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10-04-22 07:16 AM
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True Flight

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Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 05-19-05 03:33 PM Link | Quote
Draegonis looked at the weapons. She didn't favor them. "An ultimate weapon?" She reached her hand out and touched a bow and arrow. It seemed to bond iwth her hand. "Wow..." She smiled. "I never felt that before." She pulled the arrow back, it was very easy and not very stressful.

"I'll be going now!" Skuld said exitting a separate house. She smiled and ran down the hill and jumped on the ledge to a rock, beside a stream. "I FOUND YOU BIG BRO!"

There stood a guy two times taller than her. "Ah. I see you have. Welcome back Skuld." He wore a straw hat and a pair of overralls with a white shirt on. He was laying back. "So what has Skuld brought to this town? Dra-chan doing okay?"

"Well. It turns out..." and Skuld explained the story.

"Ah.... very interesting. SO. You gonna get that bounty?"

"Dra-chan? No... I don't want to. I know it'll save the town..." Skuld smirked and bent over pinching a cheek. "So you think I would think about money Big brother Shane."

Shane winced. "Nah. I didn't think you do, but Pluei sure thinks a lot about who's money that is..."

Skuld blushed. "Right... Pluei. He's always trying to fight me but you know. He'll never win!"
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
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Posted on 05-19-05 03:51 PM Link | Quote
Cairoi snapped awake when he saw the boy enter the bar. He stood up and walked over to the door and stopped next to him.

"Umm...I think I know where she is. Follow me."

Cairoi lead the boy to Skuld and Shane with an indifferent face but with cracks of a smile breaking on his lips. This boy reminded him of himself: Headstrong, loud, and caring. Or so he thought. He stood in front of Skuld and Shane with the boy next to him.

"Hey, he belong to you?"
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2122 days
Last activity: 2107 days
Posted on 05-20-05 09:57 AM Link | Quote
"SKULD!!" Pluei shouted and stomped on the ground.

Skuld jumped up and glared at Pluei. "What do you want Pluei? The money?"

"You got it!" Pluei jump kicked and Skuld moved to the side leading to Shane catching the flying boy.

Skuld sits down and shakes her head. "You're still no good for it. Only those who really want it, earn it. Have you got that through your head?"

"Yeah and I really want that money."

"Through greed. You don't need it. Why would you of all people Pluei need it?" Skuld asked and glared at Pluei. "What would you want more than wanting to throw away your friends and family?"

Pluei blushed and looked at Skuld. Obviously he hadn't of thought about the money that way before.

Skuld looked at Pluei and shook her head. "Just as I thought." She closed her eyes and for that split second Pluei punched her in the face. Skuld flew across and slammed face first into a tree.

"One hit?" Pluei asked and looked at Skuld. "I thought you could do better than that."
Leon D. Sagara

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Posted on 05-21-05 12:38 PM Link | Quote
::Leon stopped in the middle of a patch of open greenery in the forest and set Ayla down and took some water from his pouch and gave it to her watching her as she drank, makeing sure she finished it all off::

Ayla: wont you need any Big Brother?

Leon: No, I ll be fine, we'll rest here tonite, so try and rest so that your wounds will heal

::Leon stood with a smile on his face and immited an aura barrier all around the open field to prevent all targets who would seek harm upon his sister::

I will protect you now, You have no fears

::Leon sat down next to Ayla and looked into the bright blue sky as she fell asleep on his shoulder humming a tune that their mother use to sing as a lulaby to them when they were kids::


::Leon stared into the sky hopeing for some answers as to what had happened to his mother and younger sister::
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2122 days
Last activity: 2107 days
Posted on 05-21-05 04:18 PM Link | Quote
Skuld put a hand on her cheek and looked at Pluei. She sent a smirk and dashed at him with a kick and he moved to the side. Then she dashed and tackled him. "The money's not your's it's the towns."

Pluei smirked and flipped Skuld off of him. "I'm not after the money."

Skuld blinked and got up. Something's up....
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