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03-24-23 12:32 PM
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Posted on 07-27-05 12:16 PM Link | Quote
Name- Astralasia
Race- Angel
Age- 22
Eyes- Dark Blue
Hair- Long, White Silver
Height- 5'9
Weight- 115 lbs
Body Type- Athletic, Sexy
Innate Elements- Holy, Energy
Origin- Memorys
Home- Memorys
Fighting Style- Stresses defense a little more than offense. Fast movements allow her to get behind opponents to strike. High confidence in her abilities.
Weapon- Lucent Sword-
It is the 2nd strongest of the legendary, powerful swords of light. This sword emanates a holy glow and can bend light so drastically that the unaided eye can see an object billions of miles away.
Special Attacks-
Rush Slash-
A high velocity rush toward the opponent followed a strong slash while passing by.
Strike of Light-
Using light energy condensed inside the blade, a slash to an opponent casues an blast of light to erupt.
Holy Energy-
A sphere of Holy and Energy elemental energy emerges. Once in between user and opponent it explodes into an enormous aura field and causes more than moderate damage.
Heaven Streamline-
Large and long beams of holy light shoot out from all over her body and curve in toward enemies causing heavy damage.

Hailing from "The Sky of Memories and Eternal Dreams", this heavenly beauty has been endowed with excellent magic abilities and strong fighting skills. As an angel she is able to fly around her opponents with great speed and attack when they have become dazed. Her unusual combination of energy and holy magic make Astralasia a very unique magic user and can suprise enemies in battle. When she acquired the Lucent Sword it was a match made in heaven. The light and holy properties of the sword easily connected with her innate magic types and the energy from it enabled her a fluid fighting style that has yet to be matched. Though Astralasia already has the second most powerful sword of light she still strives to attain the legendary Quasar Blade, which is said to harness the power of the lesser 3 swords of light plus a power of its own.
Astralasia has a perky attitude(among other things), but keeps herself from becoming arrogant and cocky. Her bias for slightly more defense than offense provides good proctection and allows her to somewhat study how her opponent fights. The angel lives happily in the heavenly realm and enjoys meeting new people. She'll sometimes challenge others to test her skills in combat and then train herself to improve on any flaws that have surfaced. Everyone has good respect for Astralasia and view her as a great friend, also admiring her very friendly demeanor. When she feels the need to relax, Astralasia loves to spend her time tanning and swimming at a large pool.

Image: Astralasia

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