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05-16-21 10:31 AM
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Is back!

Since: 10-01-04
From: Stafford, UK

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Posted on 08-01-05 12:40 PM Link | Quote
Summons are NOT allowed for this fight. I don't mind how many people join this fight, but make sure you do before the actual fight starts, or soon after it's started. I'm also changing my battle style so it will be different to how I normally battle (*Action* "Speech"). Instead it will be Action Speech.

A darkened forest which an evil force took over. All forms of life had died at the time evil had taken it, causing all the trees and bushes, any small or large animals to die. Every leaf on every tree seemed to burn into nothingness. The perfect place to await a challenge, Kain thought as he sits on a dead tree stump.

The air around him grew cold and stale as Kain drew in the evil energy flowing through the air. The blades of his kodachis and the teeth of his Dragon Knuckles shine brightly in the moonlight. As the wind picks up, Kain's torn cape flaps about, although still concealing his body. He continues to sit gathering energy, unaffected by the harsh, cold weather.

Dragon Knuckles - A pair of beautifully made steel dragon heads. The 'teeth' of them are taken from a real dragon, and the knuckles are also coated in dragon scales, meaning they are very resistant to many forms of damage
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