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01-26-21 01:03 AM
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Posted on 04-17-05 01:44 PM Link | Quote
:: a bright ray of light shines on my life :: I am finally getting away from my father!!!! He pissed off my family for the last time, he stole my aunts car one night to pick up some drugs, i came home from uzu's house to find my aunt crying.

"whats wrong" i asked
"Your FUCKING father just stole my car, give me the godamn phone im gonna call the police!!!"
My face turned blood red, at first, my brain diddnt compute the fact that my "father" stole a car...when fianlly i got back from reality, my aunt and my grandmother were crying also.

We talked about things (my aunt and grandma) and I decided that I was gonna do somehting, but i dont know what...

So i called my mommy, she asked mine and my moms boss "Mr.Lampton" if she can move somewhere in Harris county, luckly my boss said "YES!"

It literally put tears to my eyes, I was finally gonna abandon my worthless father for what hes done, he put crack into his life and forgot everything, even his only son, ME!!!!

One night, i was waiting for him to come home, and at 2:00 in the morning he showed up, I turned my couch around with the lights out, when he walked passed my room, i called his attention

he just stopped
"Why did you steal the car"?
"boy, im not gonna talk about this"
"You will answer me!" i yelled
he just walked up to me and blew up in my face, he said alot of stupid shit, like he was still stoned...
"listen, your life is fucked up dad! soon you will just give up on life and kill dont know you anymore"
I cant believe he said this..."I dont know you anymore either son...."
and that was that.....

You dont know how hard it is to accept that from your own father..YOUR OWN FATHER!!!!!

But i talked to my mom Friday night, she told me that she first wants me to go ahead and complete my 11th grade year, then im gonna move out to Upatoi with my mom, I still dont know if im going to Harris county high, I kindof dont want to cause of the crap thats going on with my friends, but Harris county is the best school in georgia.

Im going to take my own advice and just go with what my heart said, just as i have been, "Just leave, forget about the people who betrayed you and dont even give them the time fo day, including your father, just move on, you dont need him anymore, if you stay there, he'll steal your crap just as he did to your computer...JUST LEAVE HIM"

and thats leaving my father the first day school ends....

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Posted on 04-19-05 11:39 PM Link | Quote
Well I am glad to know that you are getting away from him. No one deserves to put up with a man like that, father or not. Hopefully things will go well for you after the move.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - yay im moving!!! |

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