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07-07-22 12:02 AM
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Posted on 07-06-21 09:47 AM Link | Quote
So my family and I have been vaccinated, but I still get anxious.

When I had a video appointment with a doctor about my wrist, the nurse who was asking me questions went over the usual COVID symptom checklist and I said I was feeling fine and that I was vaccinated (the first time I'd started to show confidence about it, by the way) and she just slaps me down. "Well you can STILL get it even if you're vaccinated, so you BETTER WATCH IT!"

Like, GEEEZ, lady. You're preaching to the choir here.

A friend came out on her FB to say she and her kids all have it. Friends were going, "Oh no, were any of you vaccinated?!?!" and she didn't answer ANY of those comments, but thanked all of the "Get well soon!!" ones. Hmm.

I actually feel extremely disappointed in her. She's massively compromised as is one of her kids, whom we all had had to pitch in for to get her some medical care because she would just stop breathing while she slept and has been in and out of the hospital the ENTIRETY of her short life. I mean kids can't get vaccinated yet, but what's my friend's excuse for her and her husband?

Meanwhile, I'm back to work at both jobs and still put on an N95 (despite being vaccinated) because I have trust issues with all these people running around maskless. ;P

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Posted on 12-18-21 08:59 PM Link | Quote
So California has reinstated restrictions that masks must be work indoors and yet all day today in Orange County I have seen about 50-60% of the population just ignore it. I am not surprised at all by this, just continually disappointed.

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Posted on 07-04-22 02:14 AM Link | Quote
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion |

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