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12-09-23 12:34 PM
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(OOC: Bah. I should have waited a little longer and made it a year. Good job though. I was a fun battle.)

*Ash's screaming begins subside slowly. The light around him begins to dim, retreating back to Ash's body rapidly. The fiery orange light fades from his eyes as he collapses to the ground. His pulse begins to return to normal as he lie there alone on the ground. He lies there motionless, staring up at the star speckled sky as if the battle never happened. His eyelids begin to droop and he can feel himself slowly falling asleep. Suddenly his eyes shoot open, a worried expression played across his brow. He hops up quickly and surveys the landscape. There several yards ahead of him lay Omi's inanimate body. A mixture of fear and despair hit Ash like a sledgehammer. He sprint's to his body as fast has his two child legs can carry him. He bends down and presses his ear to his chest, hoping for any signs of life. But there was none. Not even the feintest pitter patter could be heard. Tears begins to well up in his eyes. A lump lodges itself in his throat, as he begins to sob over Omi's dead body. Hot salty tears pour like twin rivers down on his body.*

"I'm so s-sorry" Ash voices stammers. He buries his face in his chest and whimpers to himself.

A gentle gust passes through the dismal battlefield, chilling the already cold air. The boy doesn't move from Omi's body. Grieving was the only way he could rid himself of this pain.
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Xeogaming Forums - Hall of Fame - New Character: Ash | Thread closed

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