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11-27-20 03:53 PM
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Posted on 05-27-05 03:17 PM Link | Quote
My friend showed me this quote:

"Now there's a hint in the movie that there was a Sith lord who had the power to create life. But it's left unsaid: Is Anakin a product of a super-Sith who influenced the midichlorians to create him, or is he simply created by the midichlorians to bring forth a prophecy, or was he created by the Force through the midichlorians? It's left up to the audience to decide. How he was born ulitmately has no relationship to how he dies, because in the end, the prophecy is true: Balance comes back to the Force."

It is interesting to think about, I'd say.

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Posted on 05-30-05 07:48 AM Link | Quote
I picked up on that as soon as Palpatine was talking to Anakin at that concert...thing.(wtf was going on there exactly anyway?!)

But you'll notice when you watch it, Palpatine's eyes light up and he adds emphasis to it a bit. And I dunno...I thought everyone would pick up on it just from watching it. I thought the way that scene was done was pretty good. Like you could pick up on what he was pointing out, but it was still left up to your imagination.

I personally think that's what happened. Why? Palpatine had control over Anakin right from the beginning. Like he was manipulative from the get go. He knew right away...well I think so. How else would've he known right away?

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 71 days
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Posted on 05-30-05 10:13 AM Link | Quote
Now that I really think about it, it does sound believable. Just the way Palpatine suggested it, and his expressions when talking to Anakin about his Master (hinted).

But that would mean, he probably killed him very shortly after Anakin's birth? Really wouldn't have been a Legend by then probably, but it is Palpatine we're talking about. Him and his deception.

(Last edited by The Emperor on 05-30-05 01:14 PM)

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Posted on 05-31-05 10:01 AM Link | Quote
Read the making of book....Says it all....Palpatine influenced the midi cholorians to begin the cell division to create anakin....SHMI IS PALPATINES BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry i could not resist.

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Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
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Posted on 06-01-05 06:32 PM Link | Quote
Wow, that is rather interesting. I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out, I was concentrating too much on "oh so that's how he tricked him to turning" with the death thing... but yeah, wow that is creepy.

Now, for the idiots or braindead like me: what are the midichlorians again?
Cyro Xero

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Since: 02-23-05
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Posted on 06-01-05 11:50 PM Link | Quote
"Particles", if you will, within a body that influence how much you can use the force. I'm going to pretend I know exactly what it means, but that's the general idea behind it.

So, basically one could say that the whole story behind Star Wars is how the Soth lord's complex and very long plan to take over the galaxy backfired on him in the end. Not a bad way to think about it.
Lore Maxxum

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Posted on 06-27-05 08:13 PM Link | Quote
Im sorry for the bump, but i gota say this. I cought on to what Palpatine ment when he was talking to Anikin, but i didnt get that he was talking about himself, and not his master. Thats an interseting plot twist. So... Palpatine is Anikin's father, and Luke and Leia's grandfather? Frrrrrreaky...

And i had a thought about the midichlorians. There name is so close to the ghings we have in our body. (midocondria) I think thats where the idea came from to start off with. Now, if we could only use them the same way the Jedi or Sith do...

Since: 08-17-04

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Posted on 06-29-05 10:35 PM Link | Quote
XD midi chlorian... sounds like synthesized pool chemicals... sorry...

XD wow...

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Sidius: "Luke... I am your GrandFather."
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Interesting theory on Anakin's birth |

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