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05-17-22 12:50 AM
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Since: 08-17-04

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Posted on 03-01-05 08:04 AM Link | Quote
Zoso and I finally went and saw it last night.

I thought it was good, not great, but good.

The first time they showed Hell, I thought it was awesome, but every time they showed the transition between planes after that, it got boring.

I mean, there was a lot of action at certain parts, but after a while it all boiled down to just talk, which also became rather boring.

Everytime some cliche event would happen, Zoso and I would make some MST3K comment which made it more enjoyable. For example, when Isabelle jumps off the roof, I whispered to Zoso, "Look Damian! All for you!" and then she jumped and hit the window.

If you catch the reference, more power to you.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Since: 08-16-04
From: New York

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Posted on 03-01-05 08:18 AM Link | Quote
I felt that the movie Constantine's depiction of Lucifer is one of the best I have ever seen. I mean c'mon. The guy's insane and evil, but you just see him as insane.

Constantine: "You know your son plans on ruling this world, right?" (or something to that effect

Lucifer: "Oh come now. Boys will be boys."

I felt that Reeves brought out his character of Constantine very well, but we all know that the star of the movie was in fact Rachel Weizc (sp?). I'm not sure why they put in the sexual tension but it certainly wasn't needed.

The special effects were pretty awesome and the demons were pretty convincing. I absolutely loved Baltazar (despite the fact that he gets the shit kicked out of him in the end). I mean, c'mon. He's cool in ever respect and he has that eerie confidence about him.


But anyway, overall this was a good movie. Better than Van Helsing. Now, about the ending...was it gum or chewing tobacco?

(Last edited by Sparda on 03-01-05 11:19 AM)


Since: 01-15-05
From: The Shadowlands

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Posted on 03-01-05 08:18 AM Link | Quote
I would agree with you on this Rouge. Some parts of the movie were good but other than that it got boring really fast. The only other cool part was Lou. he was just a creepy bastard. Anywaygood movie but could have been better.

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Since: 08-15-04
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Posted on 03-04-05 01:17 AM Link | Quote
It was good for the type of movie it was... although Lucifer was just a bit disurbing. Gabriel was cool though, I love that they got a girl to play the part because it made the character more androgynous... and she did a good job at it too.

But yeah, it did get kinda boring.
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Since: 01-06-05
From: Virginia

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Posted on 03-04-05 09:36 AM Link | Quote
I found the movie excellent... Kean (sp? lol) Reeves was the best actor for the part. Great visual effects... I like that part where the "Mexican" walks past that cow field and they all fall down... And they did a great job with the Satan/Lucifer image... Funny when John was "on his way" to heaven... And the finger... W00t. And I think it was Nicorette...
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