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01-22-21 11:58 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - "is it worth it?" is that?? | | Thread closed
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Master Naruto


Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 03-12-05 12:12 AM Link
ok, there has been a lot of stuff going around about this. This is just a bunch of stuff that's like "he said that she said that he is saying this" and people spreading rumors about both of them and it's being believed by both of them and it's messing both of their lives up. From what I see and hear, both of them are being affected by it more then they should be and one person just will not let it go. One person cannot just say "ok, I don't care what they're saying, i'm gonna let it go and not care" they both can't do that cause it will quieten down and then someone will sayy something and/or do something to piss the other person off or someone will tell one of them something about it that;s not true or something that they THINK the other person said and it's bulls*it. Complete and utter bulls*it. They both need to cut it out, forget about each other, treat each other like someone they don't know and just...don' I"m tired of hearing from both of them that the other person said this so if he/she says or does this to me i'm gonna kill them. If someone hates you, ok. Then they hate you. If they say stuff about you, if they go behind your back and talk about you when they were your friends but arn't now and treat you like less then the shit that comes out of bacteria that eats the bacteria that is small compared to a fucking atom, then they were never your friend to begin with and they need to fucking drop dead from a painful, slow-killing virus and shut up. Just shut up about it cause nobody wants to here anything about what he said or what she said. You need to just.....stop.....caring. Stop caring what people say that the other person said cause it's not true! People spread rumors about people cause they know that they'll both hear the same rumor and they'll be whining and at each other's throat and the reason they started the rumor is cause they wanna see them sqiurm and they wanna see some action. That person needs to choke on acid. And not the drug acid, the kind that will burn your throat to hell and make you breath through the big hole that will be in your neck after you choke and die on it. Everybody is making too big of a deal out of this and .....both of those people should just stop it.

And another thing...nobody should take sides on this. I wanna make one thing straight. True is only seeing thrings from one side and Sajin is only seeing things from one side. I am in the middle and i'm seeing things from both sides. It's not Sajin's fault alone, it's not True's fault alone. It's both of their faults for believing what everybody is saying about them and each other. Now, there is one person that just...u_uwill not leave it alone and i'm gonna say it. True, you started 2 things tonight at Cyber LANding. 1st when you asked me if you should go talk to Sajin and I said no, that it wouldn't be a good idea and you feaked out and all that and 2nd when we were leaving and you said to Sajin "I hope you had a good time" which you knew would provoke him. Sajin was just sitting there playing Halo 2 and you bothered him. I'm sorry, If I would have seen Sajin do it, then I would have told him, but he didn't do it. He did not do anything to bother you at all and tried to ignore you. This is just fucking you and him up. you should forget about it and he is trying to forget about it. He prays that this would just go away and it would be over. He wants you out of his mind. Just leave him alone and he won't bother you...let this be done and oevr with. This is all just bulls*it and it needs to stop.

Again, I am STRESSING that nobody blame one person alone because it is True and Sajin's fault. DO NOT take the side of one person if you don't know the whole story.

And anothr thing, Sajin did say that he was gonna go to AWA and mess up True's time there, but I talked him out of it. He did say that to her...but he isn't cause he told me he wouldn't and i'm going with him, so i'm gonna make sure he doesn't even have anything to to with True. That's how it's both of their faults. I'm not taking one side, I just tell it like it is and I want it to stop and I also don't want anybody to take the side of one person. It isn't right cause, I say again, they are both at fault

Sailor Desse
Mistress of Pink
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy

Since: 08-14-04
From: The Moon

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Posted on 03-12-05 12:32 AM Link
Can you please change your font style, it's near impossible to read your post.

zmal Nr I understand from what you have said that it's not nice, I have been in a similar situation, but I believe this is not the place to say this, especially when two of the people you mentioned are from here, I don't think we need this thread turning ugly.

If True and Sajin arent seeing eye to eye, I think the best thing is for them and you to work this out face to face instead of posting on here. I'm not trying to be mean, but Xeo did place a sticky up in here before the wipe explaining that these types of threads should not be posted here.

Divine Mamkute
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Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

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Posted on 03-12-05 12:41 AM Link
Okay, I understand your views Uzu, but you shouldn't have made a new thread about it, you should have posted it in True's thread. Also, over half of that should not have been said here, or at least said in a nicer way.

Now, like I said, this should have been posted in True's thread, so *closes*
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - "is it worth it?" is that?? | Thread closed

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