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11-23-20 04:46 PM
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Since: 07-05-05
From: ummm....UMMMM....OH GOD!......SOMEBODY FIND MEEEEE!!!

Since last post: 5618 days
Last activity: 5618 days
Posted on 07-06-05 08:10 PM Link
*waves shyly*


I'm a new person. yeah...

what's up?
How's the weather?
i like to draw comics!



*hopes to be welcomed*


Car Joe

Since: 02-01-05
From: Bensalem

Since last post: 4549 days
Last activity: 3549 days
Posted on 07-06-05 08:29 PM Link
Welcome to our famous Gaming your posting entertainment as you can read in the banner. Well anyways here is a bag. you will need it and have fun

You put a bullet in my head, Till black turns to red! This could all end in tragedy!

Since: 08-20-04
From: Read \"Real Name\"

Since last post: 3084 days
Last activity: 173 days
Posted on 07-06-05 09:07 PM Link
hey welcome to XGF have fun and post lots have any questions check out the faq

Broken Dreams


Since: 05-29-05
From: California

Since last post: 5166 days
Last activity: 5166 days
Posted on 07-06-05 09:12 PM Link
Originally posted by Killz
*waves shyly*


I'm a new person. yeah...

what's up?
How's the weather?
i like to draw comics!



*hopes to be welcomed*


me too!! wowie =) *hands you a cricket cage* welcome to the forums hope we can get along and be cool forum buddies

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
Chaos Imp
Penguins Fan

Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 264 days
Last activity: 264 days
Posted on 07-06-05 09:28 PM Link
Welcome to the insane asylum... I mean XGF. Just read the FAQs, post tons, pledge allegiance to the Cult of the Dark Goddess (i.e. Me), and have a great time! If you have any questions just PM a staff memeber and we will do our best to help you out.

*hands you a plasma shield*

It's good for deflecting bricks and anything else thrown at you!

So what type of gamer are you?

Sailor Déesse
Mistress of Pink
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy

Since: 08-14-04
From: The Moon

Since last post: 5105 days
Last activity: 4837 days
Posted on 07-06-05 10:02 PM Link
Hello and welcome to XeoGaming I hope you enjoy your stay

*hands Killz a bag of lollies*

Eat up and enjoy Remember to post heaps, have fun and to read the FAQ

Banned by request.

Since: 05-26-05

Since last post: 5234 days
Last activity: 5234 days
Posted on 07-06-05 11:18 PM Link
sup gamer girl

welcome to xeo!!!!!!!!!!

do what everyone says and just have a good time

:: whisper ::

( im still working on that )

Sailor Delerium

Have you ever spent days and days and days making up flavors of ice cream that no ones ever eaten before? Like chicken and telephone ice cream?...Green mouse ice cream was the worst.

Since: 08-17-04
From: The Dreaming

Since last post: 2992 days
Last activity: 3696 days
Posted on 07-06-05 11:22 PM Link
Hi and welcome to our insane yet friendly little community. Follow the rules, post a lot and have fun. Here *reaches into her bag of random things and pulls out a large block of purple wax* Enjoy!

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 67 days
Last activity: 2 days
Posted on 07-07-05 07:07 AM Link
Hello and welcome to XGF.

You're an artist? I'm sure you'll fit in since there's tons here already. Be sure to share you comics in the Art forum if you can!

Well, hope you enjoy the place and stick around.

Metal battleaxe
Is back. Kind of.

Since: 11-15-04

Since last post: 870 days
Last activity: 110 days
Posted on 07-07-05 10:53 AM Link
*Pulls out a plasma pistol charges it up and shoots plasma shield overloading the shield and making it shut down


Hello enjoy dont spam

*Throw a Halo action figure set at Killz*


*Jumps in pimped out gold warthog driving away*


Since: 05-15-05
From: In the kitchen eating all the food!!!!!!!!MMM YUMMY!

Since last post: 5240 days
Last activity: 5240 days
Posted on 07-07-05 01:17 PM Link
Welcome to XGF and have fun posting under our threads!!

Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 4505 days
Last activity: 4505 days
Posted on 07-07-05 03:18 PM Link
Welcome Killz! Remember me?

So yeah! If you like to draw comics, be sure to post them in that Art forum! Thanks.

*hands you a sketchpad*


Since: 10-07-04
From: California

Since last post: 5004 days
Last activity: 4881 days
Posted on 07-08-05 10:52 AM Link

The names Jexim... remember it... Ask if you need to know anything about anime or how to find it...

Well... Welcome to Xeogaming... May all your dreams come true...

*Hit's you with a dead cat*

thus you are purified...

*Put's cat on chain and gives to Killz*

Where that around your neck...
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