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07-07-22 03:25 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! THIS GUY KICKS SERIOUS ASS AT MARIO!!! | |
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Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 5095 days
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Posted on 07-15-05 10:32 AM Link | Quote
Now I would normally put this in classic gaming, but the entire fucking time I was watching this I was rolling around in my chair laughing my ass off... so I thought you all deserve to see this...

Warning... on dial up it takes 3 hours to download... but god DAMN it's worth it!!!

Repeated Trolling. Grow up.

Since: 08-14-04
From: Australia

Since last post: 5828 days
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Posted on 07-15-05 10:53 AM Link | Quote

Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 5095 days
Last activity: 5095 days
Posted on 07-15-05 02:30 PM Link | Quote
We have a rule against short posts... but hey, I think you got the point accross, so you're good. XD

Sailor Déesse
Mistress of Pink
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy

Since: 08-14-04
From: The Moon

Since last post: 5696 days
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Posted on 07-15-05 05:33 PM Link | Quote
wow.. thats pretty good someone has a lot of time on there hands, I haven't played a Mario game since I was really little


Since: 05-15-05
From: In the kitchen eating all the food!!!!!!!!MMM YUMMY!

Since last post: 5831 days
Last activity: 5831 days
Posted on 07-16-05 01:41 PM Link | Quote
Hey I beat that game before.
That guy is very good at that.He does it in like 5secs XD!


Since: 08-14-04

Since last post: 4802 days
Last activity: 4671 days
Posted on 07-16-05 01:42 PM Link | Quote
Wasnt this the fake one. Were the guy just put a bunch of clips together?

Its nothing that special, anyone with a hour on there hands can do it

Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 5095 days
Last activity: 5095 days
Posted on 07-16-05 02:17 PM Link | Quote
It's fun to watch though...


Since: 10-07-04
From: California

Since last post: 5594 days
Last activity: 5471 days
Posted on 07-16-05 08:06 PM Link | Quote
SPAM... sorry...


and that... my friends... is why I hate Asian people...

except for japanese people...

Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 5095 days
Last activity: 5095 days
Posted on 07-16-05 08:55 PM Link | Quote
ROFL!!! *huggles Jexim*

But yeah... Spy... I personally can't do 25 consecutive bounces ...

Since: 01-22-05
From: The restaurant at the end of the universe....

Since last post: 5018 days
Last activity: 4283 days
Posted on 07-16-05 09:02 PM Link | Quote
O.O That is SO cool. That guy is my hero.


Since: 06-30-05
From: Music Box

Since last post: 6168 days
Last activity: 6045 days
Posted on 07-17-05 10:03 AM Link | Quote
OK i dont know when you guys discovered Ebaums but that video is like older then time itself, i dont see the big deal. I mean hes fast ya but who gives a flying *bleep* i mean its OLD VERY OLD...And sorry to say, i dont like Mario at sorry yes i will get a beat down on this but Mario is lame...all the games are the same and even mario 64 is pointless...anyways to the subject i dont really think is UBER GODLY i think the guy faked it all, but thats just me. Im pretty sure he just did it over and over, because he has no life untill he got through and made it faster...i dont know but its not that great...sorry i have to bad mouth this thread.

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 52 days
Last activity: 19 days
Posted on 07-17-05 05:05 PM Link | Quote
Shuyin is correct.

This video was done through an emulator, where supposedly (last I heard, I don't remember exactly) he had over 1,000 save states.

No way in hell can someone perfect a game like that (anyone seen the Megaman 2 video beaten in 30 minutes? I'm sure that ones fake too, the player doesn't get hit until the 8th level).

So yeah, although I think it's cool and fun to watch myself, it's fake.

(PS, was the title necessary? )

Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 5095 days
Last activity: 5095 days
Posted on 07-17-05 10:15 PM Link | Quote
(Go ahead and change it... )

(oh and good job guys... you made me not like the video anymore... you're like the people who told me Santa didn't exist... I fucking hate you all... *cries*)

(easter bunny, tooth fairy, stupid valentine cherub dude, and everyone else too...)

*thinks* Was the 38 minute beating of Legend of Zelda for the NES on Cinematech fake too?" That guy got hit alot.

EDIT: 38 not 18

[edit to addon something]

Highlight if you feel like reading my angry rant, but I have to post it, and I appologize for it in advanced to anybody who gets upset by it.

You know what... you guys all fucking SUCK with your idiocy!! God damnit, people! I mean I was talking to [name omited] about the Asian arcade video... and all he had to say about it was the kid was a loser, and obviously had no life!!! FUCK HIM! FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO THINK THAT!! God fucking damnit! I mean, I am good at DDR... I mean REALLY good... I can AA level 10 songs, allright? You all know that I have a life other than fucking DDR and that kid has a life other than Pop 'n Music too!! He's just good at it, allright?! Now fuck all of you guys... YOU! Kadajrodsusu (whatever in Edit window so I can't see your name) saying the kid has no fucking life!! HE'S BORED! He made a cool video!! HE DOES SOMETHING AFTER THAT! what you assume that he was born, honed his skillz in Mario for 15 fucking years and then makes the video, slits his wrists and and dies because that was all his life was for? FUCK YOU! All of you who kill the magic! "This video isn't uber because it's fake" THE VIDEO IS AWESOME YOU BASTARD!!! I was amazed the entire time I was watching it!! I mean all of you people who can't just be wowed by something and you don't believe your fucking eyes... WHO THE FUCK CARES IF IT'S FAKE! You don't KNOW the person who made the fucking video... so why the hell does it matter if it was made by a loser or not? I mean it's a video on the internet, NOBODY knows that person... and NONE of you who've insulted it can read Japanese, now can you? *grinds teeth*

Oh and Xeo you're cool because you said the video was fun to watch...

(Last edited by Shaddow Flight on 07-18-05 01:33 AM)

Not so much dead.

Since: 12-11-04
From: Someday, Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

Since last post: 5744 days
Last activity: 5633 days
Posted on 07-17-05 10:59 PM Link | Quote
That guy does cook serious Mario asses.

The video looks real enough to me... it almost made me go out to buy that game, but lo! I was out of cash monies.

But hey, if they say its real, I'm not gonna complain. It looks like he had fun with it - you gotta give the guy props for doing it so fast.

I don't think Mario is a god, but he is a part of culture. I mean, people put posters of they're favorite band on the wall, you see Mickey Mouse all over goddamn america, so whats so wrong with saying y'like Mario... he's a good figurehead for video games... but this isn't really about taste of what we like, its about the fact that tastes were drawn into something in such an unneccisary way...

To simplify that: videogames are entertainment. Online videos are entertainment. What do you get when both cross? Why,entertainment still. And thats why that guy made this, to entertain himself and others. Even if it IS fake, who really cares at the end of the day? It was fucking awesome to watch (the first time at least, it honestly does get tedious after a few viewings...). Ha, this was all so bizarre how it erupted...

Ah well. Discussion about it is pointless now. You go with your opinions, and I'll mosey on with mine.
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! THIS GUY KICKS SERIOUS ASS AT MARIO!!! |

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