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03-21-23 08:46 AM
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Red Paragoomba

Since: 08-31-04

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Posted on 09-05-05 08:14 AM Link | Quote
I have alot of good ones, but one recent one comes to mind that tops the cake for me.

((long history please bare with me))

Last year in January, my brother went on his "boy scout cabin campout" without my dad there. I decided to join the campout because since i havent seen a couple people that were going in years, to play catch up basically... anyways.. Friday nite, while all the boys were sleeping, a friend and i decide were going to get them all in some way. Me him and my brother drove up together and not with the rest of the group so we had access to a car. unknowing to my brother we had $50 in saran wrap...erm...plastic wrap in the trunk along with $45 in duct tape. Along with a mega phone.

The room is one big open room, the boys are sleeping on half bunks...bunks with no tops...each had one of those plastic totes under the bunk as well..we also did not go much past the mid-chest line, this was because if they did move they wouldnt choke themselves and pass out...cause that would suck... so what im going to state, seems easy, but it really wasnt. the dead of the nite..morning some may say (1 am), we decided to get to work. After unloading the car, the two of us (my brother is asleep dont forget), went around to certain kids (who we knew wouldnt care) and started to go to work. After about 6 kids (out of a group of about 20 or so), we went for my brother. Instead of saran wraping him to the bed, we decided to have more exciting time with him. Seeing that it was about 50 degrees outside, and a unsually warm winter for michigan standards, we picked him out of bed, with his sleeping bag, and went outside, and put him on a picnic table. After going through about two rolls of saran wrap, we pulled out the duct tape. And used a brand new roll and half of duct tape over the saran wrap for extra secureness.

After we were done at around 3.30am, we went to bed...nite came and went and when we woke the kids up, using the mega phone, they noticed Justin, my brother missing. They searched and searched for him and one kid found him outside. Noticing that he was still asleep, the kid grabbed the mega phone and quietly stepped outside, where he used the good ol' siren feature thats on ever mega phone to wake him up.

Good Times.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus

High Xeodent of Xeomerica.

Since: 10-29-04
From: North Carolina, United States. World, Sol System, milky way

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Posted on 09-05-05 03:18 PM Link | Quote

While I do think that that sort of thing can be fun, it is nothing compared to Snipe hunting, which we do in my Scout Troop.

Anyway, Snipe Hunting is what people do to younger scouts, who may be on their first campout. The process involves having the younger scout(s) go around wiht a pillow case which they would use to catch the Snipes, and them putting toothpaste all over their nose, so that the Snipes would come.

So, after you reach a good distance away from the camp, the older scouts ditch them, by silently disappearing, as the younger scout(s) go on. At times, you can ditch them miles away from camp, with only a Walkie talkie. Or, you can just leave them 1-2 miles away, with no contact abilities.

Much fun is involved with this.

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
Chaos Imp
Penguins Fan

Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

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Posted on 09-05-05 04:35 PM Link | Quote
Oh I bet your brother wanted to fucking kill you after that. Shoulda taken pictures.
Slow Ride
Take It Easy

Since: 01-10-05

Since last post: 5915 days
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Posted on 09-05-05 06:51 PM Link | Quote
Hahaha, awesome, very awesome.

If pictures were taken and posted on the internet, that would just make a whole new wave of OWNED! and PWNED! Pictures...

Red Paragoomba

Since: 08-31-04

Since last post: 6370 days
Last activity: 6041 days
Posted on 09-05-05 07:20 PM Link | Quote
well i did have pictures, but since i wiped my computer about three times, and moved i dont know where the cd is taht i burned them on. so we are going to attemp to do it in december. hopefully if i remember ill take pictures of them.

I got another one too...

I also work for the Red Cross as a First Aid instructor. So I was asked by my brothers scout troop to teach the kids during the first year campout how to do first aid. Instead of giving them the same old boring lecture, i decided to spruce it up quite a bit.

During the halloween season when i was asked i bought 32 oz of fake blood. Because eventually i knew i was going to use it. Anyways. January finally comes, and my test subject was my brother (of course), we rehearsed the following scene several times at home whtout the blood over and over. The rest of the group along with the first years and the boy scouts we were camping with had no idea we were doing this. They just knew we went to go set up. Except a few adults, cause when we radioed for help they wouldtn panic and call the ambulance.

Scene. Cabin set back with a black wooden ranch type fence surrounding it. The opening field in front of the cabin inside the fenced in area, has two fire bowls and 3 flag poles. The width is about 150 yards across each way. its quite a site to see.

When i saw the signal to have them be sent out of the cabin, i radioed over to the adults... we need help here.. justin fell off the fence while he was trying to jump over it. and its a bloody mess. i think he broke a bone or two.
As the kids were walking out they saw this and all ran over. (50 yards) My brother remained still and motionless, the kid did such a great job, you couldnt tell if he was breathing or not. I stood back as the kids tried to perform cpr and build a stretcher.. it was quite a venture to see. So after about an hour or so, they finally loaded him into the back of this one guys car, and i drove him away. We came back a half hour or so with him having no cast or sling at all, and all the blood gone off of his face, and a whole new set of clothes. We had the whole group fooled.

So we decided to do it again, this time justin, my brother, would be entangled in the fence. We saw some cub scouts coming down the way so he performed his little feat, of falling and geting stuck. What made it worse, not only was he laying down into the snow motionless, i was standing on the opposite side of the fence, smiling and giving a thumbs up to the kids walking by. At first the kids didnt belive us so they walked on by, but this tough guy, all built and junk with his kids sled passed by and stared at me.

"arent you going to help that kid there?"
Me: Nah hes fine
small me....
"he looks like hes hurt."
Me: Nah hes fine.

So the guy shoves me out of the way and jumps over the fence and just as he is about to pick my brother up and carry him into the cabin, he pops up and scares the living shit out of the guy. The guy steps back and looks at me and then him and back at me again... smiles and goes on hsi way. Just as he jumps the fence, i holler out.... "I told you he was fine."

He turns back to me smiles and gives me the finger, and we quickly run back into the cabin.

Red dye on the face and hair, is really hard to get out with soap, expecially when it says, may pernamently dye skin.
Slow Ride
Take It Easy

Since: 01-10-05

Since last post: 5915 days
Last activity: 5265 days
Posted on 09-05-05 08:09 PM Link | Quote
You could of used berries, like raspberrys and strawberrys and a bit of corn syrup for blood without the permanent stain. Very awesome nonetheless XD
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