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03-27-23 11:28 PM
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Posted on 12-14-13 01:13 PM Link | Quote
It's safe to say that it's been on and off awkward again, but that's to be expected I guess. One week we're having a really good time and more comfortable, even serious conversations here and there, another week it's like suddenly we're pushing each other away and probably getting mad at ourselves (maybe it's all in my head).

The only battle now is that I still want to keep that strong friendship, but yeah it's tough. Perhaps it's like others said and that maybe even she herself has seen me as a bit of a threat, and we both know at this point it's better this way, but yeah.

Another thing is that she is leaving for 2 weeks or something for vacation next week, and Tuesday is her last day I believe. Previously, we or just she would have probably gotten gifts for some people and probably myself, but I'm not sure what to expect this time around. A part of me wants to get her a simple card or something easy (I know she's never seen the Lion King and loves Disney, haha), but another part of me is like... I know I need to respect the space right now and don't want her to get the wrong idea, like I'm still holding out on her or something (trust me I'm not).

What would you guys do?

Chances are I think she probably won't be getting me or anyone else a gift this year. I've been mostly set on the idea that if she DOES get me something, I'll get her something in return. Otherwise, it might be best to leave it alone. But at the least hopefully sometime next week I can just talk a little and tell her I hope she has a good time, that stuff.

I wanted to compliment this newer sweatshirt she had on the other day, but thankfully never did haha. Again trust me I'm over it in that regard, but I'm just so dangerously nice and too caring (and selfish? haha) and just want the friendship to be consistent and good.

Now not to be creepy but I've looked a little into the Philippines on the dating sites I'm on and some others, and they always look back or send me the winks or whatever. On the other hand this is a rare thing when it comes to American/English women. So that's been a bit of a weird experiment. Not to say I'm zoning in on other countries specifically nor do I even have the time/money/stable income to do something like move across the planet for awhile, but yeah. This is the boiling point I'm starting to slowly hit, why limit myself distance? lol. If only it were so easy... haha. I guess for now maybe I could just try to focus more on bigger cities and places around (OUTSIDE) Kansas, since you guys have heard enough times by now this shit is just never going to happen here.

Hopeless romantic as always.
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Posted on 02-11-14 10:44 AM Link | Quote
It seems you're getting a good idea of what to do now, that's awesome.

After reading this whole thread, I couldn't help but always think "He's trying to date a girl while telling himself he isn't". To be honest, after what happened between you, it will be very hard to be just ' very close friends'.

To be close with a girl who is married is hard as it is, and much more when you have/had a crush on her. My advice would be to stop trying to go back to being close friends... and instead just be freindly workmates like you would be with anyone else. It will help your stress levels, and show respect to her marriage. But that's just what I think.

Moving away, or findiing a girlfriend is the best thing in this situation I think... but I havn't started reading your most recent thread, so all this may no longer even be relevant!
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