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06-15-21 12:56 PM
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Is back!

Since: 10-01-04
From: Stafford, UK

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Posted on 07-24-05 06:55 AM Link | Quote
(ooc: Can I, one of the lesser (least?) skilled sim battlers of the board, fight you without a huge debate?)

BIC: *Darksage sits in a crossed leg position, floating in midair. The wind brushes past him lifting his robe up, flapping away. He looks around at the rock surrounding him in a 50 foot radius circle around him. Darksage draws his sword, slowly floating back into a standing position on the ground, waiting for his opponent to show up*

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Vel Belmont


Since: 07-18-05

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Posted on 07-24-05 06:14 PM Link | Quote
OOC: My leader Reno, has been banned. I shall take his stead. I, Tseng Katera, Turk of Murder, shall take his sted.


As the wind blew from the open eye of the helicopter, the blades cut the air finally. From afar, Tseng peaked out out his eyes, squinting to see the dust and debree lift from the ground. Hovering 6 feet from the ground, Tseng leapt with ease onto the brass ground, his feet landing softly onto the dirt. His eyes lit up with an extreme fire and glow. His placid hands lifted over one another forming a relaxed position. His eyes starred at this man, who seems to have the ability to levitate. A strong sense of pysche this one must have to control such a force. By his side, their hung a long Katana, his beloved Chain. He wore his work suit, the navy Blue Turk suit known by all in Midgar. His eyes, now dying quietly to a gree from the mako in his body had subsided. He looked over this person with the word of mouth.

"Greetings, unfortunatly Reno has been called on another mission that needed his time. I shall be your challanger in this match," Tseng replied.

His lips were soft and moist and he spoke, his voice calm and toned. The man seemed to agree with the terms that were now here. As for that, Tseng slid his black hair over his head and waved a gloved hand to the pilot of the helicopter. Tseng turned around completly walking away from the unknown warrior, backing away a good 6 feet or so, to the point where he was right under the helicopter. As it ascended higher up towards the ground, the sky lit up with 2 homing missile, each from the side winders that they held, spiraling towards the known warrior. What he would do with this, Tseng waited to see. With fire in his eyes, he watched the area around this warrior explode as the ground seemed to explode with dirt from the helicopters attack.

"So it begins..."
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