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01-27-21 03:01 AM
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Posted on 04-06-05 03:56 PM Link | Quote
Who or what gave you the inspiration to create your current simbattle/RP character?

Well, I originally based my character largely on Dante from Devil May Cry and Alucard from Hellsing (because they were just so cool) with a few original ideas here and there thrown into the mix. Yeah, watching Dante beat the crap out of the bad guys sure was incredible. So I wanted to create a character a lot like him. This was when I was a newbie of course.

Anyways, I got tired of being uncreative. Therefore, I started work on an original character. However, in order to do that, I had to learn from the pros. I'm very proud to say that I got my ass kicked way back when on A-US by Artemis. I learned quite a lot from her. But I must say, I also learned and was inspired quite a lot by Cyro who was the first person I ever saw use complete and very descriptive paragraphs in his simbattle posts.

Thus, I began to do the same. ChaoticDeath became Sparda.

Finally, Kaijin came into the picture (or Inuyasha as he was originally called) on MoD. He inspired me to push my limits to the max, think tactically and manipulate words to my own advantage.

I've gone a long way to get Sparda where he is right now. Learning from the pros sure has helped me get there. I say its been worth it.

So what about you guys? Who inspired your original character? Who inspired you to make the changes and improvements on that character?
Cyro Xero

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Posted on 04-06-05 07:03 PM Link | Quote
I didn't realize I had much of an influence on you, Sparda.

My characters are ones that were well thought out because I don't like to keep things too simple when it comes to creativity.

My main charater, Cyro, is simply a better version of my self in real life. I made him a inch taller and ten pounds heavier with a little more muscle mass than what I already have. I first created him back at Acmlm's board in the Sim Battle Arena because I didn't have any other person or popular icon to use. I was still a newbie at the time, and like other people I just used myself, and that was that. Over time I added small things here and there with information gathered from a few fights and he is what he is now.

MES-SBOCC 1 is probably my most thought out and creative character. I created him in late 2003 while I was sitting around in my team area at my army unit. One thing about the Army is that we have tons and tons of acronyms. I was thinking about the concept and happened to bring up sim battling in my mind. I then figured it would be a cool idea to make a character who had an acronym for a name that sounded military-like. It didn't sound too good for a human, so I had to come up with something that fit the idea. A robot was a perfect choice. I spent the next hour sitting in a chair thinking of an acronym AND good words to go with it. Not exactly an easy thing to do, even for me. And even after coming up with one I changed a couple of the words I threw in a few weapons and some great features it could use and I had an excellent fighter. I take pride in knowing that I probably created the very first robot character within the Acmlm community and that I've yet to see anyone else create one.

The acronym MES-SBOCC 1 (pronounced "mess-bock") stands for Magic Energy Supported Superior Battle Operating Combat Cyber. Version 1.

The character I made after Cyro was Astralasia. I made her because I wanted to show off a picture I have of her. Simple as that. But I also added in a good history for her and gave her some special attacks and an unusual combination of elemental magic. Seeing as how the picture was was of an angel, I thought it would be the coolest thing in the world to have an angel for a character, a sexy angel at that. Like MES-SBOCC 1, nobody else had an angel character. It was a very unique thing at that time. For those who know who Hiei is, he also has angel character now.

The only character I haven't used yet, Godd Modd, is very strange one. Also created in 2003, his name, as well as the whole concept of the charcter, comes from the very thing that every RPer hates- god-modding. There's a bit of story behind this character. If you were ever at Acmlm's board about 2 and a half years ago then you may remember a sim battle member by the name of "hebesphenoegacorona" (hebes-pheno-mega-corona. Took me a while finally pronounce it correctly). He was also at the old Sim Battle Board (SBB) as well when it came out. "Hebes", as I'll call him, had a character that intrgued me later on. His character was called "The SHAPE". A pretty "newb" character I'm sure, but it was original and interesting nonetheless. While at SBB I began to think about the SHAPE, and after a long while I had the urge to create another character. Since the rest of mine were all different from each other I thought I should make another that was different as well. Very different. First, I took the concept of god modding and thought it would be a great idea to have a dummy character that people could beat up on and use totally cheap attacks against. I was satisfied with the initial creation and eventually gave him his name to match. A year or two pass by and I eventually started coming up with ideas for my grand RP (the one that I had everyone vote for or against in the RP Discussion forum). One of those ideas is a cool little thing called a "god-mod" stone, an item that allows you to god-mod for a certain amount of posts. I came to have one of these stones implanted inside Godd Modd's body, but this stone also emanate the power to other fighters over wide area. That way I could have a decent explanation as to how he got his god modding power and why others can god mod against him. With that, I edited his looks since I never really had a great description of him.

To imagine what he looks like, imagine a crash test dummy (Buckle your safety belt!!), same size and same skin color. Strip away all the clothes, paint, eyes, eye sockets, mouth and toes (making the feet cartoon oval-like). Take the nose and visualize it being one of those large oval-shaped nose on some cartoons. That's what he looks like- a naked dummy with no muscles or features except a long nose and fingers.

I take pride in my characters, not only because they are different from each other and from the rest that's out there, but because I've grown to like them and I've tried to make them as realistic as possible. I use them in just about any RP/Battle game I create and make sure that they are both challenging and fun to fight against.

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Kaijin Surohm
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Posted on 04-06-05 07:24 PM Link | Quote
Wow, didn't know I helped you out, Sparda, lol.

Inuyasha was a basica character, but it was acctually Sparda's way of fighting that made me want an original of my own... Thus came the Lord of Vampires.

Kaijin was a mix of characters... (This is just starting out my SIM designs. The history of Kaijin would be overwhelming.)

Shido, from Night Walkers
Dracula, from Castlevania
Dark Magician of Chaos, Yugi-oh
Squall, Final Fantasy 8

The Blood abilities came from Shido, the Vampire Techs from Dracula, and the belt designs from DMoC and Squall.

So I began my Reign with Kaijin there, on MoD, if I remember correctly.

Sparda's massive Encyclopedia of Techs made my attack list feel pathetic, and the majority of ideas I had, were already in use by His Truely, so I became a Blue Mage, of sorts.

Guess how well that went over... Yea, still havn't lost. Ever.

That suprised me, roughly 4 attacks of my own, a barrier, and a few 'stolen' techs (Two max), and everyone believes me to be too hard, or invincible o.O. (Thus is how I'm stumped on how people can't be at my level of fighting.)

Well, that STILL felt un-original, since it was a mix of diffrent things. My first real original tech came from both Kindom Hearts, and Outlaw Star.

Arc-Angel Sephiroth's Black Orb, using Gene Starwind's Soul Bullet Effects. (The Soul Bullet can be seen on the last few eps. They took part of his life to even fire.)

So then, I converted the orb to be powered by my own soul, and to be basically a black ball with a star in the middle.

I updated Kaijin's looks later, wanting a more original look. I took away his turtle neck, and gave him just a bullet proof vest, a black earring, a chocker, and blook red armor on his right arm, and legs. Not to mention a tattared cloak that was Inspired by Kingdom Heart's version of Sephiroth.

Kaijin's Dark Ritual's were inspired by the game Evil Zone. A simplistic PS1 fighter game, with a business man who used Demonic Magic. (Cant remember his name to save my life.) So the Pentagram magic was born.


So basically, it was Sparda who had the biggest influence on me, to become the god of Sim that I am now
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Posted on 04-06-05 07:59 PM Link | Quote
I'm just gonna list a few of my 'main' characters. I have around 20, though at least half of them are relegated to minor RP roles and nothing more.

Jake: I liked the idea of a swordsman/mage character, and I combined that with my own abilities. This is where the skill with staffs came from, as well as the low physical strength, low speed, and high evasion. Then, to make up for the low physical stats, I gave him high magic abilities. As for appearance, I was originally going for a Red Mage-like look, which has gradually gotten darker; most of the time that I use him now, he's wearing a black cloak.

Tianna/Lora: Both appeared in a dream. I don't remember many of the details, though. They're my two half-sister characters, yet they're completely different; Tianna's a shadow-elemental High Mage, while Lora's a light-elemental Dragon Knight. There are other differences, so many that the only similarity is appearance...

Zenelly: From my first FFTA game. A Mog Knight named Zenelly joined my clan, and was one of the characters I brought into every battle. Slowly, I built a good character around him. He's one of my characters that, like Tianna and Jake, have been constantly changing. Appearance-wise, I changed little from the FFTA Mog Knight. Seeing one of Gywall's characters that was annoyingly similar was the main inspiration behind improving Z.

Ceru: Felt like making a Blue Mage. Wasn't feeling particularly creative, so I took the first four letters from cerulean (a shade of blue-green, IIRC) for his name; later, I decided that his whole family would wind up like that, alive or dead they'd be named after colors (Viridia, an elementalist, and Ruby, a Red Mage). Recently, I've changed his background a bit so he was previously a Holy Knight of Nirimar, one rank above Zenelly. As for appearance... I was playing FFV, and had Galuf as a Blue Mage. Figure it out from there. Quest of the Star Sword was my inspiration to improve Ceru; there weren't enough older people to make up for Jake and Tianna, so I adjusted his abilities and backstory so he'd fit in.

Eliana: One of the characters I frequently use in the RPs of others, Eliana was largely inspired by Ceru. In the original Z Files, I had it planned that Ceru would be elsewhere, but since someone that joined was using a blue mage character, I wanted to add one of my own. And so, Eliana was born. She's also a thief, since the Simbattle Board didn't have many at the time (and I think I had the only other one), so instead of using a saber like Ceru, she uses rapiers and shortswords.

I'd say more, but I'm gonna stop now before I make you all fall asleep from boredom.

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Posted on 04-06-05 08:01 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Lone Vampyre

Kaijin's Dark Ritual's were inspired by the game Evil Zone. A simplistic PS1 fighter game, with a business man who used Demonic Magic. (Cant remember his name to save my life.) So the Pentagram magic was born.

You mean Keiya. Wow I thought I was the only one that played Evil Zone.

I started of simbattling as Gaara. I used all the attacks and techniques that Gaara from Naruto used. I changed that quickly though, realizing that orginality was more effective in fights. However, I still borrowed from different techniques from different animes.

I changed my main character to Shuyin. (Taken from FFX-2's main antagonist, but bares no physical relation whatsoever.) I modeled his look off of K' from King of Fighters. But I still used jutsus from Naruto, or I would make up my own jutsus. Soon I realized that using various hand symbols in battle only slowed me down. Around this time I fought Sparda for the first time. Which was my first challenge, because before that I would just battle my friends (who were noobs at the time too.). Sparda was good, but not amazing. (He's grown alot since then.) Our match ended in a tie.

The anime Naruto really started blowing up around this time. So I decided to distance myself away from using the cliche ninja techniques. Clones,substiutions,shurikens, I abandoned them all. However, I still use a few techniques from the show. But i've changed them to fit my character more.

I fought Sparda a couple times after that. Each battle resulting with no winner. By this time I had caught on to Sparda's way of manipulating words. I quickly began twisting my attack descriptions to reach there maximum potential.

I soon created a backstory for my character. Making him the presider of pergatory. I gave three forms and used them sparingly with each battle. I gained a couple of moves influenced by Hunter X Hunter.

I've missed some gaps here and there, but that's basically how i've evolved.

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Posted on 04-07-05 11:45 AM Link | Quote
Well, well, well... I didn't get much of a influcence on people... Or maybe because I was a naughty boy who effect too much everyone else?

Well, orginially many poster mistaken my character Beowulf from FFT, the story, or something else. No relation to any one of those. My brother just made a mockery of my D&D character but I show him good. (Tee hee, I totally kick his ass like 15 times in a row.)

Probably my brother inspried my character... And maybe, I am the one who inspired the most of my own character since my imagination tend to get wild from time to time... But what I lacked is to stay with that character's history and storyline. However, I tend to love him and pretend I was semi-him. (Can't blame me, I don't like being a human through.)

I can't say Sparda or Kaijin didn't inspired me to improve him... I could say that Leon, regardless of how long he have been gone, inspired me the most since he lost the battle against me (the first time). And Elara's Jade did help here a little but what I see from her was lack of... godly-like power. And well... after a long time...

Was it like 4-6 months since my last battle? Orginially, Beowulf's last name was suppose to be Beowulf Lionheart, and I haven't began sim-fighting yet.

And by the way, I created Beowulf by mixing a demon / dragon race together.
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Posted on 04-07-05 03:57 PM Link | Quote
I created Jaques for an RP. The people there could only do one thing, autohit. There was almost no story, so I decided to create him, and add a bit of story to all that.

His primary influence was some celtic hero who killed a dragon and bathed in its blood, giving him the armoured skin. I gave Jaques a bit more, and set him out on the battlefield!

On another forum, someone tried to train me, but whenever I did something wrong, he started cursing and flaming. Eventually he was banned, and I quit the training, proceeding to come here, relatively inexperienced. He inspired the armour.

For improvements, I got most of them from a different forum, in which I joined an RP where you gained all of the elements. So, thanks to that then I added this ability to Jaques.


Y-35 was basically a character I created off of HK from KOTOR. I then watched terminator 3, and was inpired by TX to add a few weapons.

Later, after fighting someone on MSN, I realised I'd need better armour, so I created his. Armour made out of copper atoms so that he would keep his color, but made so that there was no space between the atoms, therfore making him inpenatrable, and so that the only way to destroy him was unknown.

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Posted on 04-07-05 05:03 PM Link | Quote
My character, well, my original character. XEios was pretty much inspired completely by the Matrix.

He had a different style than most in the matrix though, and I decided to make him Half Demon.

Most people in the Matrix wore black trenchcoats, my character was the opposite. A white trench coat, and white shirt and pants. Nothing special about them. He carried around two magnums, or High powered revolvers, don't really remember, and a Sawn-off-shotgun. His melee weapon was a spear. I remember using mainly the guns, and very little magic. He had short black hair, and Yellow eyes, really like those eyes. His main thing was that he had a demon sould in him, and he wasn't naturally half demon.

Xeios then evolved, with the destruction of MoD, he turned into a warrior, using a Sephiroth style sword, with very few special qualities. He gained long white hair, and kept the yellow eyes. He wore all black and a black cloak. No guns, no ranged weapons. Badass telekinisis, and Ice magic. I ditched the Demon soul thing and added the history of his father being an ice demon. He was in his second stage of...a few...This stage was the first time Sparda royally kicked my ass.

Xeios evolved again, inspired by the badassitude of Sparda. He gained further advancement of Telekinisis. Darkness and Fire magic elements were added this time around. He lost the black cloak and instead recieved a black cape. THis is when I was inspired with an honor type thing, and I put in his history that he had never taken the soul of another. The large katana became named Soulsteel.

I decided to ditch the cape, and give him a black dress shirt and a fog coat, or a british trenchcoat. He also got black dress pants, Alucard's gun, and the power over blood instead of fire. And that's about the extent of the enhancements, The power over blood opened many new doors for survival. This is when Sparda kicked my ass for the second time. The large katana changed into an awesomely huge buster-sword like weapon. At this point I also added Shinfu, which was

I ditched the coat. Gave him dual revolvers again, except not as pimpy. They are now SAA's or Peacemakers. I chose those revolvers because of the fact that I was developing a taste for westerns(just the rough, gritty style of Westerns), and that is the main gun that was used. He pretty much only recieved guns.

The newest and most recent evolution of Xeios, involved the implication of armor, a breastplate which only covers his upper right chest. Worn under his shirt. (still a dress-shirt) The implication of a pack of magical throwing cards. Soulsteel became smaller, and became the size of a long dagger. Lots of magical revampment, XEios is much better now that ever before...
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Posted on 04-11-05 04:21 PM Link | Quote
The name Cairoi was a name I though up while playing with firends. It was my third Final Fantasy:Chrystal Chronicles character. I based my main character on an online quiz. Yes, Cairoi was given birth due to a what element are you quiz.THe fact that magic was usedso much deterred me from it. I got Earth and based him soley on that and a spiffy avatar I found on the interntet.
After being massacred by Xeios in my first battle ever, I revamped my character to fix most of his flaws. I gave him control of all elements naturally on Earth, gave him a few non-Terramorphus abilities, and gave him a story. THe RP Apocolypse and Dark Trials(my own RPs) added the demonic alter-persona into Cairoi, which added more power to him. At this time, I saw my skills steadily improve. Lately, I've learned from Sparda to descibe my posts better.


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Posted on 04-12-05 01:21 PM Link | Quote
Now that I think of it, Everyone I fought convinced me more and more to advance Xeios. Sparda had an extremely profound effect upon me, because he was the only person, as of yet, able to beat me. My first fight I was completely trashed by him, my second fight, I stood my ground for over 145 post, then the board was wiped. I mad ethe descision to quit then and there because way too much had gone on to remember every little detail like injuries and abilities used. I was close to dying too, but I would have found a way out of the destruction that was upon me. I am not sure how much more Xeios is going to evolve, but I am sure that it will be once or twice more...

Battering Bird

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Posted on 04-13-05 10:05 PM Link | Quote
My character? Man thats my personality really. Im the cocky rich kid that looks to prove himself to the people.

Is back!

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Posted on 04-18-05 12:34 PM Link | Quote
My newest character, Meta, was based on a creature from Red Dwarf called a polymorph. A Polymorph has the ability to change it's shape to decieve it's enemies, and it can suck emotions from living creatures. Meta can do these things but also change it's complete size by fusing with other objects in the arena

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Posted on 04-23-05 10:07 AM Link | Quote
Well, oddly enough, I inspired my character. He's tall, thin, brown hair, brown eyes, and likes beanies. If I were to pose the same as my character, we would look almost exactly alike!
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Posted on 05-20-05 12:12 PM Link | Quote
My character was based somewhat off of Drizzt Do'Urden. He made me love the Drow. The name Anyndir was the name of my Drow Fighter/Weapon Master in Neverwinter Nights: Hoardes of the Underdark. All of the weapons and stuff I created through good thought processes and common sense.

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Posted on 05-25-05 03:01 PM Link | Quote
Me? I started off with the Crono from Chronotrigger, because I loved the game (It's still my favorite) and then found as I traveled from board to board that there was another guy doing the exact same thing. We battled, and after seeing some of the things he did I decided it was time for a bit of a remodel, because plain old Crono couldn't get the job done. Revamped his clothes, his basic sword stayed the same, and he got a few new weapons. His hair was shorter, he still had the grin that his opponents all learned to hate, and he had a few new magic tricks up his sleeve. After a couple wins, I went over him again, changing his clothing further and further, and his basic looks, until the only thing that would give him away were the name and hair color, and maybe the weapon for any Game Genie users out there. He lost a few weapons that were obselete, and gained his current secondary weapon, the Blood Blade...simple enough. After I got out of boot camp, I went over him again, matching him a little closer to myself. His height and weight changed slightly, I aged him a little bit, changed his basic outlook and clothing, added a few new elements to him to make him more challenging, and thought of some new attacks for him. After all this, he wasn't quite done being changed, so I added some other unique features. Jewelry, tattoos...little odds and ends, and then incorporated the Marine Corps into him a little bit. Crono's slowly been altered to match my image over the last four years, and he's not done yet. I'm always thinking of new things for him. Besides, I have yet to actually use his alter ego Kaji's's a basic conversion from a character that is mainly mage to a character that is mainly physical. Same basic features and such, and the clothing remains the same, but his eyes, hair, tattoos, etc, change colors, his elemental alignments and abilities change. He also becomes much more powerful, physically, while losing the magical abilities he has as Crono. Crono's basically a skitzo who changes to Kaji and reverts back to himself at completely random intervals. I still haven't perfected Kaji though, so I'm not fulfilling that part of him yet. Soon, though. I've got a certain person that I'm waiting to battle that I'll be breaking him loose on. One of my main rivals in Sim Battle..

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Posted on 06-03-05 06:22 PM Link | Quote
Hmn... well, Jade is kinda interesting really.

I have a nickname, Chaos Imp, had it for a year or two now... mainly because of my quirky little personality (). I created the idea of Jade off of that nickname, don't really know why. I personified the Chaos Imp in a D&Dish character, kinda had the image as soon as I saw a picture of a Fey'ri in the Monsters of Faerun book. I took that idea and made it into Jade. DanteMagus helped me with her techniques, giving me the basics on how to create them, and thus I came up with her basic attacks.

As for the transformation, that was character development. A lot of the RPers had this god-like characters that I could not hope to beat, like Lore, who was the one who trained me in the original battle arena on MoD. I decided to merge the Chaos Imp with the Dark Goddess and create one character, I had done it before on Vizzed in my first battle with a godmodder. But instead of her being all powerful all the time, I made it just increase her abilities to match Lore's, and got the idea that she lost herself when this happened. It seemed a cool idea, a goddess that didn't know she was a goddess. That way she also had a lesser form for people that had regular characters.

Sparda helped me with her strategy more during our one fight, and I think I came out of that fight a better simbattler.

I don't know what else to say really.
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Posted on 06-03-05 09:19 PM Link | Quote
My character is insipired by all the prick's that make god-mods. Ariya was inspired because I'm so tired of people making characters with "mystical" powers (no offense). Its just, if any human goes up against these guys, I want to show that humans are stronger than they look.

Originally it was inspired by a story I'm writing, but different plot line.

I love the fact that when you take something like a human and can write them...and you can make them anything you want. Isn't it great? It amazes me what type of beauty your character can hold.


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Posted on 07-25-05 02:24 AM Link | Quote
My character originally began as a D&D-style fighter/mage combo with a unique race i created for the game owners.

After that...the only thing that inspired his development was my "id". He is, in many ways, a representation of what the core consciousness of my mind would be without boundries. Take away the Ego, Super-Ego, Conscious, and Subconscious mind and toss whats left in what has become a near-omnipotent being..and you'd come pretty damned close.
Vel Belmont


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Posted on 07-25-05 06:29 AM Link | Quote
Out of the years I have simmed, I have come wup with 4 main characters.

Zenthiroth: Inspired by Satanism. This character, if anything is everything that I think the anti-christ should be and how one should act. Hate, fear, and love revolve around this character in many sick ways. He is more or less my unwilling partner. As far as his attacks and whatnot go, they are all mine creation. Inspired none more then myself.

Tseng: He was inspired to be created by my freind Reno. When I first met him, it was like a shot of charisma. Reno not only influenced Tseng, but also taught me many strategies to involve with. To this day, Tseng is not a finished character. Without the aid of Reno...I am not the person I am today.

Vel Belmont: He was created during my absence from Shin-ra. Yes, I was once Reno's enemy after I was with him. Not only did I stab him in the back and become his enemy, I hated him for quite some time. My jealousy and my envy towards him grew day in and night. Vel Belmont was created out of the hate I have for Reno. Why do I still use him? He's the True Vampire character. Also inspired by the novel: Dante's Inferno.

Seifer: Yes Seifer from FF8. He looked the same as the game character, same attitude and whatnot. Only I added in a few spells here and there as wel as some clothing properties. Inspiration? FF8's Seifer.

Others: I have a few others, more or less generic copies of the above. I have worked on another character by the name Daimonion, who is quite similiar to my Vel and Zenthiroth character combined.
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My older character, Jity Horo, was more or less based off of myself. I've always had a cult style love of water/ice magic, so I made him a mage. Then seeing what Sparda, Xeios, and other did to weak characters like mages I added a little physical power to him and gave him some other spells that didn't quite add on to water/ice. My Avatar is what Jity would have looked like.

Dimitri was a mistake waiting to happen. Hell-bourne foes, as Cairoi put it, are the generic form of guys on this site (probaly because the orignal site was called Masters of Darknes). He was also a mage but a martal artist sort of texture to him. Unfortunetly he didn't come out as planned.

Richard is probaly my favorite character. I haven't tried him out yet but still hes teh cool.
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