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08-08-22 11:40 AM
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Name- Kailan Crux
Age- 27 (earth)
Race- Haden
Class- Engineer/ Gunner
Height- 5’11”
Weight- 175 lbs.
Build- Medium
Element(s)- Strengths- Fusion, Electricity Neutral- Fire, Earth, Ice, Water Weakness’- none

Kailan doesn’t really have biological parents, so they named him after the great Professor Crux who created Gera. Kailan was the main test subject in the “Geno Radioactive” testing lab. He was to be the savior to all of the machines on Hedana who couldn't untilize Geno. Kailan would be the only one able to do this. He would also be the last ever Haden to walk the face of the planet. The rest of his kind had left years ago when the machines took power and became obsessed with Geno. Finally Kailan was let out of the tank he had been held in for almost eight years. At the age of one he was already as developed as a 19 year old mentally. Even though he wasn’t in a tank anymore he still had many tests placed on him to see how his body could handle Geno once he was a breathing being. Many of the tests were very painful, but did work in the end. Kailan’s senses were nearly quadrupled and his strength tripled during these tests.

Around the age of 10 Kailan started realizing a strange power he seemed to have with electricity. He was able to generate his own electric current and possibly cause damage to anything around him. Kailan went to look into this strange occurrence and discovered that before he was released from the tank a test was put on him splicing his genes with some kind of earth animal known as an “Electric eel”. Shortly after looking at the file Kailan was walking back to his room when a power outage occured. One of the usual caretakers was walking infront of him and instantly became a frightening machine equipped with weapons and explosives. It was only a quick surge though and in a few seconds the robot looked Haden again.
"They're just illusions."

Kailan wasn't stupid enough to stay around any longer. It was time he left the testing lab. It wasn’t hard to escape with Kailan’s intellect. All he did was find an escape pod and jettison himself to Earth. Once on Earth Kailan felt an odd sensation, it felt like he was suspended in air. This was due to his body being used to the gravity on Hedana. He soon became accustomed with the currency and people of Earth. One in particular, Trichius Mindwaker, had invited him to partake in a secret meeting for an organization known as “The Titan Resistance”. Kailan had no idea what to think of the idea so he went to check into it. The meeting was held in an old bar off to the street. Inside it smelled like a locker room and it was nearly deserted except for Trichius who sat there holding something that looked like a piece of paper in his hand. It had an address on it that lead him to an old warehouse. Kailan thought it to be a little weird just to go waltzing in to and old warehouse so he decided to take precautions and take a more secretive route. There was an air duct on the side that seemed to lead to the kitchen. Kailan climbed through the old air duct and walked over the door of the kitchen. He slowly creaked it open and looked out across the main room of the warehouse. Despite its outer appearance the place was actually in very good shape. Kailan sat there and watched Trichius talk to a few other people he had obviously invited along. None of the people seemed to be from Hedana as far as Kailan could tell (none of them had tails). It looked like they all came from either Gaia, Earth, or Berada. Kailan decided to take the risk and go out to the room and listen in with the rest of the people. He wrapped his tail around his waist like a belt, took a deep breath, and walked out of the kitchen.

Many of the members were very nice to him and trained him in the art of combat. After Kailan felt he had become enough of an adept fighter. He decided to go look into something that interested him much more, mechas. He spent most of his time in the library of the Titan Resistance HQ reading up on different mecha parts and their various uses. He also looked into something else that interested him, guns. He learned many different firing techniques and skills while reading his books. He finally decided that it was time for him to test his skills. He went to the weapon hall and found two pistols that seemed to suit him well. They were both semi automatic and had a customized grip to help steady the hand. He also found something that interested him even more. It looked like a gun at the bottom but then turned into a blade instead of a barrel. It amazed him and he had to use it. He grabbed two leg holsters to keep his pistols in then carefully lifted the gunblade from its shelf, and swung it around a few times. It was surprisingly light and easy to use. The only thing Kailan couldn’t figure out were the three slots on the handle of the blade. They looked like they would hold some sort of sphere, but Kailan couldn’t figure it out.

It wasn’t long before he figured out what they were used for. He picked out three materia from a large room Trichius had in the building. He chose a red one labeled “Neo Bahamut”, a green one labeled “Ultima”, and another red one labeled “Bahamut Zero”. He put them into the three slots on his gunblade. He became good friends with the two summons he had chosen. They would do whatever he asked, and he also became very good with the pistols and gunblade he had chosen. He then began work on his mech. It took him 3 years to complete, but when he finally finished it he couldn’t help but be overjoyed with his work. After learning so much about gunblades and becoming very skilled with this one he had picked out. He decided to upgrade this “Punisher” he had picked out into the greatest gunblade ever known. He left the TR HQ and traveled to Gaia in search of the materials needed. It took him three years to find all that he needed, but when the time came he took it the best weapon smith on Gaia. That was when the “Lionheart” gunblade was created the first time for a man named Squall Leonhart had his crafted. This new blade for Kailan would be the only other “Lionheart” ever crafted. After his new gunblade had been crafted he left Gaia and returned to the TR HQ on earth. He spent the next few years working on his mecha and testing it. To this day Kailan still doesn't know the true meaning for wich he was created, but maybe it's time to find out.......

Kailan wears a pair of regular 30x32 beige jean shorts with a hole cut in the back for his tail to come out and a tight black T-shirt under his flak jacket. On the sides of his legs are the leg holsters that carry his two pistols, and across his back is the gunblade he grew accustomed to. He wears a light brown satchel over his shoulder to hold any extra supplies he may be carrying at the time. He has the unmistakable green eyes of Haden heritage and medium length platinum hair. He also has a silver haired tail that comes out the back of his jeans. Under his shirt are various scars from the days when he was tested. He also has 3 armbands on, two on his left and one on his right. Each has three materia slots.

Unique Abilities
Super Speed- Kailan came from Hedana where the gravity is much stronger than that of Berada, Gaia, or Earth. On these planets his speed is magnified greatly due to the lack of pressure on his body.

Super Strength- Kailan had many tests taken on him. One of which increased his strength beyond a normal Humans potential.

Electric Genes- Kailan’s genes were spliced with that of an electric eel giving the power to generate his own electric current and sends magnetic or electrifying volts through air towards another living being.

Acute Senses- Kailan has very good senses. He can hear almost anything that makes a sound. This also is a weakness though. Anything too loud and high-pitched can cause damage to his ears and brain. Kailan also has incredibly good vision. When his eyes were checked after the test. His vision was recorded to be 28/26. He can see accurately for over 3 miles at least. His smelling sense and his feeling were also upped as well.

Armband L1- An armband with 3 materia slots.
M1- “Fire”- Engulfs the enemy in scorching flames.
M2- “Full Cure”- Recovers all HP.
M3- “Odin”- Summon

Armband L2- An armband with 3 materia slots.
M1- “Earth”- Uses destructive Earth power to inflict damage upon the enemy.
M2- “Lightning”- Inflicts lightning element against the enemy.
M3- “Shiva”- Summon

Armband R- An armband with 3 materia slots.
M1- “Leviathan”- Summon
M2- “W-Summon”- Call two summon spells at once.
M3- “Enemy Skill”- Learn and use skills of enemies.

Lionheart- The strongest and rarest version of the gunblade known to date. After finding the already modified “Punisher” gunblade in the weapons room of the Titan Resistance HQ. Kailan added the materials needed to change it into the legendary “Lionheart”. To do so he added one piece of Adamantine, four Dragon Fangs, and 24 Energy Crystals to create the 12 pulse ammo needed. The handle of the blade was also specially crafted to hold three materia.
M1- “Neo Bahamut”- Summon
M2- “Ultima”- Inflicts heavy concentrated magic damage on all enemies.
M3- “Bahamut Zero”- Summon

Flack Jacket- A flack jacket with zippered pockets for ammo and a knife slot.

Pistols- Kailan became very good with these two pistols. He’s only missed twice with them. They have a special grip on them that was designed to help steady your hand when you fire. Each pistol holds a 19 round clip.

Knife- A 7 inch knife that fits perfectly in the slot on Kailan’s flak jacket.

Leg holsters’- Kailan has a holster on each leg to hold his two pistols.

Gloves- These gloves have metal plates on the back and finger tips to help Kailan concentrate his electricity into his hands.

Current Magic
Fire3- 22450/ 35000 AP on Fire materia.

Full Cure- 56000/ 100000 AP on Full Cure materia.

Quake2- 6000/22000 AP on Earth materia.

Bolt3- 19700/ 35000 AP on Lightning materia.

Ultima- 32950/ 100000 AP on Ultima materia.

Enemy Skill- Skills learned:
Dragon Force- Increases both physical and magic defense.
Flame Thrower- Attacks one enemy for heavy fire-elemental damage.
Trine- Attacks all enemies for lightning-elemental damage.

W-Summon- 67800/ 250000 AP on W-Summon materia.

Fighting Styles
Haden- Kailan learned this style of fighting while in the testing lab on Haden. It is a very offensive fighting style consisting of quick hard blows to wear the opponent down quickly. The defensive stance is also incredibly strong. The fighter lays all of his weight onto his back leg ready to jump up for a strong counter when the attack comes.

Jujitsu- The fighting style use by the top assassins of today. It mainly consists of attacks where your opponent isn’t paying attention. These blows are usually fatal when only used once at the precise moment.

Strength- Inhuman (Gaia, Berada, Earth), Above Average (Hedana)
Speed- Inhuman (Gaia, Berada, Earth), Average (Hedana)
Magic Ability- Average
Defense- Very Strong
Senses- Inhuman
Luck- Good
Stamina- Above Average
Endurance- Very High

Summons and Mecha will be added later.

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