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01-22-21 05:05 AM
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Posted on 08-20-17 09:30 AM Link | Quote!fRtUnCgA!fpc2dpooCKGBTajb9uhQWgWWlF2N2zwuY2VwlrFFEUE (download to last version)

BoardC is an AcmlmBoard-like forum software which is intended to be a Jul AcmlmBoard 1.xx cleanup by Kak. Although no work has been done since the end of 2016, it seems to work pretty well to my testing.

Known bugs:

BBCode doesn't seem to work properly but HTML is supported so that's fine
Forum list editor doesn't work

Otherwise it's pretty stable software as running on apache2.2, php 5.6 and mysql 5.6. I suggest you to check it out, I'm thinking of hosting the code on github because I'm running a community using it and might let people there make changes to the code, if any of you would take interest in reviving the project it would be nice.

Ball and Chain Trooper

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Posted on 08-20-17 06:45 PM Link | Quote
Nice! Maybe our coder can take a look at it sometime. Downloaded it for now.


Since: 05-27-14

Since last post: 550 days
Last activity: 550 days
Posted on 08-21-17 07:30 AM Link | Quote
Yeah, it'd be cool if he did because I'm having struggles trying to port AB1 themes to BoardC since different classes for things.

I also made a GitHub repository for unofficial, open contributions which will be added to my own board. Kak has discontinued BoardC so he could work on Jul's official repository, apparently, which is a shame, however I'm hoping that any PHP coders that find my board can help out (as well as anyone looking at this thread...)

It also gives me the urge to learn PHP as quickly as possible though I don't want to lack skill by rushing...

Not sure if AB1.92 conversion is possible, but it might be compatible somewhat, although this is a heavily modified version...

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