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05-05-21 11:33 PM
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Leon D. Sagara

Zombie Tarma
HELLO!!!!! ^_^

Since: 08-18-04
From: To Hell and Back

Since last post: 4011 days
Last activity: 3492 days
Posted on 07-20-05 03:43 PM Link | Quote
::Leon pulls his leg back in a hurry but not fast enough to avoid the entire slash as the side of his leg was slightly hit::

Very nice MEDLOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::Leon shot both his hands out in a quick and what appeared to be harmless motion, but seconds afterward, both of Leon's swords shot forth, One at Jexim's chest and the other straight at the ceiling::



Since: 08-16-04

Since last post: 3778 days
Last activity: 88 days
Posted on 07-21-05 12:55 PM Link | Quote
OOC--There is no rule present where it says I have to follow by your half-wit ideas of splitting up. Its called a team battle so two people can be on a team, and help each other out. We can double team a character since it is not in the rules, so pipe down Jexim....And since you posted without saying that you avoided the move I would normally just assume you were hit by it full force...but I will let you slide just this once.

Xeios continued grabbing at Jexim's lower spine, but he shifted his body weight to the left.. This enabled him to bring his right foot up( the direction Jobes was coming from) and bring it in a sweeping motion to block Jobes' attack. He did this by hitting Jobes at the upper arm, and swinging his foot down to the ground. (no damage, just the most effective way to deflect damage.) Causing the sword to propel itself to the ground along with Jobes' arms.


Since: 10-07-04
From: California

Since last post: 5167 days
Last activity: 5044 days
Posted on 08-06-05 05:02 AM Link | Quote
OOC:... no... you don't have to follow my split up idea... but if I attack your team mate you can't block it as though i attacked you... it just doesn't make sense... if anyone else doesn't think that makes sense... just speak up... but personally i think that makes perfect sense... anyway... back to battle... wait... were you still attacking me... i'm going to assume your going after jobes now...

*With a quick twist, Jexim baisically slams his back to the ground, bending at the knees, it hurt, but probably a lot less than the sword would have, the sword passed near over his head, the other flying toward the ceiling, he didn't know what that was gonna do, but as he lay there a red glow began eminating from the back of his hands, he was ready, he wasn't sure what he was ready for, but he was ready for it*


Since: 08-16-04

Since last post: 3778 days
Last activity: 88 days
Posted on 08-06-05 11:44 AM Link | Quote
ooc- I was still attacking you, I said so didn't I? Try the first sentance. And why wouldn't I be able to defend a teammate if I wanted to. Say you had a friend that was being shot at, and you had a bulletproof vest on, and you jumped in the way of your friend so that neither of you would take damage, Wouldn't that be the better more realistic idea, instead of letting your friend get shot in the heart? Edit thine post to accustom my attack too.
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