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07-01-22 09:08 PM
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Kaijin Surohm
Living the dream

Since: 08-16-04

Since last post: 802 days
Last activity: 505 days
Posted on 03-02-05 06:01 PM Link | Quote
Kaijin Surohm: "You go away with murder, two people are dead"
Kaijin Surohm: Lol
xKomugix: hmm..
Kaijin Surohm: "Evrybody knows that OJ did it, that he took the Knife and hit it, but the jury said No no no, let him go let him go let him go. "
Kaijin Surohm: Lol
xKomugix: O.o I can't dl exe files.
xKomugix: mom'll kill me.
xKomugix: XD
Kaijin Surohm: "Johnny Cocrine said Mark Fermin is dressed like that mustached Germain, and the Jurry said Judjy toe, Let him go let him go let him go.
Kaijin Surohm: Song two:
Kaijin Surohm: =P
Kaijin Surohm: "He didn't give Testamony, and his book was Balognie. Throughout the whole trile, he just sat and smiled, he's walking and he never took the stand."
Kaijin Surohm: "There was no Testafyin', we would know he was liein', He Murdered them But, he kept his mouth shut, he's walkin' and he never took the stand... Fall la lah la la la lah la la..."
Kaijin Surohm: Lol
xKomugix: lol
Kaijin Surohm: song Three:
Kaijin Surohm: "You got away with Murder, two people are dead. Disembowment cold cut off Nichole's Head. It's hard to belive that your feeling remorse, you won't find the real killer unless he's on a Golf Course. Fal La lala lala la la la lah la."
Kaijin Surohm: Song Four: "You'll have a Paula Barbrabary Christmas, a Paula Barbrabary Christmas, a Paula Barbrabary Christmas, and he'll kill her next year."
Kaijin Surohm: "Fal la!"
xKomugix: XD
Kaijin Surohm: Song Five: "Have a Johnny Cockrin Christmas, best lawyer you can find. Wear a three peice suit and a black nip cap, ask the jury: 'WHO AM I?!'"
Kaijin Surohm: lol
Kaijin Surohm: The OJ Simpson: I'll be home for Christmas, but I'll burn in hell
Kaijin Surohm: Album
Kaijin Surohm: Bob and Tom records
Kaijin Surohm: lol
xKomugix: XD
xKomugix: lol
Kaijin Surohm: XD, The Man song
xKomugix: THE MAN SONG?!!!
xKomugix: I love that song!!!
Kaijin Surohm: "I Don't Take Crap From Anyboudy Else But you... I Wear The Pants Around Here when i finsih with the laundree... Cuz I'm A Guy You Don't Wanna Fight, When I Say Jump You Say 'Yea-right', I'm The Man Of This House untill you get home..."
Kaijin Surohm: :-D
Kaijin Surohm: I have the Women Song too
xKomugix: the woman song rocks.
Kaijin Surohm: "She's a Women... She's a Women... She's a Women... yea... She's a Women... I am Women hear me Roar! if you don't open my door... I Can Do Anything A Man Can Do but i don't have too... Oh The Female Sex Has A Lot More Class unless we're lookin at a male stripper's ass... I'm A Twenty First Centry Gal, but i can't set my vcr..."
xKomugix: XD
xKomugix: I remember that one too
xKomugix: I LOVE that song.
xKomugix: I don't do booze, but I'm addicted to buying shoes.
Kaijin Surohm: "Well I Am Not Your Hooker, but your still ganna pay... Cuz Sex Is A Special Thing, and a darn good weapon... Cuz My Body Belongs To Me, untill i get dinner, and a moviee... I Don't Sleep Around, till i do a credit check..."
Kaijin Surohm: "And I Have A Mind Of My Own, that i change every two seconds... And I'm Not Afraid To Ask Questions because i can't unfold a mpa... And I Stand Behind My Man, so i can nag him as much as i can... And I Can Fight In Combat, but i can't kill a spider..."
Kaijin Surohm: "I'll Never Tell A Lie, but i'll fake an orgasim... Cuz I Am The Real McCoy, ' sept for my boobs and my face... And I Don't Take Drugs, And I Don't Drink Booze, but i am addicted to buying shoes... And I'm Very Proud Of My Age, which is none of your frickin buisness..."
Kaijin Surohm: :-D
Kaijin Surohm: Rodney Carry: "She had a gap between her teeth that you could drive a truck through... Reved like a trashcan dumpster that would kill you, She road a 1973 Chevy Blazer... And her Legs and her armpits never seen a Razor... She had Curlers in her Hair, Window Rolled down, and did a Snuff, spit on the ground, as drunk as I was, that women looked GOOD to me!"
xKomugix: lol
Kaijin Surohm: I have a CD thats basicaly all man songs, lol

Metal battleaxe
Is back. Kind of.

Since: 11-15-04

Since last post: 1455 days
Last activity: 695 days
Posted on 03-02-05 07:03 PM Link | Quote

o.O Little weird buts kinda funny.

Must have been bored Kaijin

Pretty funny though i liked that.


Since: 02-02-05
From: U.S.A.

Since last post: 5611 days
Last activity: 5233 days
Posted on 03-03-05 03:28 PM Link | Quote
Wow.. some very random people on this bored lol, but it was funny in my opinion. I like when ppl post their convos on here they are great to read.
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