passion and hatred…
There will be bloods worth sacrificing…
For their intentions will be their wishes.”

Music began to play inside of Beowulf’s head. A soft harmony began to play softy inside of his head, the surrounding environment seem to be sincere and warmth was provided throughout the arena. He heard those poems or music somewhere in his head, and when he opened his eyes, a small droplet of tears flow down to his cheek. But these tears show a sign inside, a sign of sadness but then again, another feeling seem to come from it. Happiness…

As soon as the tears dropped from Beowulf’s cheek, it continued to fall all the way to the ground. Nothing happened, but when Beowulf looks at Desroth from a distance, he knew that this was the time… This moment so that he could unleash his fury. He must win in order to fight his next opponent, that he planned himself for revenge. He must win, but in order to win, he must calms himself.

The moments between relaxing and using his angers, his eyes reveal much of a plan. Something he never has done in a long time. He was already in the air, and this was his moments to give the best battle ever. Perhaps it may be a long time for it to be a best battle, but it considered to be possibility honorable. Beowulf smiled. He knew that this might be the time…

Beowulf points his right index finger at his opponent. A small shimmering golden light began to appear around it, and a slight transparent orb appears in front of his index finger. Soon it disappears then after a few seconds, it reappears back again, but glowing with a golden color. The aura began to gather up at this point, flowing along Beowulf’s body until it reaches to his index finger. A small sparkles light came out from the center of the core from the orb, lightening the arena.

Soon, a ray of light appears out from the orb and began to examine throughout the battlefield, moving around. Soon, a small ray of light began to emit the small sparkling lights downward at the ground, seems to poses less of the threat. But as soon when it stops either in air or at the ground, it began to shimmers and flicking on and off. Soon, it stopped.

Then the ray of light began to focus on Desroth’s current position, and soon, a huge sparkling appears out of Beowulf’s index finger. Quickly, the shiny golden light began to head toward at Desroth very swiftly, at the same time, many sparkling light that was spread through out the arena began to exploded… Beowulf smiled at Desroth. After this attack, the orb in front of his index finger wills fades away.

He already placed his Apocalypse away, and he knew that his Heaven’s Fury is suffices for now. His eyes seem to changes swiftly, but reverts back it to original feeling after using this, and his nature seem to be spiked then returned to normal. Beowulf places his right hand on his hilt, the weapon with no blade. His body began to glow in color, randomly from many choices of color. Beowulf need to charges up, if he ever want the chance to survive.


Heaven’s Fury -

While it takes a little to charges up, the results of short discharges are highly dangerous due to mastering this powerful spell. The spell will reveal a small orb that appears in front of Beowulf’s index finger, like so. The aura that surrounded Beowulf is one of the requirements in order to pull out this powerful spell, because the aura have the energy force that supply a storage for those delayed explosion. Once it disappeared into a thin air, it stays until the main source of explosion is triggered. However, if the main source of the explosion (which is the sparkling light that follow along the ray of light) is destroy in some way, the sparkling that came out of the orbs will be delayed and even more deadlier until the next Heaven’s Fury is activated.

The explosion created by the sparkling light from the orb is quite powerful, has it not been delay for a long time. Due to the aura energy source, it is similar properties of the star when expanding in size, and thus is quite more deadly as time comes by. When the energy source built up on too much pressure, it can explode without any warning and possibilities of destroying nearby breakable object. Because of its similar power of the star, it is said to be painfully if you manages to endure it. The reason is that the explosion contains the massive amount of Beowulf’s energy source (leaving him feeling woozy for a time being but fully recovered if the spell is completed or interrupted) that can only leave a mighty impact.

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OOC: Your last attack description sounded weird, but eh..

Desroth grinned at the light flying around the arena. It was quite glorius, as all things of light tend to be, but this one was more. He sensed something as the light began to shoot smaller rays out of itself.

He had nothing to fear really, Skars was made of crystal from the single most powerful star destruction ever imagined, the Big Bang.

That didnt matter, Desroth's plan had already been set into motion, and now, he could act on it. As the light began to expand, he slammed Skars into the ground, then Elw Sword of Seals into the ground, and then Arzol behind himself, forming a Unholy Trinity, a triangle.

His body went down almost as if he was going to do a Chidori, but something werid was happening. A powerful force began to gather around him, and a pentegram formed underneath him. A dome rose up, blocking a beam of light that had almost passed over Desroth. It enclosed him in a tottaly sealed area, only about 5 ft wide and about 8 ft tall.

It was plain to see what attack he was creating, but it was somehow different. If the power created by 2 swords could annhilate and opponent, the power of the 3 ultimate weapons would destroy exsistance itself.

Desroth didnt blink as the star exploded, its destructive force washing over the dome. Skars was working its magic. As a sycthe, it could pull things around or slice them, but this time, its magic was pulling the force equally over the dome, and around to the Elw Sword of Seals, which was sealing some of the destructive force inside itself, but not all. Arzol aided this by making a conduit into the void, unleashing its energy inside the dome itself.

The smoke cleared from the blast. A huge crater was seen, but something almost humourus was before Beowulf. A small patch of ground was left undamaged, and on it was Desroth still inside the dome. The dome was a writhing mass of blackness, but inside could be seen a faint glowing light. It was growing at a alarming rate, sucking all the void energy into Desroths palm. Skars had used some of its energy, as well as Elw Sword of the Seals, but due to them being encased in the newer version of the Black Hearts crystal, their powers were slowly being restored. It would be another few minutes before it was ready, but Desroth didnt care.

If Beowulf tried to crack the dome, he would be blown away be the release of all the void energy, or he would take the semi preparped blast right to the face. It would all be over soon though, so he didnt worry to much.

He only hoped Beowulf would be ready...

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Beowulf chuckles to himself. He looks at Desroth or as least that dome that surround him. Knowing that if he was to engages into close ranges and break the dome, he would get hurt if he was too close to it. But he already has another idea, the one without even exposing himself to his weakness. He knows what to do in order to achieve a better advantage.

Beowulf backs himself away from the dome, taking a great distance between him and from his opponent’s dome. In order to break that dome, Beowulf dives downward toward to the ground. His right hand kept a hold on his other hilt (not Apocalypse) and when reaching so close to the ground, he began to dives toward to Desroth’s dome. Lucky, few feet will do for him, after all, he used the Ryuuseiken technique at Desroth’s dome. The technique went ahead of Beowulf’s speed and manages to break a few big holes in his dome.

If Desroth was charging up and the void would not be enough for Beowulf to withstand, Beowulf then spins at the rapid pace, creating a tornado and using him as the head of the tornado. Soon, with enough time, a binding blue-like light appears at the head of the tornado, heading toward at Desroth. Soon, the tornado was so powerful that even the voids energy could not touch Beowulf that easy. As if there was something powerful that is protecting Beowulf.

After a little moment, Beowulf charged at the maximum speed, as he look like he was moving so quick and agile, without any problem of achieving the speed of sound. He finally engaged at Desroth, without even looking at him due to him spinning along with the tornado he has ready. But he kept a sense of presence of where he may be, knowing that his heart can pinpoint his opponent’s where about. The tornado edge’s was extremely fast and sharp, capable of pushing things aside.

The blue light came toward at Desroth head-on, with the ferocious winds as an additional offensive power. But when it was so close, the blue light was part of Beowulf’s Gekkouken technique. Not only Beowulf succeed in doing two things, but after attacking, he quickly returned to exits the dome before Desroth get a chance to counter attack back at Beowulf. When he left the dome, he sent the tornado to stay inside of the dome, randomly attacking at anything inside for a short time.

Beowulf was safe from entering in Desroth’s without having to get caught up in a close explosion, and exit without having to get caught in Desroth’s dome. But this was probably the beginning for Beowulf, and there are yet more to come now.


Ryuuseiken - Shooting Star

Even without the sword, Beowulf can deal much more then an original star would do. It doesn’t need to be much, but the energy built up in Beowulf’s body, then the energy gathered on his fists. He sent the fists at wherever he need to target at, and tons of sparking stars will come out of his fists. The energy is more then it required. As part of the addition to his current (Beowulf) form, Beowulf can send part of his aura to unleashes the stars to its maximum potential. When used properly, the stars are capable of exploding where it hits. Because of the energy and requirement from Beowulf, the stars glowing brightly, that came deep from Beowulf’s body and reminds him of the life he took.

The star can actually destroy anything in its path, but when facing against something living, it can land devastating blow to the opponent. The reason is that the energy and the technique connection to Beowulf’s body are unusually strange, probably because of his mysterious aura.

Gekkouken - Moonlight Blade

A similar attack to Beowulf’s 13th Luna, this attack fully negates any sign of Beowulf’s opponent protection and can strike the enemy without any trouble. The reason why is this so powerful yet mysterious, is that part of Beowulf’s weapon (the one without the blade) is being used as part of his attack. While his mysterious sword is unknown substance, it mysteriously gave Beowulf the power to use the Moonlight Blade as part of his technique. The Moonlight Blade allow to penetrates any barriers the user have, because similar to 13th Luna, it used the power of the moon that impact the barrier and shatter the barrier at ease..

While it need a sword to work, Beowulf can used his mysterious sword energy as part as any of his attack, although it can’t be extremely powerful (such as Heaven’s Fury and the like.) since the Moonlight Blade need a familiar aura that Beowulf have and same energy force as well. The energy and the powerful quintessence from his mysterious bonded Beowulf, and thus they together work as powerful as they are. With this technique, the light blue color surround Beowulf and with anything he could use with can attack through any impossible to damage and make a powerful impact at his opponent.
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OOC: A few problems. You dont explain why you blew a whole in my dome, and you forget one small thing. The Elw Sword of Seals is attached to the dome, and its power is magnified into the dome itself. This means it would be able to absorb the impact of the blast itself, if not the actual technique. Second, werent you suppose to be woozy for a time? I mean you did unleash crap loads of energy from the last attack, and now your releasing crap loads more by launching stars at me? Do you know exactly how much pressure and energy it takes to make even one star??? Next up, your attacks... You say you blew a hole in my dome without giving me a chance to explain why that would technically not work. Next, you put your tornado thing into my dome. What does this mean? I would have to reverse time, and get out of the dome. Seeing as this would be considered extremley cheap since you already hit my dome and put stuff in it, there are some major problems. Fix your auto hits on my dome, and MAYBE I will think of posting back to this.

List of problems:
1. It takes a huge amount of pressure (way past that of a gillion *which is 1 followed by I do believe 12+ zeros) to even create a star.
2. It takes alot of energy to do it to, but your just shooting them out like its nothing.
3. You are suppose to be woozy from your last attack, were you not? As far as I can tell, you are ignoring your own status effect, which is breaking a rule.
4. Your auto hitting my dome. I say what happens to it and what DOES NOT happen to it because it is my dome, not yours.

Thats about all... I will post when you fix those problems. Until then, enjoy breaking 2 rules, as for me, im trying to save your ass from getting tossed out by asking you to fix said problems. The star thing is easy to fix, just say it is blasted AT my dome. Your whirlwind thingy will still pass through it anyway by the sounds of things...
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