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06-15-21 01:04 PM
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Is back!

Since: 10-01-04
From: Stafford, UK

Since last post: 3388 days
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Posted on 05-20-05 12:49 PM Link | Quote
*Omi stands not taking any notice of the cold* "That is very foolish, I have been quite happily frozen for 1500 years once before... the cold does not really affect me" *Omi allows the huge box of dense water to dissapear. He follows Anyndir into the cave systems* "TSUNAMI STRIKE!" *Omi suddenly jumps up and spins at a fast speed, then launches himself at super sonic speeds towards Anyndir*
Dark Vader


Since: 10-21-04
From: Menzoberanzan

Since last post: 5790 days
Last activity: 5776 days
Posted on 05-24-05 10:32 AM Link | Quote
*Anyndir dodges to the side as Omi hurtles through the opening to the cave. He whispers something, and the two swords slam together and fuse at the pommels. His right hand flashes forward, and two little throwing stars leap from his hands at Omi.*
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