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12-02-20 05:24 PM
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Posted on 04-23-05 12:35 PM Link | Quote
Basically, there is a track, and the sim battlers attempt to get each other off the track and finish first. I'll be the one who says if attacks hit or not, and if the character gets to the end.

Basic Rules:
1) you can't just say "I start and fly to the end. No attack will hit me and I got to the end in one post, I @M 1337!!!!11!11!!!1!!!"

2) This is how I will set the scores of how far people are:
(example in rooftop sprint, counted in houses)
char1 - 6 houses
char2 - 12 houses
char3 - 7 houses (resting from flying)
char4 - 6 houses (resting from direct hit)
char5 - 7 houses (resting from falling at a jump)
char6 - 7 houses (powering up long jump)

3) The first person who wants to join can set the arena. It must follow this template:

TRACK: Make this up yourself, example is the Matrix 100 Houses Sprint
Track Specialities: a description of the track and what can happen in it, example -
When jumping rooftops you can jump over them like in the matrix. Every 5 houses has a large main road gap which a 1 post run up is required, unless flied over. If you are jumping the only post charging you will need is every 5 houses, while flying if you fly constantly it is a 1 post charge/rest every 3 posts. Agents randomly appear around chimneys and windows on the side of the houses who try to shoot you down when you jump. If you are hit, you are put back to the last house you jumped from and you must rest and heal for one post
Players Required: 2 or more (set this to your requirements)

4) There is a system of life in this aswell. A basic race on a 1 kilometre sprint with 3 characters might be like this:

Char1's fireball has hit char3 directly in the back. Char2's thunderbolt has just scratched char1's right arm, so has recieved damage but doesn't need to stop to recover

Char1 - 332 metres / 90/100HP
Char2 - 352 metres / 100/100HP
Char3 - 211 metres / 60/100HP

5) When a challenge is made, me and any others who want to help are incharge of if attacks hit, when random events happen, if a character makes it over an obstacle and every thing else like that. The racers decide when, who and whereabouts they attack and if they decide to make a short stop for healing/resting purposes (you cannot be harmed while doing this).

Sorry for an extensive set of rules, but I'll try to simplify them when i have the time. And I do hope i haven't wasted 30 minutes posting this

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