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07-17-24 05:28 AM
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Since: 08-16-04
From: New York

Since last post: 4810 days
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Posted on 02-28-05 08:01 PM Link | Quote
The question is quite simple. What compels you to buy a game? Is it the graphics? Storyline? Characters? Character development? Etc?

Personally, I'm not a very demanding person when it comes to graphics and music. Those are simply icing on the cake. What I want is a real good cake though.

Storyline, gameplay, controls, and sometimes characters influence me when buying games. I want a good game with solid controls, fun gameplay as well as a storyline to keep me going. Characters are an added plus.

Some examples:

Final Fantasy:
Very solid storyline, many plot twists
Good RPG Gameplay, though a bit linear
Solid Controls
A lot of Character Development

Mediocre Storyline
Very solid FPS gameplay
Solid Controls
Not a whole lot of Character Development

Devil May Cry:
Mediocre Storyline
Very Solid and VERY addicting action gameplay
Very Solid Controls
Hardly any character development

I am often willing to look past some flaws of a game when it offers something even greater to an extent. For example, Devil May Cry did not offer a very good story or character development. But it sure as heck had one of the COOLEST characters ever (Dante) as well as one of the fastest, addicting, and overall fun gameplay system with blazing guns and sword swinging.

So what motivates you to buy a certain game?

Since: 12-09-04
From: Petaluma,CA

Since last post: 6554 days
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Posted on 02-28-05 08:23 PM Link | Quote
I take the story line and the graphics and basically how well the game functions.
Thats what I see in a game and so far I found them all every game I own as that function.


Since: 02-02-05
From: U.S.A.

Since last post: 6357 days
Last activity: 5979 days
Posted on 03-01-05 12:25 PM Link | Quote
When it comes to games, for me it has to have a good storyline, decent graphics, smooth controls, easy prograssion from one stage to another. And funfactor, I dont want a game that looks badass but is boring as shit..

heres one ex of what i like

Final Fantasy 7
Storline: Awsome as hell, classic save the world type story set in a pre-futureistic time period.
Graphics: Mostly good except for some parts, awsome FMVs
Good Character Development on a L/E system. Lvl/exp.
Many different skill combinations with materia in weps + armor.
Easy to learn and flowing controls


Since: 09-07-04
From: Georgia

Since last post: 6373 days
Last activity: 6212 days
Posted on 03-03-05 04:24 PM Link | Quote
what i look for is... well... storyline, controls, and gameplay if it seem like you could actually be there that wat makes it a good game.
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Since: 08-15-04
From: Fraser, Michigan

Since last post: 6217 days
Last activity: 6220 days
Posted on 03-03-05 09:41 PM Link | Quote
I like games that have a slight learning curve but aren't frustrating, different perspectives and a story that you could never predict.

Metroid Prime
story:you have to play NES metroid to know it well, but still flows well and has some very impressive cut scenes

controls: looks like a Fps, but waay different. I love the setup and the maneuverability you have.

character development:we see glimpses of Samus's style in cut scenes, but no dialogue or strong emotion, which in a way also describes her personality

gameplay:seems slow and unnatural at first, but becomes much more intense. Good job of combining progressing difficulty with the timeline.


Since: 10-23-04
From: Outer Space

Since last post: 5994 days
Last activity: 5988 days
Posted on 03-08-05 10:20 AM Link | Quote
I'll go a different way here, for me graphics don't make a great game, I look for replayability, a damned good challenge, control, and best of all 2-Dism, I like 3-D but prefer 2-D more, call it my old school inhibition.
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Since: 10-03-04
From: Azul Lux Orbital, Kirin Beta

Since last post: 2352 days
Last activity: 1203 days
Posted on 03-08-05 11:34 AM Link | Quote
More than anything, I want the game to be enjoyable and memorable. While sometimes I may want a deep, engrossing storyline and complex combat system, there will be just as many times where a simple, fun game is what I'm after.

The controls have to be responsive and either have a good layout, or support for custom button layouts.

Plot's not particularly important to me, in the grand scheme of things. While I do like some games with a complicated, well-thought out plot, at the same time I'm quite fond of some games with little or no plot at all.

As long as there's no severe graphics glitches, I don't particularly care about that area.

Music and sound have to be fitting for the game, and not grating on the nerves. Earthbound's music would have no place in a Final Fantasy game, but in EB it's perfect.

Replay value, in the traditional sense (unlockables, alternate storylines), doesn't matter to me. If the game's fun the first time through, I'll play through it again. If not, I don't care how many secrets or alternate storylines there are.

'Realism'. I don't mean photo-realistic graphics, I just mean things have to make sense given the world the game takes place in. If things don't make sense, then the game is less enjoyable to me.

Those aren't in any order at all, because they're all pieces of the whole. If a game is exceptional in one regard, I could forgive it for screwing up in another.

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Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 129 days
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Posted on 03-08-05 02:52 PM Link | Quote
Graphics are always a "Plus" in my book, and never a "Need". Just look at Suikoden II for example, there's some SNES games out there that probably have better graphics than it (Suikoden II being a PSX game), yet honestly, it's my favorite RPG, ever.

Controls aren't that bad if you ask me, but it depends on the genre. Majorly being, FPS's. If the controls are clunky, it really can ruin the game and destroy the fun factor. But for RPG's, you can't be that picky really ...

I like long games, but sadly that's a rare thing these days. At least there's still a few action games out there these days that retain a level of replayability like the olden' SNES, NES, and Genesis games. (Ninja Gaiden)

Storyline and plot, is always a major plus. But, even if a game has the greatest storyline ever, if it doesn't have good gameplay, for me personally it can almost ruin the experience. (Xenosaga for example ... I didn't enjoy the battling, but loved the storyline. But because of the gameplay, I never cared to finish the game).

Setting / Mood / Music. All of these play a large roll in my book. Music, can be incredible and if it's that damn good (Like Chrono Cross) you'll be emissed into the games world, like you're actually there. Settings always nice, one of my favorite settings in a game has always been FFVII's apochlyptic dreary Slums, Midgar. With a nice setting, you can almost "feel" what the people in the game are feeling.

Simplicity. Here's something some games, without a storyline can have, that makes the game great. Bubble Bobble? (Something like that) all you do is match the color of a shootable ball, and shot it at the others to connect the same colors, to prevent the balls from collapsing on you. That's the game, and it's great and fun. (Maybe a bad example? ...)

But yeah, want a game example?

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, enough said.
Graphics +
Length ++
Controls +
Storyline / Plot +++
Setting / Mood / Music +++
Characters ++
Simplicity +

So ... play it.

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Since: 01-15-05
From: The Shadowlands

Since last post: 6258 days
Last activity: 5217 days
Posted on 03-08-05 03:15 PM Link | Quote
The only games I really play are RPG's....
so what I look for in a game is a very good storyline and also good charater devlopment. Graphics play a small part in what I look for. Another important quality is the plot, it has to have some twists and turns and not just be bland.
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Posted on 03-08-05 04:30 PM Link | Quote
What I look for?

Things like this:

Tales of Symphonia
- Awesome battle system
- Plot is interesting
- Kratos owns you, badly
- Excellent soundtrack
- Good lenght for a game
- Some replay value (well, a good deal of replay value I must say)
- Different level of difficulty (Gotta love playing on Mania).
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Since: 12-29-04
From: paris, canada

Since last post: 5639 days
Last activity: 5639 days
Posted on 03-11-05 11:55 PM Link | Quote
i look for VS games, and only VS games, preferably capcom. i dont have the patience to play an RP, and i cant stand playing first person shooters. i hate army snipping games, as it's boring, and you can bearly see anything until it's over -.-'
but anyways, i dont like much of the high tech newier games. i like SNES graphic games lol... the games these days are just too wow now... =/ that's why i'm still into VS games, since the graphic doesnt matter, a fight is still a fight.

Red Goomba

Since: 03-17-05

Since last post: 7055 days
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Posted on 03-18-05 06:26 AM Link | Quote
i think the best part of a game is the story line, with a good one, gaphics dont matter as much. like ff7.

they also have to be hard, not repetitive, something new and fresh.

pretty long too. more than 14 hours like dot hack.
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