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06-15-21 01:14 PM
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Is back!

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Posted on 08-06-05 05:53 PM Link | Quote
(ooc: Four things:
1) This intro has something to do with this character's storyline
2) This has nothing to do with the PS1 game, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. I just chose that name cos I liked it
3) This battle is 1 on 1
4) Summons are allowed)

The final battle of the Castle of Drome left most of the land in fear. The pitched battle between Drome's finest fighters and evil left the land in shambles. evil spread through them with incredible ease, wiping out those who resisted, and taking over those who gave in. The end results were catastrophic.

Evil was defeated, yet pulled out a final move. A huge explosion of darkness spread through the land with incredible ease, obliterating everything within a 25 mile radius. The king, the townspeople, the soldiers, they all disolved in the darkness...

Ten thousand years later, evil gathers it's energy back, forming itself into a human figure. Kain lives once again. He clambers out of the remains of a rotten wooden building, getting his cape torn on some nettles, growing higher than his head. With a blast of dark energy, he clears a huge path leading towards the new city, looking for a battle

(ooc: So you can either stop me from even entering the city and fight me in the large dead area which has still been left alone (It is part of a huge forest now) or fight me somewhere in the city)
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