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02-03-23 09:59 PM
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Posted on 03-04-05 07:16 PM Link | Quote
(W00t, I just remember the name of the game.)

Okay, I am really surprise that this game is SO MUCH better than just our regular Fire Emblem. Why?

- Hey, new maps, a little upgrade on the battle animation, etc.

- You can "train" now (think as FFT, where the random battle may start if you land on the green dot.)

- Instead just auto-promoting a unit, you are allow to decide which units get promoted to. (For instance, let just say I don't want my Pegasus Rider to become a Pegasus Knight. I could select the altervate and change it to Wyvern Knight instead.)

- Instead of fighting people now, you can also fight monster as well! (You can fight gaint spiders, wolf, demon, etc.)

- Better storyline? I really don't know, but it is damn fun to play this type of game.

- NEW CLASSES! Yes, you hear me. There are new classes such as a civilian weilding axe (I couldn't tell his damn title so I am going to call him Axe-user.) or PirateThief (just look like a pirate through.)

- This time, you can see a male cleric. (I know it seem stupid, but in most Fire Emblem, they never have alot of male cleric.)

And what else... Oh yeah, my soon-to-be-favorite character. A girl that can transformed into a dragon. (No, not like Ninian-huge. More like a kid dragon.) Ooo-lala.

Yes, I am currently playing this game so... I just have to say that this is one of greatest Fire Emblem than Fire Emblem 7 (or just Fire Emblem in our country.)
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki |

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