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01-26-21 12:15 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - 5 year old handcuffed?! | |
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Kaijin Surohm
Living the dream

Since: 08-16-04

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Posted on 04-23-05 02:23 PM Link | Quote
The Article:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (April 23) - An attorney says he plans legal action against police officers who handcuffed an unruly 5-year-old girl after she acted up in her kindergarten class.

A video camera, which was rolling March 14 as part of a classroom self-improvement exercise, captured images of the girl tearing papers off a bulletin board, climbing on a table and punching an assistant principal before police were called to Fairmount Park Elementary.

Then it shows the child appearing to calm down before three officers approach, pin her arms behind her back and put on handcuffs as she screams, "No!''

Largo lawyer John Trevena, who provided the tape to the media this week after obtaining it from police, says the officers went too far.

"The image itself will be seared into people's minds when you have three police officers bending a child over a table and forcibly handcuffing her,'' said Trevena, who represents the girl's mother, Inga Akins.

"It's incomprehensible ... There was no need for that,'' he added.

ABC News
The tape shows the girl lashing out at a school employee.

Police declined to comment, citing an official complaint by Akins that has sparked an investigation by the supervisor of the four officers who were present. Two are new officers who were being trained that day.

Spokesman Bill Proffitt said the investigation would be complete in about two weeks and the findings would be made public.

The 30-minute tape shows assistant principal Nicole Dibenedetto trying repeatedly to calm down the girl, who ignores her commands and begins punching her.

The child's mother was called but wasn't able to immediately come to the school.

After being placed in the back of a police cruiser, police released the girl to her mother after prosecutors informed them they wouldn't bring charges against a 5-year-old.


This was pathetic to read ;


Since: 09-02-04
From: Destroy Tower

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Posted on 04-23-05 02:59 PM Link | Quote



What the hell. Handcuffing a freakin' 5 year old, because she was having a crazy tantrum? Lame.
Fear will kill your mind and steal your love as sure as anything;
Fear will rob you blind and make you numb to others suffering

Since: 10-03-04
From: Azul Lux Orbital, Kirin Beta

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Posted on 04-23-05 04:57 PM Link | Quote
I think it's kinda funny that it took three police officers to do that. I mean, seriously, what's that say for our police?

Then again, what's it say for her parents, when the kid was doing something like that? =/
avatar of law


Since: 12-29-04
From: paris, canada

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Posted on 04-23-05 06:03 PM Link | Quote
i saw that tape on the news, and that bitch was crazy! what can you do with a 5 year old? i mean, she's gonna fight back, and you cant really hold her down or anything w/o ppl saying something either. cuffing was kinda too far out, but i can understand their intentions. but seriously, that 5 year old is crazy -.-'

Car Joe

Since: 02-01-05
From: Bensalem

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Posted on 04-23-05 06:07 PM Link | Quote
I agree with avatar that she was crazy and all that. But using handcuffs maybe not but using those plastic things ( can't think of the name at the moment) they use on detainees and prisoners of war would of worked. She might of calmed down for a moment but after that you never know she might of flipped out again after that. I can see why the police wanted to do that.


Since: 04-22-05

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Posted on 04-23-05 09:50 PM Link | Quote

I think that there are better things to find your time and fight against than some police trying to play what is effectively a practicle joke to scare some kids. Nevermind police brutality towards the ethnic minorities of New York City, or the horrific practises that they have towards dealing with the homeless. No, let's worry about the ones that were just trying to put a little scare into a kid. Fuck, when I was a kid, I was put into the back of a K-9 Cruiser, with the attack dog in his cell right beside me fucking barking and drooling because I j-walked. Was the fact that the officer doing this too much? Not really, people will do that to teach these things called lessons. Deal with the real problems in the police before you deal with this. Christ.

Jobes, those plastic ties HURT. They cut the skin, and are difficult for the people putting them onto the inmate to break. That generally causes a massive infection. They are rarely properly sanatized and they cause too little movement between the arms for any level of comfort.
Van Rhanell

Missile Bot

Since: 08-15-04
From: Fraser, Michigan

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Posted on 04-23-05 10:25 PM Link | Quote

now that i've gottnw that out, i can't comprehend how the assistant principle who was punched was actually hurt, and one good kick to the back of the neck would have put her into submission much faster than handcuffs, if they really needed to stop her like that. Police are not especially great with children, being as they're trained to make arrests quick and forcefull. Sedative darts also work great as exibited in the Christmas episode of Family Guy. This goes towards the theory that all people living in Florida are either old or have some major personality flaw.

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
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Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

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Posted on 04-24-05 03:17 PM Link | Quote
While I seriously think that there is something wrong with the girl or her parents for her to act like that, I think that the handcuffs were too far. Although I also agree that it is especially sad that it took 3 officers to cuff a 5 year old girl. The report said that she calmed down when the cops got there, so I don't see why she had to be handcuffed.


Since: 10-20-04

Since last post: 3695 days
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Posted on 04-25-05 11:50 AM Link | Quote
I was thinking the same thing Elara. The report said she'd calmed before or just as the police arrived. So if she was already calm then just work with that, don't cuff the little girl and drag her into a squad car.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus

High Xeodent of Xeomerica.

Since: 10-29-04
From: North Carolina, United States. World, Sol System, milky way

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Posted on 04-28-05 12:22 PM Link | Quote
I've seen the video. The girl was calm for no more than thirty seconds before the police got there. She was punching the teacher, tearing up her office, and more. She even broke several things.

Also, only one policeman was really doing anything. The others were just standing around. I'll have to say that the handcuffs were justified, and they didn't even hurt her or do anything other than stop her from assaulting the teacher.

BTW, the mother said that she would sue the school if they touched her daughter, so that's why the police were called for.

Sailor Delerium

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Since: 08-17-04
From: The Dreaming

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Posted on 04-28-05 09:56 PM Link | Quote
I think I agree with the general, yes, something was defently wrong with the girl, but the cuffs were going to far. They should have waited and see if she went into another tatrum. If that was the case, then I can see a little more justification, but the fact that she was or was starting to calm down makes seems like it would have been better not to use the cuffs.

Posting Pig
Not Dead

Since: 01-12-05
From: Nowhere

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Posted on 04-29-05 06:58 AM Link | Quote
Heh, I don't want to sound cruel..

But the kid had it coming.
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