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02-08-23 02:36 AM
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Jity Horo


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Posted on 07-27-05 10:02 PM Link | Quote
FN: Richard
LN: Lionheart
Fake Name: Darrin Himerd
HT: 6' 1"
WT: 147 lbs
Age: 21
Weapon: Rosestem- A beautifully crafted katana. The blade's razor sharp edge allows it to cut though most metals. The blades design also allows it to block magical attacks.
Styles: Dragoon Jump, Divine Sword Style

Element: Non-Elemental
The standard dragoon jump

Image hosted by

Summon Lightning
Element: Lightning/Energy
The sword technique allows the user to summon bolts of lightning from the sky.

Image hosted by

Element: Holy/Lightning/Energy
The sword technique allows the user to summon down divine lightning, channeling
and redirecting the bolt at his enemy.

Image hosted by

Vorpal Slash
Element: Non-Elemental
The user runs foward at the velocity of 100 ft a second, slashing.

Image hosted by

Richard was born into a rich family. When he barely learned to walk his brother and mother were killed. His father, Edward Lioheart, took on full care of him. By the age of 7 he was capable of wielding a blade better then most adults. When he was 12 his father grew ill. He then entered the Roseblossom Swordsmenship Academy. His father died of his illness when Richard was 13. He graduated at 16, do to his fathers teaching and Dragoon Jump. When he was 18 he discovered the Rosestem, in a tomb under the academy. When he rescued the sword he also unleashed the Hell Mage, Dimitri. He met up Lasha, a divine swordsmen, the year after and have been hunting Dimitri for 2 years.
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