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05-05-21 11:59 PM
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Leon D. Sagara

Zombie Tarma
HELLO!!!!! ^_^

Since: 08-18-04
From: To Hell and Back

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Posted on 07-23-05 04:08 AM Link | Quote
This is a challange to Anyone.

I am Tired of Haveing my Battle Forum's plaqued with all the noob version's of Battleing. Let the King show you how its done.

((Basic rules will be Enforced))

::Leon stands in the white room, white walls, white ceiling, and a white floor. ONly One door that leads both in and out, when the opponent gets here it will be sealed and there will be no way out::

This is a battle to either the death, or into subbmission. Time for this old fighter to show all you rookies how its done

::Leon closes his eyes and waits for his challanger::
Dark Silhouette

Cannon Bot

Since: 12-02-04

Since last post: 5339 days
Last activity: 5338 days
Posted on 08-28-05 03:29 PM Link | Quote
Demi waltzes into the room. The immediate and unexpected sight of all the white blinds him temporarily, he quickly becomes accustomed to his environment. The door shuts abruptly behind him. He knows this must be a trap. But considering the amount of fingerprints on the door knob leading in (views) he knew many came, but none has entered.

"You must be someone of high calibre. You shall teach me the art of battle. Let us begin."

A wind is stirred. Silently, the clothes on both opponents are tossed about, remaining on them. The wind takes on the slight color of red and moved about in a smooth motion around his victim. It caresses his body, posing no harm. An aura surrounds Demi, one of a crimson appearance. He looks hungrily into his opponents eye. His move had already been executed. The Winds Of Origha were now been summoned.

Demi leaps into the air effortlessly with speed that would trick the normal eye into believing he simply transported there. Demi revolved around his opponent, keeping a close eye on him while rotating against the walls. The red wind still circling as well, now filling the entire room.


RED CRYSTAL: This crystal allows the wind to melt any object natural, or had made. The pure humidity of is own self destroys these objects by bursting them into flames. The flames may also form "The Grotesque" A soul monster with five heads of pure fire entity, but if he is ever douced, can leave other heads and continue battle, thus granting this soul beast five lives.
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