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01-26-21 12:18 AM
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Sailor Déesse
Mistress of Pink
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy

Since: 08-14-04
From: The Moon

Since last post: 5169 days
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Posted on 03-06-05 02:43 AM Link | Quote
Argh! Why do you guys have to be so difficult and complicated!

Mitch and I went out today to catch a movie, we saw Hide and Seek, we didn't really enjoy it. Started off ok, but got crappy near the end, anyways while we were in the candy bar line, Mitch asked what I would like to eat, I didn't know so asked what he would like to eat, he said he didn't know, so I said we could share pop-corn, he said no he didn't want pop-corn, so I said well what do you want and he said I don't know, so I suggested something else, he said no he didn't want that, so I suggested something else. We're gradually moving up the line and we're on about this until we are finally ask what we would like to purchase. Mitch goes well do you want to share a pop-corn ... I nearly yelled at him. I just went sure and kept my cool.

We're sitting in the cinema and all the way through the movie he kept on hogging the pop-corn. We got out of the cinema and we decided to have a look around the shops, Mitch wanted to have a look in the games shop, so we had a good browse in there, pretty boring lol. Mitch asked me once we got out if I wanted to go to a certain shop, I said I wouldn't mind looking at some cloths, he said ok and so we headed towards Beach Central (surf shop) as we got close to the shop Mitch's attention was on one of them car places, where you can buy things to make your car look cool. He said he was just going over there to look, I said can you come with me first, he just looked at me and said I don't really want to go cloth shopping, I said fine and turned around a left him there.

I was angry at him, but he is one of them guys you can't stay made at so I forgave him. But it would have been nice if he would have spent sometime with me in a shop I wanted to go to, I mean he doesn't have to love it or anything. I don't know, that day just didn't not go well for me.

Have any of you people with partners had this problem or something similar?

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
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Penguins Fan

Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 11 days
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Posted on 03-06-05 02:52 AM Link | Quote
Well, not really... since the only place in the mall that I shop for clothes at is Hot Topic, and Cryus shops there too, so there is no real problem. Hell, my ex took me clothes shopping with him almost everytime he went in the 2 1/2 years we were dating!


Since: 10-20-04

Since last post: 3695 days
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Posted on 03-06-05 02:56 AM Link | Quote
unfortunately Dees men as a species are idiots. We're typically oblivious to our surroundings. I personally try to be more observant than that and more understand of what my girlfriend (when I have one) wants and likes. I know I don't always succeed but I try.

I know I've gone on outings I didn't really want to go on either cause my girlfriend did or there was a girl that was going that I was interested in and I was trying to figure out how to tell her. *shrugs* I'm the shy type sometimes so sue me.

Anywho. I'm sorry your day was so crappy. Maybe you should explain to this Mitch how it made you feel calmly and without getting worked up about it when you feel that you can look at it objectively enough to just state how you felt without venting at him.

I hope things go well for you.

Metal battleaxe
Is back. Kind of.

Since: 11-15-04

Since last post: 933 days
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Posted on 03-06-05 09:02 AM Link | Quote

I am sorry Deesse that that happened. But Pockets is right most men really are oblivious to such things some are not but most are.

I like to think that i am pretty good at listening to what my gf wants to do.

But sometimes we need to be reminded of such things...

Since: 08-14-04

Since last post: 149 days
Last activity: 149 days
Posted on 03-06-05 12:50 PM Link | Quote
Well... most men like me and everyone else tend to be unpredictable at some points.

Heck, whenever I go to the mall with my mother, she alway wanted to go each shop and this REALLY bored me since there was one place I wanted to go... Even my dad does the same to me. "Hey, let's go to this store. We can alway check your store later on." You think they would alway kept their promises.

Me? I haven't done anything yet, except bored my friend in most part. But listen, Deesse, your friend Mitch, may want to 'control' his victim so what I suggest is talking him about his breaking promises and how much feeling he hurt you.

If you are going on a date without any planning, this would make things harder since everything can be changes according to people's brain. But let say that you and Mitch doesn't know what you are doing. Later, you decide going to a clothes store. You are bound to run into other store you may see and sometime actually check it out.

Male and females' brain work differently. While we are on the same planets and such, we are really different and our brain work differently. Hence, it is not that easy for female and male to understand other for the first time. Even you went on a couple date, it slowly processing and trying to adjust both male and female's thinking to the same level.

Well, in short, probably you and Mitch didn't have alot to do and this may be the problem. But if you found the idea first and Mitch saw something he want to go, you came first since you have the idea and you and Mitch can go where Mitch thought second.

Try setting some rules with guy, we, at most time, are untamed and need woman to tame us.
Fear will kill your mind and steal your love as sure as anything;
Fear will rob you blind and make you numb to others suffering

Since: 10-03-04
From: Azul Lux Orbital, Kirin Beta

Since last post: 1084 days
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Posted on 03-06-05 12:59 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Pockets
unfortunately Dees men as a species are idiots.
A... species? Did I miss a biology lesson or something?

The best thing you can do is talk to him calmly about it, and watch his reaction. I doubt you have anything to worry about, but his reaction could be a clue on whether or not he really cares about what you wanted to do.

Posting Pig
Not Dead

Since: 01-12-05
From: Nowhere

Since last post: 1285 days
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Posted on 03-06-05 01:12 PM Link | Quote
This thread is a complete over-recation (which is something women are good at) of a simple situation which happens every day in malls.

Men and Women are different. Men are not complex or hard to figure out. We're just mainly selfish.

Women like to gives us more credit than we deserve and think there MUST be something deeper to cause the situations we create from that selfishness.

All in all. Forget about it. I'm sure he has.

Sailor Déesse
Mistress of Pink
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy

Since: 08-14-04
From: The Moon

Since last post: 5169 days
Last activity: 4900 days
Posted on 03-06-05 03:20 PM Link | Quote
Well I will talk to him about it. Thinking about it now, it does seem silly, I mean we both didn't have a nice day, I bet it was the movie that put us off ...

Cloths do bore him, but I just thought since I went with him to a shop he wanted to look at he might go to a shop I wanted to go to

Thanks guys for your advise and kind words I'm sure we're going to come across more broken patches in the road, I mean all relationships do
avatar of law


Since: 12-29-04
From: paris, canada

Since last post: 4371 days
Last activity: 4371 days
Posted on 03-07-05 12:15 AM Link | Quote
no, i dont think you over-reacted at all, that is, if it was a date or someone you liked, if he was simply a friend, then i guess it doesnt matter. he was a total jerk. why would he say he didnt want pop-corn, but hogged it. makes no sense. anyways, i'm not like most guys. i'm actually considerate about other ppl's feelings. all you have to keep in mind is, it wont kill you to do something with someone. he could've went in the store. i dont see what guys see in cars... it's something you drive in, you dont need to blow money on it, unless it's something that you really need.


Since: 08-19-04
From: Somewhere

Since last post: 5782 days
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Posted on 03-14-05 07:42 AM Link | Quote
Might be somewhat of a bump but....

Wow, he doesn't have much experience with dating/women does he? Sounds like something I might've done oh...when I was in the 6th grade. For Pete's sake the girl you're with wants to go "cloths" (same as clothes am I right?) you freaking go with her and buy something for her....yet another prime example of someone ignorant in the ways of dating.

*bows all japanese like and walks off royally pissed*
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 1506 days
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Posted on 03-14-05 01:43 PM Link | Quote
Deesse that sounds like my mom and dad. They always do that to each other, but the person who's supposedly the "Mitch" is my mom. I always wondered how they stayed together after these things.

Mom's always saying the first thing Dad said. So yeah I've SEEN this situation, and it gets a lot worse if you let it go too far... Believe me, they actually threw pots and pans at each other because my Dad wanted to leave to see his dad. That's about it.

Sailor Déesse
Mistress of Pink
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy

Since: 08-14-04
From: The Moon

Since last post: 5169 days
Last activity: 4900 days
Posted on 03-14-05 09:34 PM Link | Quote
Well I guess it's bound to happen, I mean after all we aren’t alike in most things, he being male and me female and we both have our own likes. But it's going fine, we're all good ... i just hope we don't start throwing pots and pans around
Master Naruto


Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 5299 days
Last activity: 2829 days
Posted on 03-15-05 06:49 PM Link | Quote
AHH i'm not like that. I do play games, but if my g/f wants to go shopping for clothes and I have the money, then i'll buy her some. And stifling on the food and drinks at the movies? Haha, don't make me laugh. That's so sad... I would never do that to my g/f. I'd rather bye her something and not get anything formyself then get something for myself and not her...unless she didn't want anything O_o


Since: 10-08-04
From: Lakewood, CA

Since last post: 5688 days
Last activity: 5443 days
Posted on 03-18-05 08:20 PM Link | Quote
Guys are completely random, annoying, & confusing. I'll post in a new thread the crap I've gone through lately. Seriously, I'm one bad relationship away from being completely cynical.....

#1 Enhancement Shaman US Ravenholdt

Since: 09-05-04
From: His Laughin' Place

Since last post: 3161 days
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Posted on 03-26-05 01:26 AM Link | Quote
Let me put it to you this way deesse, men dont think with their head, thay think with their "other" head, the one down there...Why?

Well, most men put themselvs first, men think that they are improtant because they have a cute girl with them, and they need to show off their girl or something. And once men get to the point of Love, they put their crotch first.

You need to say this

"I have the P*ssy, I make the rules!"
lol, you dont have to say that, but if he does that again and wants love, say that quote and ill bet he'll be focused on you in no time!

Posting Pig
Not Dead

Since: 01-12-05
From: Nowhere

Since last post: 1285 days
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Posted on 03-26-05 04:11 AM Link | Quote
I sometimes think some people are drawn to homosexuality due to over-demanding women who think they're the queens of the world and the second men fuck up it's all our fault because we're not perfect. Bleh!

Atkeast another man accepts and understands the way of another man.

I should make a thread about what's wrong with women, then again. I don't think I can type that much!


Dark Wizard
\"She said tonight...come on come on collide...see what I fire feels like..I bet its just like heaven.\"

Since: 08-15-04
From: Philadelphia, P.A.

Since last post: 158 days
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Posted on 03-26-05 07:48 AM Link | Quote
Lol, nice Jin.

**huggles Des** I'm sorry that happened...but no matter what, it's not an over-reaction if its something that bothered you. But like everyone else said, talk to him about those things. You are both human before you're men and women, and it's perfectly okay to make mistakes and/or "over-react"...ya know? What really matters is what happens when you talk about it and try to fix it. If neither one of you are willing to understand the other, that's where the problem is, but that's not a man and woman issue, that's a person issue. But you're a nice girl, and he really does sound like a nice boy when you talk about him, so it should work out.

As for me...I guess I'm like a guy. I forget important dates, I'm a bit of a show-off when it's something that I'm really good at, I don't like to go shopping, and you'd never know I was a lady if you heard my mouth. So I'm really sympathetic toward guys when they get like that, but only if you can talk to them when they act that way and fix it or whatever. Like when I do something like that, if people can't talk to me and tell me I'm being a jackass, then it's inexcusable...I'm prolly getting confusing again.

I kid around of course, and have comments about men and how they "typically" are, and my friends do the same to me about women, but to be perfectly honest, other than the differences that are there that no one can help, it don't matter which you are. I've seen girls that are "typical" girls, and same with boys. Then I've seen the opposite, girls that are more masculine, boys that are more femenine. For the most part though, there is no masculine/femenine. There's you. I have a crap load of guy friends, and sure, they cet all egotistical, but as quickly as they show their big egos, they're sincere and there for you when you need them, and you don't have to drop hints whatsoever. They recognize it right away, and then like me, I really like blue, but I like pink too. I ilke to kickass on the ice in a hockey game, but I like acting in plays and volleyball.

Point is, I don't think there is a "typical" anything.

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
Chaos Imp
Penguins Fan

Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 11 days
Last activity: 11 days
Posted on 03-26-05 09:38 PM Link | Quote
I gotta second Raven on that, there really is not a "typical" anything, just stereotypes. I'm the uber tomboy... I go as far as usually wearing guys clothes... though I do wear skirts now and then... but for some reason I look good that way. Jokingly I told Cryus earlier that the only thing he really has to worry about with me is me stealing his clothes, heh heh.

But seriously, just talk to Mitch and hopefully next time he won't act like such a idiot.
Damion Jezebeth


Since: 08-23-04
From: macomb, MI, USA

Since last post: 5739 days
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Posted on 04-09-05 12:41 AM Link | Quote
this is one thing i cant stand. girls who think that just becuase what you want to do is something your guy doesnt want to do makes the stupid or immature. you know what? quite bitching. guys are guys, we do what we want. i dont want a girlfriend simply for that reason (im not gay either) becuase i try to treat everyone equally. both men and women, which is probably why my last relationships have failed. if i dont want to do something i wont do it. but becuase of the systems set forth by society men have to sacrifice themselves for you. i know thats a more extreme way of saying it.

i hear girls in my school ranting all the time about they arent treated equally, how men are held in higher regards and shit like that. but what happens when a guy treat them like another one of their guys friends? equally they he would his other friends? you women start bitching and call us immature.

what women fail to understand is that men seperate aspects of their lives into boxes, not letting one thing affect everything else. where as women have one thing in their lives affect everything else. there is a book called "men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti" and thats exactly what it talks about.

Déesse, yes, mitch was being an ass hole that particular day. i understand that. but you have to understand that that is how the average guy acts.

and believe me, men are not nearly as compliated as you would like to think. we are basic, were not all idiots like pockets said, we just live our lives one thing at a time.


Since: 08-16-04

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Posted on 04-09-05 07:45 AM Link | Quote
Deese, I can kinda understand what you are going through.

And guys, most guys, are ignorant assbags. Not me, I stick with who I'm with even if I don't like it. I go into all the girly shops and walk around with her(my girlfriend), and the only places I want to go are Past and Presents, Spencers, and FYE, and she loves all of those places, but sometimes she just doesn't want to do anything, its rather annoying but I deal with it.
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