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01-26-21 09:21 AM
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Cyro Xero

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Posted on 07-14-05 07:10 AM Link | Quote
This thread will be used for members to provide us with a list of magic elementals they use. Simply make a list of the total number of magic types your character(s) uses. If you have an original elemental please mention what other elemental(s) can oppose it. Please do not post elementals by character. There's no need to. You are listing every elemental that you use for sim battles or RPs. Note that you can have different oppositions for any elementals other than the obvious ones.

Here's my list. I use a pretty wide span of 14 different elementals:

Fire (opposed by Ice and Water elementals)

Ice (opposed by Fire elemental, can side with Dark elemental)

Wind (slight effect with Earth elemental)

Water (opposed by Electric elemental)

Earth (slight effect with Fire and Electric elementals)

Electric (opposed by Water and Earth elementals, slight effect with Energy elemental)

Poison (opposed by Holy elemental)

Holy (opposed by Hell elemental, slight effect with Dark and Poison elementals)

Hell (opposed by Holy elemental, slight effect with Light elemental)

Light (opposed by Dark elemental, slight effect with Hell elemental)

Dark (opposed by Light elemental, slight effect with Holy elemental, can side with Ice elemental)

Non Elemental (opposed by Poison elemental)

Energy Elemental (slight effect with Electric elemental)

Anti-Magic Elemental (opposed by any normal opposite magic elemental)


"Energy elemental" magic invovles things like lasers, particle beams and other science fiction weaponry. Electric elemental magic has little bit of a counter effect to it.

"Anti-Magic elemental" magic is not what most would immediately think upon hearing the name, which is nullifying another person's use of magic. Instead, the concept relates to matter/anti-matter particles studied in physics. This elemental harbors all of the "negative" elementals of normal magic, and similar to matter and anti-matter, annihilation occurs when a normal elemental spell or being comes in contact with an anti-magic spell or being of the opposing elemental.
For example: Fire + Anti-magic Ice = annihilation blast. Light + Anti-magic Dark = annihilation blast.

I sometimes use spells made from raw magic energy. Those spells fall under Non-elemental magic.

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Posted on 07-14-05 12:57 PM Link | Quote
This is for my Mika character... I use 12 elements.

Red: Fire- Strong against Ice, Plant and Poison, Weak against Water, Ground and Lightning

Light Blue: Ice- Strong against Water and Plant, Weak against Fire and Lightning

Light Green: Wind- Strong against Fire and Earth, Weak against Lightning.

Dark Blue: Water- Strong against Fire, and Earth, Weak against Plant, and Lightning.

Yellow: Lightning- Strong against Water, Wind, Ice, Weak against Fire, Plant, Earth

Brown: Earth- Strong against Earth, Weak against Plant, Water and Wind

Purple: Poison- Strong against Plant and Wind, Weak against Earth.

Dark Green: Plant/Geo- Strong against Earth, Lightning, and Water, Weak against Fire, Ice

White: Holy- Strong against Dark defense, Weak against Dark attacks.

Black: Dark- Strong against Holy defense, Weak against Holy attacks.

Spectral: Time/Gravity- Class of it's own, usually deals a set amount of damage, and defense doesn't matter against it

Gray: NonElemental/Normal/Physical- Class of it's own, strong against all and weak against all. Elemental defenses are worthless


Notes: Any given element can take any given form. Such as cold flames which are ice elemental, but can still engulf something. It gets confusing but it kicks ass.

Rather than do the opposing thing, it actually works in a huge rock paper scissors like fasion... Such as Fire is weak against Water, which is weak against Plant, which is weak against Fire... Kinda like Pokemon.

Holy and Dark are opposed however, like Chrono Cross and FFX style...

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Posted on 07-15-05 07:50 PM Link | Quote
Here we go... Have fun reading THIS.

Fire: Opposes Water, Ice and nature-based Earth; supported by Wind
In addition to calling on the most obvious source - fire - my fire spells also sometimes are just heat-based.

Water: Opposes Fire, dirt/rock-based Earth; supports Ice, supported by/supports Nature-based Earth
Water. That simple. Healing water, shields of water, and drowning people in - you guessed it - water.

Ice: Opposes nature-based Earth, Fire; supported by Water, supported by Shadow
Similarly to Fire, Ice calls on solid Ice and just plain cold.

Electric: Opposed by ground-based Earth; supported by/supports Wind
It's electric! It should be obvious.

Wind: Opposed by dirt/rock-based Earth, supports Fire, supported by/supports Electric
Windy. Many storm-based spells are part-wind.

Earth: Nature-based: Opposed by Fire, Ice, supported by/supports Water, supported by Light
Ground-based: Opposed by Wind, Water
Can be nature-based or dirt/rock-based. Each has its own strengths.

Light: Supports nature-based Earth, opposed by Dark
Alright, it's holy. With a different name.

Shadow: Supports Ice, opposed by Light
It's the opposite of Holy. Poison is often Shadow.

Many weaknesses/resistances can go either way. They don't always manifest in the expected forms, though it's difficult to make a spell go directly against its typical form.

Non-elemental Power Sources:
Edit: Clarification Note: Spells can come from these sources and still be elemental. But the source is not associated with any elements. Novabolt, a Star spell, is lightning-elemental.

Commonly used by Mystic Swordsmen (Kali Moguri, Jake the Starblessed, Larraine Legaun, Calvin Sorlyn). Taps into the pwoers of the cosmos, summoning miniature stars or comets. Almost always damaging, often with side-effects - Firenova will often set the target on fire, for example. Difficult to use. Damage is sometimes magical (stars), sometimes physical (meteors, comets)

The primary source of the power of the Lunar Knights of Estorian (Cassandra Estoriana, Lysander Ceril). Taps into the powers of the moon. Most often are support spells or status spells.

Raw Energy:
It's raw energy, and the most common non-elemental spell type.

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Posted on 07-20-05 11:11 PM Link | Quote
Here's a partial list for you.

Dragon (silver, black, white, blue, red, orange, yellow, green, brown, prism, cosmic, gold, grey, "true" dragon),
Prism (a combination of several of the basic elements),

I'm not going to take the time to post opposites, as most should be obvious. for the "Night" element.
Dark Silhouette

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Posted on 08-30-05 02:27 PM Link | Quote
Well lets see...i use elementals through crystals...

Wind (innate, no crystal use) - opposed by earth slightly

Red (Fire) Crystal- controls all fire, opposed by water

**Green (Nature) Crystal- controls all nature
Elements For Green

Black (Dark) Crystal - opposed by light

Demon Crystal - opposed by purity

(all of my other crystals do not go by element, but but pure magical properties...ex.

YELLOW CRYSTAL: This allows the wind to solidify one time only. In the vicinity of any object, person, or place, it may solidify into a solid, rock both inside and out.

this does NOT mean i control rocks, it only means i can solidify wind with mental sttributes and the wind combined with the power of my Origha Crystals.)
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