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01-22-21 11:35 PM
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It is the most popular game in america and frankly I believe that the absence of Madden 21 coins a fantastic madden game for the past decade has made less of football fan. I'm 23 so I climbed up enjoying NCAA road to glory and celebrity mode and the immersion is just gone. I remember loading up Madden 13 (the first year that they added connected franchise) and I was like wtf is that? And it has gotten worse lol. I'm a career mode player (in every sports name )never awakened with ultimate team and I feel like I am last of a dieing breed. I switched to 2k and the game has its flaws but they put effort into mycareer and I believe that's what made me follow basketball more then football since like 2014.

Currently the minimum benchmark for any pull article is 92 OVR. Don't await a mod to do it. If this isn't a pull post, eliminate it and properly flair your entry if you resubmit. Also, pulls out of Royal or H2H reward packs with minimal guaranteed results (like Redux packs or flame dream packs) aren't permited. LTD pulls are nearly always permitted. This decision was a consequence of several votes by the subreddit rather than a decision by the moderators. This message is an attempt by the moderators to instruct and reduce the total amount of spam on the subreddit.

If this was any other year where stats mattered and what not totally have a target line vulture. This past year I dont even bother cause every one can fall ahead .If you watched his rigid arm a week which throw electricity makes sense. Lacy actually had some wheels though. For cheap Mut 21 coins about 30 yards then he ran out of petrol lol. Ya within his first few years. When he placed on all the weight he lost speed. He was a monster it is a bummer he couldn't control his weight. The Scariest Thicc Heroes gotta be Kelvin Benjamin and Eddie Lacy in their enlarged state.
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