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05-31-23 06:39 PM
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Posted on 05-09-13 10:44 PM Link
This is pretty long so use caution.

Well yestarday morning I was sitting around doing nothing when I got a call saying Britney was in the hospital(That is Pro_Master's real name)They said she walked in by herself complaining of Chest Pain but in the waiting room Britney then took a turn for the worst so they sedated Britney and also gave Britney a plastic oxygen mask to help her breathe as she couldn't breathe on her own yet. The sedatives then wore off and my sister tried to take off her plastic mask but I cought her just in time and helped her put it back on. The Dr's then told me Britney should get some rest so I left but around 1:00 AM the phone wakes me up and it's the hospital. They told me my sister Britney lost her battle with this lung infection about 30 minutes ago. That's wierd how Britney was awake and talking literaly at 7:30 but 5 hours and 30 minutes later she passed away. I rushed down to the hospital(Also stoppe at Mc donalds for some coffe)to say goodbye to my sister Britney. At around 8:30 they noticed Britney acting wierd. She was having a little trouble breathing so they put Britney to sleep. At around 8:45 Britney took a turn for the worst so they had to Intubate Britney to help her breathe. Around 9:00 or so her heart stopped but they revived her fairly quick. Around 10:15 her heart stopped again but this time it took 20 minutes to revive Britney. At 11:00 Britney's condition took a turn for the worst then 1:00 Britney died. Her heart stopped at 12:30 but pronounced her dead at 1:00. And of course Cousin Tiffany(Who was born in 1966)Just died toward the end of last year too. It's just hard to deal with. Me and Britney got along very well as kids so it's sad to see her go. And whenever Me and Britney did pokemon battles her run of the mill team always won.

RIP Britney. You will be missed.

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Posted on 05-17-13 02:14 PM Link
If true, sad.

However, given the history... I am inclined to think this is bogus. Making up a story about someone dying in order to draw sympathy from others is one of the most vile things I have ever seen a person do. Ever.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Pretty long thread. | Thread closed

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