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10-05-22 08:39 PM
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Posted on 11-03-19 12:57 AM Link | Quote
So, for those that don't know... Blizzard kinda stepped in it recently regarding their actions towards a player saying, "Free Hong Kong" and is currently facing a lot of criticism for bowing to Chinese interests.

I am not looking for fights on if you should be deleting your account or not, though if you want to share your reasoning behind your choices, please do so in a respectful manner.

With that backdrop, enter Blizzcon 2019. So far it seems that I am hearing of some protests and people in Winne the Pooh outfits to get coverage blocked in China (the image is banned in China because Ping kinda looks like him and takes offence to the comparison)... but in general, I am hearing of more excitement over the actual game announcements.

Overwatch 2: Personally I am not a fan, but I know several people who are and they are still losing their collective minds.

Diablo 4: I am SO pleased with how this looks and curious what the plot is going to be. Definitely going to be watching this going forward and hoping it is more D2 than D3 in feel. Still annoyed that there are no damn Amazons, but druid looks cool.

WOW Shadowlands: The concept is interesting, but I am hearing a lot of griping over lore and even I admit that it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. Also... seriously, when did Sylvanas become so damn powerful?
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