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01-22-21 11:38 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - I wonder is life nothing but a memory | |
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Stone axe

Since: 08-26-04
From: Wouldnt you like to know

Since last post: 4875 days
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Posted on 03-04-05 08:23 PM Link | Quote
because you only liveing one split period of time and in that period of time your brain turns what you see in to a memory so then if life nothing but a thought that we can arange any way we want it. If one and for gets some thing and noone can remember it either then did it actually ever happen? or what if we gain a false memory and every one else remembers it that way too does that make it true?


Since: 10-20-04

Since last post: 3691 days
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Posted on 03-04-05 08:44 PM Link | Quote
That sounds a lot like the question of the Bishop and the Preying Mantis.

A bishop has a dream that he is sleeping and there is a sleeping preying Mantis on his chest. Or is it actually the Matnis that is dreaming that he is sleeping on the chest of a sleeping Bishop? And what happens to the one that actually is a dream when the other wakes? Will Bishop or Mantis simply cease to exist along with all their memories and experiences?

Sailor Déesse
Mistress of Pink
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy

Since: 08-14-04
From: The Moon

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Posted on 03-05-05 09:21 PM Link | Quote
Life isn't just a memory. We have to live it for it to be a memory. Our brain is a storage system, everything we do and see is stored and we have flashes or thoughts of something we did.

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
Chaos Imp
Penguins Fan

Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 8 days
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Posted on 03-06-05 12:16 AM Link | Quote
Life is a series of experiences, at the end of life all that is left are memories... so in a sense life is a memory, but only at the end of life.
avatar of law


Since: 12-29-04
From: paris, canada

Since last post: 4368 days
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Posted on 03-06-05 07:41 PM Link | Quote
i'd just hate the thought that when i'm dead, within a few decades, everything about me will basically be gone. even if you do have kids, it's still pretty much the same thing. all you've worked for, gone, and forgotten even if you do become famous, they'll only remember you for the things you did, and not the type of person you are. like george washington, im sure no one knows what he is his fav food and whatnot. anyways... unless they can clone your body and insert your brain into that clone... i'll be sad waiting my death...

Continued Harassment.

Since: 03-07-05
From: In pieces

Since last post: 4885 days
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Posted on 03-07-05 05:10 PM Link | Quote
here is how I try to think about it all.

I would say memory is just perceptions of events and thoughts that happen over time. And life, life is just that ongoing over time, and we happen to be part of it.

Your life may not matter in a grand scheme of things, such as your individual memories, or your individual preferences. Soon as that individual that is you dies, you will be gone forever.

But that does not mean you should be sad about it.

You should be happy about the other important parts.

When you are gone, your memories cease to exist, and as a whole, your time to influence things is over, so what you have to do is to use your time to influence everything that you can in the best way possible. Why mourn your own time being over? Be proud of the things that you accomplish in your life time, no matter how long or short it was, and no matter how monumental those good accomplishments were.

People don't have to remember you, nor should they have to. Just be sure in the fact that what you did with the time you were given was worth while. You can be a person's savior, the anonymous person who helps someone out in their time of need, or just brighten one person's day. If they never know who you were, or if they forget it the next day, it doesn't matter. You did something good. That's all you need to worry about.

I can't tell you what life is. Nor can I tell you what memory is.

But I can tell you that neither is important.
What is important is doing good for others.

There are unsung hero's from every single day of time that has passed. You and I don't know who they are, but every day I thank them for what they've done. Because they have done far more than any other hero you'll ever hear about, The best stories of hero's, are only those that live on in the hearts of men, and those that strive to do what's right, even if they're all alone. The stories no one hears about. It's what gives honor and courage meaning, striving to do what's right when no one is looking.

You don't have to be a super hero. But whenever you see any opportunity to do the right thing, or do something for someone else who's having a rough day, do what you can for them. A stranger crying, offer them a hand. As akward as it is, even if all you can do is give them a hug, just do it if you can.

And if you can say yes, I'm a good person, then don't fear your own death, and do not be sad about it. Accept it and be proud of the time that you had, and what you did while you were here, even if no one else does.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus

High Xeodent of Xeomerica.

Since: 10-29-04
From: North Carolina, United States. World, Sol System, milky way

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Posted on 03-07-05 05:20 PM Link | Quote
This is the sort of question a philosepherwondered, and he came up with this solution to prove his existance:

I think, therfore I am.

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
Chaos Imp
Penguins Fan

Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 8 days
Last activity: 8 days
Posted on 03-07-05 11:39 PM Link | Quote
Truth, that was inspiring.

Vulkar, that was a philospher pondering whether or not he really existed, or what made him real in a sense.
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