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01-23-21 12:30 AM
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Since: 09-12-04

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Posted on 03-01-05 07:34 PM Link | Quote
well i have an anger problem as most of my friends know and this kid was calling me a fag so i stabbed him with a plastic knife.... not thinking that he would go home and tell his parents.. well today i woke up said happy b-day to my dad and told him to have a good day becuase i was in a good mood and it was his birthday. well off to school started out allright and i was cerpy and all the sudden like 5 min before 1st hour ended a hall moniter comes into my english class and goes they need me the V.P wants to see me i was like what did i do now they got nothing on me. well i ended talking to him they got the school cop in there . their like your lucky im like why they go assault and battery to a minor im like i am a minor they go true. they go we gotta suspend you for stabing a kid im like no not today please ill do dention for the whole year the v/p we cant its either they sue you or we suspened you im like please its my dads b-day i cant today just not today they go we cant help it im like okay what ever be a asshole. the v.p goes what im like your an asshole i mean my dads birthday and you go suspend his kid good V.P you are he goes ohh that helps im like i dont care i just dont wana see my dads face when he hears his youngest soon in the family gets suspended for something so stupid. i go home its all fine. my dad come home he was so crushed that i got suspended that we didnt go out to eat ( we go out to eat on someones dinner to realy $$$ place) i felt so bad right now i havent eaten dinner and my dad wont talk to me i feel horrible.

(Last edited by Elara on 03-02-05 03:20 AM)
X Marks the Spot
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Since: 10-06-04
From: Petaluma, CA

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Posted on 03-01-05 08:18 PM Link | Quote
Ok.. Now let me tell you, it is not ok to stab people...

I also have an anger problem, one time I got mad at my friend and beat my window with a slice of pizza...

the only thing to remember is it's better to hurt yourself or inanimate objects than other people...

And just for him calling you a fag, i for one am sickened and deeply disturbed by behavior like this, it's just not right and to tell you the truth i think should be behind bars right now...

Seriously, people like that just can't function in society.

(Last edited by Elara on 03-02-05 03:20 AM)

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Since: 08-14-04
From: The Moon

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Posted on 03-01-05 09:16 PM Link | Quote
First off your going to have to look at fixing your layout, second what is intended with the remark about the Moonies?

As X Marks the Spot said, it is not ok to stab people, no matter what they say. You know the saying "Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but names will never harm me" well it is sorta true. Names are names, people who call others names have serious problems.

It's silly, but you will have to put up with the suspenion, he physically didn't do anything to you, verbally he did, but you physically harmed him first. I'm sorry to hear of whats happened though


Since: 01-29-05
From: New Zealand

Since last post: 2965 days
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Posted on 03-01-05 09:57 PM Link | Quote
I've gotten suspended before... I hit some girl who called me names... oh the memories... There are better ways to go about things like this. If anything, you should've brushed it off. I have anger issues too. When a person makes me the slightest bit angry, I react in horrible ways. 'Tis a curse...

Wall Bot

Since: 08-16-04
From: the world of warcraft

Since last post: 5580 days
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Posted on 03-02-05 01:54 PM Link | Quote
Dude, I woulda stabbed him too...People should keep thier god damn mouth shut about shit like that. I have been bullied all my life mainly because of my disease and Im sick of it...I had a huge problem with this in 7th grade.

My Solution was:

Tell the principal. I know it sounds stupid and childish but when i did this, my enemy was so nervous and he claims he did nothing of the sort to me, bullshit I have tons of witnesses.

Anyway, Your enemy would be pretty flustered with this, some times it would get them to stop, but in my case It needed another time and he finally quit it.


Since: 09-02-04
From: Destroy Tower

Since last post: 2626 days
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Posted on 03-02-05 07:30 PM Link | Quote
First off, I could pass along if you stabbed him if he made a remark about your home lfie, or relatives or something. But all he did was call you a "fag", one of the lamest insults in the round round world. Personally, I'm sick of people using "gay" as an insult. It's lame.

Anyway, it is a shame that you didn't get to go to your dinner and everything. But you must learn from your mistakes. I've been suspended a few times. Not becuase of hitting someone though.

That's the price I pay for entertaining. =/
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Since: 02-23-05
From: Minnesota!!

Since last post: 1438 days
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Posted on 03-03-05 10:34 AM Link | Quote
Simply put, you deserved to at least get suspended, not that you're a bad person. I'm sure you could have found another way to settle it, but pobably just wern't thinking correctly, if at all. Did you actually wound the kid? Well, I'm guess not, otherwise you would probably be in a lot more trouble. Oh well, live and learn. And to jump on the bandwagon, I had ISS once. It was dealing with some issue of me missing a day without notice or something. I forgot the exact reason, but man, sitting in that room all day became extremely boring after a while. It's like being in an asylum, but not that extreme.

Since: 12-09-04
From: Petaluma,CA

Since last post: 5283 days
Last activity: 5278 days
Posted on 03-16-05 05:34 PM Link | Quote
Wow ok srry about ur suspension from stabing that person but dont u think you coild fix your anger issue first?
Go to councilling or theorpy or a shrink i dont know just somewhere were you can get help because stabing people is not ok.

(What I meant was I feel srry for your dad not talking to but I dont feel srry for you stabing someone.)
Boondock Saint


Since: 08-31-04
From: Holiday Inn

Since last post: 5660 days
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Posted on 03-17-05 08:55 PM Link | Quote
wow, you stabbed him lol thats pretty funny, i've seen a kid try to kill himself with a plastic fork in 6th grade because a girl refused to date him and that was halarious because it was pretty much a lost cause, i'd like to see what damage a plastic knife could do, maybe a scratch, plastic splinter? Ha.

You need to learn not to care about any thing little in life...or big for the matter as well. So the kid calls you a faggot now you have your options

a.) ignore him
b.) Run off crying
c.) stab him with a plastic untensil
d.) wit your way out of it.

Well we now know choice C isnt the anwser so try D.
Use your brain and develope some charm and you'll make this kid feel like the biggest ass ever. He calls you a fag tell him thats only because he was sucking on your dick last night and that at least your not the catcher. (no offense if your gay and your reading this)

As for your dad he'll recover, im sure he's had his share of fighting, detention, name calling, ....i dont know about plastic knife stabbing but he wont take it seriouse....just please dont waste anymore plastic knives.
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