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08-15-22 06:37 PM
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Since: 08-17-04
From: Hillsborough, New Hampshire

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Posted on 09-02-05 08:42 PM Link | Quote
From the screenshots, opening movie, and trailer, this game is going to shape up to be one of the best "Tales of" games that Namco has made. Now, I don't want to spoil it by describing anymore of the game, so here's a couple of links to the game for both the English website and the Japanese website of the game. Frankly, the Japanese website is better.

Also, you can click here to view a special trailer (in Japanese though). The link to view it is under the screenshots.

Frankly, I can't wait to play this game -- I already put an order in for the Japanese version, I should get it tomorrow maybe.

Baron of Radical

Since: 08-19-04

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Posted on 09-03-05 01:37 AM Link | Quote
It seems very interesting and judging by how much I liked the previous "Tales" game, I think i'll really enjoy this one.

My only gripe is it looks like they're using the cliched holy girl with angel wings....again. All the other character designs look refreshingly different though.

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
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Posted on 09-03-05 01:37 PM Link | Quote
Having played a huge bit of Tales of Phantasia, and after buying a playing a lot of Symphonia, I'm really looking forward to this game.

I personally like the style (art, graphics, etc) in this game more than Symphonia's. Really, I can't think of a bad Tales game that I've ever played (Well, Tales of Destiny was a little weird and different, but Destiny II was incredible). So I'm sure this game will be very good.

Since: 08-14-04

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Posted on 09-03-05 02:01 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by XeoShiranui
Destiny II

Eternia! Tales of Eternia! Geez... If this was Destiny II, I would see Leon one more time... (Er... Judas.)

Yeah, I am looking forward to this game as well. How many tales games are there? 9? But I am impressed that they are releasing this game... Hopefully, because I liked some of the tales games as well. And I am somwhat surprised that no one even check one of the "artwork" I made for the wallpaper. (HEY, there was two tales game I made into one wall paper...)

Of course, they better explain why can't we play the actual game of Tales of Destiny II... I wanna see Leon one more time...

Yeah, there is another game called Tales of the Abyss coming out. Not 100% sure, but I am sure Tales of the Abyss is coming out.
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Posted on 09-03-05 05:49 PM Link | Quote
*Strange Deja Vu wants a PS2.

I'm gonna play this game.

Cyro Xero

Rune Mage

Rave Atom

Since: 02-23-05
From: Minnesota!!

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Posted on 09-04-05 01:23 AM Link | Quote
From looking at the site the game looks very good. The cast of characters is unique indeed and seem to be well though up. The screens the movies piqued my interest as well.
Jedi Master Desroth


Since: 08-24-04
From: Macomb

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Posted on 09-04-05 10:01 AM Link | Quote
When Shanan first brought this to my attention, I thought it was going to be the story AFTER symphonia, but it really isnt. Its Japanese title is Tales of Rebirth (why is it Legendia, no one will ever know *cough*stupidenglishtranslators*cough*). I could be wrong on the japanese name, but it doesnt matter. Actuallly, upon seeing the new screens, I believe it is in the same realmn as Symphonia, but at a different time or alternate dimension. Also, I like the cell shaded look the world areas have, but then the fights have a different graphic style. At any rate, I like the fact they brought back a ship that you can use to travel the map (instead of the air wing and the little dog thing that was in Symphonia). Can we expect to see naval battles like in Eternia?? HELL YEAH!! Oh, if you really like the Tales Of games, there are some for the GB and GBA I do believe, check them out.


Since: 08-17-04
From: Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Since last post: 2864 days
Last activity: 2676 days
Posted on 09-15-05 06:37 PM Link | Quote
The actual title is "Tales of Legendia" -- there's no other title. That's the title on the box, and that's the title that loads up when you put the disc in.

Anyway, this game kicks ass, seriously. It's about a boy named Senel Coolidge. At the beginning of the game, he and his younger sister (2 years younger) get attacked buy a monster and they wound up being stranded on nearby island. Also right after, his sister gets kidnapped by a "thief" and thus begins the adventure.

The game is based on a premise of Soujutsu (which is hard to translate or explain), but is sort of like the name of a Japanese city or town. The battles are in real time, and you get to equip as many as 4 spells to your controller buttons. You get to make 50 types of bread sandwiches (including Toast, Ham Sandwiches, and Hot Dogs) by collecting ingredients in the world. There is A LOT to collect in this game (somewhere in the neighborhood of about 500 items) and is a pretty long game. Let me explain what else it has: It contains 7 chapters of the main storyline and a character quest for 6 of your 8 characters. (When you think about it, the main storyline is about the other two characters. ) I've already accumulated about 14 hours of play, am on Chapter 2, and have my characters averaging Level 9. My Japanese still needs some tuning, but I know enough to get through the game somewhat.

This game is fun. I'm hoping the game comes over here to the US (only because I'm curious to see what kind of differences will be in it).

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