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07-17-24 05:58 AM
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Posted on 04-28-13 06:53 PM Link | Quote
Garrys mod is, by default, s sandbox build game. Physics are great. You can make an engine with moving parts, with hydraulics and muscle tools you can make a moving colossus, and pretty much anything else you can think of and, with your skills, make. There are other tools you can download called Wiremod, for one, which has math and geometry involved to make inanimate objects have "A.I." and follow people, do things, kill things, pick them up, etc. It's very in-depth.

That's only the base gamemode. If you can code in LUA you can make any kind of gamemode you can think of. There are Jailbreak gamemodes where players are randomly assigned to either the jailed or the guards and the guards have to order the jailed to do things or die. Flood where you have a limited amount of time to make a raft or boat and then kill or sink the other players. There's even a WoW and Fallout gamemode. It's on steam for $5-$10 but you have to have a source game with it, like Counter Strike: Source or TF2, or that sort.

Does anybody play this or does it sound interesting to anyone?

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Posted on 04-28-13 08:21 PM Link | Quote
It sounds interesting... but how skilled do you have to be to make it worth buying?


Since: 04-25-13

Since last post: 4096 days
Last activity: 4095 days
Posted on 04-28-13 11:53 PM Link | Quote
There's other gamemodes that are just roleplaying. DarkRP is a semi-serious RP gamemode. You join and turn to a job, then RP your job. There are other seriousRP gamemodes like HL2RP(Half Life 2 RolePlay). Build servers are fun, you just have to spend some time on it to be able to learn it like anything else.

Also, if you're going to be playing DarkRP servers you should join mine. Everybody's welcome on mine.

If you go here you'll see a top 10 list of Garrys Mod. If you look at the #1 spot and #9 spot, you'll see both of my servers. Our Downtown server has dropped a few spots, but we'll gain them back.
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