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10-04-22 05:21 AM
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Dark Vader


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From: Menzoberanzan

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Posted on 05-04-05 10:20 AM Link | Quote
Since this is not going anywhere on Gaia's Realm, I will start it here too, if you want to be in this, and you had signed up on Gaia's Realm, I recommend you do that quickly. This is based on the D&D system, it is acctually the one out of the back of the Eberron campaign setting handbook. If anyone has the handbook, please do not look ahead. Every-one is first level, and there will be four people (I am one). We need three more people before I will start. I do not know anything about Psyonisists, so I would appreciate it if no one used them. I will allow all standard races and classes as well as those in the Eberron campaign settings. If you want a non-standard race, secure a place in the RP and ask me about it. I would like a full character, with skills, feats, equipment, HP, spells, atributes, attack bonuses, armor class, check penalties, spells per day, and anything else that you can think of that I missed. Everyone starts at Level one.

Name: Blade
Race: Warforged
Age: 25
Class: Fighter (1)
Weapons: Greatsword (2d6), and light crossbow (1d8)
Attributes: Str - 18 Bonus +4
Dex - 14 Bonus +2
Con - 20 Bonus +5
Int - 10 Bonus +0
Wis - 10 Bonus +0
Cha - 10 Bonus +0
Feats: Adamantine Body (+8 armor, damage reduction 2/adamantine, 35% arcane spell failure, base land speed 20, heavy armor, +1 max dex bonus to AC, -5 check penalty, Warforged only, only available at first level) and Weapon focus (greatsword)
Attacks: Greatsword +6 (2d6 +6), Slam +5(1d4+4) or +2 (light crossbow, 1d8)
Equipment: Greatsword, Light crossbow, sunrod (x3), backpack, big ass scabbard, belt pouch with 7 gp, 2 sp, and 8 cp.
Skills: Craft (armorsmithing) - 4 ranks
Heal - 4 ranks
Spells: None
AC: 19
Base Attack Bonus: +1
Racial traits:Immune to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, effects that cause the sickened condition, and energy drain. Cannot heal damage naturally. Can be targeted by spells that effect both constructs and living creatures. When down to 0 HP automatically stabalized, will not take damage from exertion when at that point. Does not need to eat sleep or breathe. Light fortification (25% chance to ignore the extra damage from a Crit or sneak attack). Slam attack, 1d4 damage at a +5 attack bonus.

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