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07-17-24 07:09 AM
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Cyro Xero

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Since: 02-23-05
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Posted on 07-27-05 12:18 PM Link | Quote
Type: Robot, Humanoid
Age- 2
Eyes: Infrared, Multi-Scan visor
Height: 6'0
Weight: 250 lbs
Frame Composition: Nano Carbon-Tube/Non-Ferrous Metal Alloy
Innate Elements: Electric, Energy
Origin- Lab 04
Home- N/A
Fighting Style- Complete objecive using any means
Weapons: Lasers, Micro-missiles, small rocket, Sub-machine gun, Pulse Sword
Special Attacks: N/A
Self Destruct
Nano-Repair System
MEAD (Magic Energy Absorbing Device)
CEA (Constant Elemental Adaptation)
Limited transformation
Multiple spell casting
Magic Energy Discharge
High Mobility
Power Sources: Helium 3 Generator, Magic Energy Reactor

Created in the Sim Battle Character Developmental Forum, the near flawless humanoid MES-SBOCC 1 (pronounced ďmess bockĒ) robot is the first and also a prototype battle robot designed and built specifically for fighting in arena and field combat. The full title for the acronym "MES-SBOCC 1" is Magic Energy Supported Superior Battle Operating Combat Cyber version 1, and, as the name implies, the robot is able to use magic by means of a device inside which draws in magic energy within the surrounding area and is released through the robotís palms. In fact, it has been built with the ability to cast more than one spell at a time, enabling for even more destructive attacks. Although MES-SBOCC is Electric and Energy elemental based, it is not limited to spells of just those types, but it is strongest when using them. Despite it's seemingly heavy structure, MES-SBOCC has quick reflexes and is very mobile, reaching running speeds up to 30 mph and leaping as high as 10 feet. Often when in combat its personality can seem quite ruthless, for it runs a set directive and will use any method to execute that command until the mission is finished or it becomes disabled. With its determined glowing red eyes and super sleek design just looking at MES-SBOCC is enough to make one feel intimidated.

In addition to being able to use magic, MES-SBOCC also has some very unique components installed inside its body. The nano-repair system slowly regenerates any part of MES-SBOCCís body where it has been wounded. The MEAD enables MES-SBOCC to draw in magic energy to use for spells. Its reactor also has this device, but converts it into never-ending power for the robot to stay active. The amazing CEA device enables MES-SBOCC to slowly adapt to any magic elemental constantly being used against it until it becomes invulnerable. The robotís special functions include transformation into a few different pre-programmed forms, fast mobility and multiple spell casting. It can also discharge a powerful blast of stored magic energy directly at a foe from a cannon within its chest area.

MES-SBOCC may look simple at first glance, but it has a few other special abilities that are currently unknown and may yet surprise its opponents. It is more than what it seems.

-Project MES-SBOCC 1 creator- Cyro Xero. Character Discussion/Developmental Forum Lab, Sim Battle Board LLC. copyright Maticolotto, 2003-

About the CEA. MES-SBOCC gradually becomes invulnerable to an element if it is constantly being damaged by it. After about 4 attacks of the same magic elemental it no longer affects the robot and remains so through the rest of the battle. To prevent this from happening, using a different element to attack is required before the adaptation, thus restarting the process.

(Last edited by Cyro Xero on 09-14-05 10:16 PM)
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