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05-20-22 08:43 PM
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Since: 01-15-05
From: The Shadowlands

Since last post: 5469 days
Last activity: 4428 days
Posted on 03-01-05 08:35 AM Link | Quote
I vote for Fantasy because I have always enjoyed books that have top do with magic and the supernatural. That and when you read them you can imagine that you are right there along with the charaters, that is the good part. Anyway feel free to vote.

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Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 152 days
Last activity: 132 days
Posted on 03-01-05 08:38 AM Link | Quote
Fantasy, my obsession with Elves should have given that one away instantly. I like the other genres as well, but fantasy is by far my favorite.


Since: 02-02-05
From: U.S.A.

Since last post: 5569 days
Last activity: 5191 days
Posted on 03-01-05 09:26 AM Link | Quote
My favorite type of book is no doubt Fantasy Genre. I love those type of books it lets me become the main character as if i was really there. Instead of here in boring ass reality. It also lets me go on adventures that I would never be able to do.

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Since: 08-17-04
From: The Dreaming

Since last post: 3535 days
Last activity: 4239 days
Posted on 03-01-05 11:47 AM Link | Quote
I would also have to go to fantasy, maybe high fantasy at times. It has just always intrgued me. Probably because I see it as a way to escape this harsh reality at times.
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Since: 10-06-04
From: Petaluma, CA

Since last post: 5753 days
Last activity: 5639 days
Posted on 03-01-05 08:34 PM Link | Quote
My favorite genre of book, of course, is comedy...

Although it's really hard to find comedic novels, they are really good...

My other favorite genre of book is historical fiction, i love the way they blend fictional characters and events with real-life characters and event.


Since: 01-29-05
From: New Zealand

Since last post: 3448 days
Last activity: 3062 days
Posted on 03-01-05 09:52 PM Link | Quote
Fantasy, but I really love historical fiction as well. =P


Since: 10-20-04

Since last post: 4174 days
Last activity: 3691 days
Posted on 03-02-05 01:28 AM Link | Quote
Fantaasy, Sci-fi, Mystery, Horror, Gothic Erotica. There are some very good books that would fall under gothic erotica because they deal with vampires and the underworld like that so to speak in a rather explicit graphic manner.

I love Fantasy, currently writing a five book fantasy series myself.

Morror and Mystery books are good Genres and Stephen Kings "IT" is the only book I've ever read that creeped me out. Not scared but creeped out. It's a very good book. Long. But incredibly Good.

Since: 01-22-05
From: The restaurant at the end of the universe....

Since last post: 4970 days
Last activity: 4236 days
Posted on 03-02-05 11:51 AM Link | Quote
I prefer sci-fi and gothic erotica. I am a HUGE Anne Rice fan. I'm also currently working on a sci-fi novel. I'll pretty much read anything that is an oddity, reading is my escape. It helps drown out real life.
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Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 1985 days
Last activity: 1970 days
Posted on 03-02-05 05:35 PM Link | Quote
I happen to be fond of Fantasy novels. I really like the Cheysuli Chronicles it's a really good series for me

Anyway that's my fav stuff to read. Fantasy. NO LOVE TRIANGLES that don't deal with the plot line XD

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Since: 10-07-04
From: Petaluma,CA

Since last post: 5715 days
Last activity: 5191 days
Posted on 03-02-05 06:39 PM Link | Quote
I love romance books!!! (Yes guys can like them too) I enjoy romance with a bit of drama so that it has some good suspence... Action would be good too...

I love the feeling of a happy ending too. (Typical I know)

Sailor Déesse
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Since: 08-14-04
From: The Moon

Since last post: 5648 days
Last activity: 5380 days
Posted on 03-02-05 11:51 PM Link | Quote
I been reading some romance novels lately, they are actually quite interesting and I LOVE fantasy novels, they would have to be the best


Since: 09-07-04
From: Georgia

Since last post: 5584 days
Last activity: 5423 days
Posted on 03-10-05 03:03 PM Link | Quote
I choose sci-fi because the halo books are sci-fi i like military sci-fi books there cool the one like halo if that made other books with a different story than halo but with thing like it i would read that book but i mostly read all kinds i just voted sci-fi cause halo is a sci-fi book.


Female Zombie

Since: 08-14-04
From: Passing through the stars

Since last post: 5010 days
Last activity: 4218 days
Posted on 03-10-05 03:37 PM Link | Quote
im all about fantasy i love it, fantasy books always have fun stories.

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 5 days
Last activity: 5 days
Posted on 03-10-05 03:38 PM Link | Quote
Sci-Fi, easily.

I'm basing my opinion off of books like Star Wars, Halo, Aliens, Dune, etc.

Then again, my vote probably doesn't count by much ... I'm not much of a reader.

... Hey, I read RPG's.

(Last edited by The Xeogred on 03-10-05 06:39 PM)


Since: 08-28-04
From: Clinton Twp mi

Since last post: 5761 days
Last activity: 4302 days
Posted on 03-10-05 03:50 PM Link | Quote
I actually have two favorites, mystery and fantasy. After careful thought I chose fantasy. I couldn’t really tell you why I like fantasy its just to complex.
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Since: 12-29-04
From: paris, canada

Since last post: 4851 days
Last activity: 4851 days
Posted on 03-10-05 07:37 PM Link | Quote
i like the kinda books that arent over 1 1/2 inches -.-' anything over that... grrrRRRR
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Since: 12-03-04
From: Michigan

Since last post: 5578 days
Last activity: 5543 days
Posted on 03-11-05 11:57 AM Link | Quote
I like to read war stories, like about World War II. Those are probably my favorite so I guess I am an other


Since: 10-07-04
From: California

Since last post: 5547 days
Last activity: 5424 days
Posted on 03-11-05 12:23 PM Link | Quote
I'm big intot the fantasy thing... i enjoy books about dragons, elves, and just about anythign you can think of... My next favorite would be Sci-fi... mainly cuz i've been reading books recently that mix the two genre's together... so i have both of those under my belt...
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